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Hold Me EP
It All Makes Sense (feat. Hanin Elias)
Get It Back
No Games No Fun
Future Noir
In Flames
Hanin Elias Mar 28, 2019
Syriana Analysis
Hanin Elias Nov 21, 2018
New Hanin Elias „ Hold me“ Martin Matiske Remix Video by Philipp Virus:
Hanin Elias Nov 21, 2018
New Remix Single out on iTunes:
Hanin Elias Nov 03, 2018
The new Hanin Elias- Hold me Remix by Martin Matiske Video Clip by Philipp Virus is out!
Hanin Elias Oct 25, 2018
Everyone in Iceland! Don’t miss out Berlin- Reykjavik-Damascus triple event in Reykjavik! Featuring independent journalist Eva Bartlett, just back from Syria, Musicians artists and comedians! All for a good cause! @Kaffi Vinyl from 7-11! 💕
Hanin Elias Oct 25, 2018
Only one week to go!!! Berlin Reykjavik Damascus Urban Spree Nov.2.2018 starts at 7pm! Come early 💕❤️💕❤️
Hanin Elias Aug 15, 2018
The next Berlin- Reykjavik- Damascus Event in Berlin will take place at Urban Spree on the 2. November 2018 now!
Hanin Elias Aug 03, 2018
To avoid Future Noir....
Hanin Elias Aug 03, 2018
💕By Karel De Goede 💕 Excerpt from article: When the time comes that you find out that truth and wisdom can only be obtained from the right personal sources, from people that you know and trust, kind informants and friends who live in certain places, people who have seen and heard things with their very own ears and eyes & are aware of what’s going on the ground and the backdrop stories of this specific ground; everything else simply changes. It happens when you will realize that most informative history school books and all the trustworthy news outlets will have a gigantic spoon of propagandist nonsense swimming within it and that there is a big chance that the education system might have been planting seeds of nationalistic lies within you from a extreme early age; the whole world as you know it simply gets scraped off the map and you have to reeducate yourself all from scratch again. Good luck erasing and repainting that vandalized canvas that’s your very own head! Better get the big roller out! For a short stupid personal example of the previous penned down blurb, I will have to dig this one up; when I was in school I learned how great my country that I had been born in was. It was a fantastic place of sea traders, of adventurous businessmen on boats traveling the oceans. Never did they tell me about the thievery, nor the horrible thing that actually made their country and their ruling royalty so rich; the freaking slave trade. I had to find out abroad, be flabbergasted by what my ears had heard and had to shovel the personal puzzle of knowledge , resulting in hating the country of my birth even more than I had done so before. The only thing that I’m grateful for now is that they provided a reasonable world wide accepted passport, so I could leave it! Oh and a handy system of embassies that made it possible that you don’t even need to step a foot back onto the place of origin to obtain a new one when it expires. Thanks mofos! (Imagine here a raised middle finger) But yes, wherever you go, there is propaganda and you simply can’t seem to trust a thing. Every system or government seems to have their own agenda and we individuals are just left on our own to swim in this sea of bullshit, ready to fish and find the truth and nothing but the truth judged by our instincts and own sense of mind. It’s hard & sometimes it is even too much too handle. That’s why it’s healthy to put your head in the sand once in a while, just so you can have a break from analyzing the nonstop incoming stream of information / disinformation and form your own sensible thoughts and unbiased opinions. As a idiotic music lover, I’m pretty much aware that music can be a great tool to inform the future of humanity of real issues, to reach them, hype them up for truth and injustice around the world. One trustworthy artist named Hanin Elias has been always there on my playlist, even way before I even had heard of the word internet. Internet? What’s that? Something for nerds that don’t have a life? Somehow she and her work have withstood the critical self education and puzzle times that my head had gone through, her music even went with me when my stubborn uneducated head was deeply tucked away within the sand. It’s unfortunate though, as somehow I wished she didn’t spoke the truth in her more warrior-like songs. It seriously would have been a blessing for all of us if she had lied in one of her most beloved catchiest song named ‘future noir’, but sadly all her words are making as much sense today as they had when they came out all those years back. The future is now and sadly nothing seems to have changed, every word that she sang in this song still very much can be applied to the ruthless business that is ‘war’ in the nowadays. How much more reasons to put your head in the sand can a sensible person get? But what’s the point in sticking your head in the sand if you aren’t a biologist interested in whatever mother nature has been hiding there? Nothing will change when all of us act like a ostrich, or even worse; being one of those billions that fell for the brainwashing craziness and join patriotic wars, just so rich people can have good lives while feasting on others bringing suffering, death and horror to places far from their western homes? It’s f*cked up people… Somehow there must be a way to make Hanin Elias song into one that is fictional, a thing that is nonsense and untruth. The only way that I can think of, is to spread this song as if it’s new. To hopefully let it fall into the righteous new ears, to be shared by the billions and let some of the new youth be inspired enough to work hard and fight with in making the reality in this song into fake news. To turn the world into a peaceful place in which war means delivering food, drinks and perhaps even love to all the inhabitants of this earth and beyond. Read on...
Hanin Elias Jun 06, 2018
Hanin Elias May 28, 2018
I proudly present my interview with filmmaker Issa Touma in Aleppo, taken last month - now on Syriana Analysis Thank you Kevork Almassian!
Hanin Elias Mar 12, 2018
5 years ago in Argentina at La Capilla 💕
Hanin Elias Mar 03, 2018
Uups video got deleted...I wonder why
Hanin Elias Feb 28, 2018
“ words like revolution have been hijacked by governments”
Hanin Elias Feb 27, 2018
Hanin Elias's cover photo
Hanin Elias Feb 27, 2018
Audio Recording of our live session at Art Geyger in Berlin feat. Films by Ghoufran Derawan ( Damascus), Poetry by Brandon Turbeville (Florence USA), Music by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquard and Ulrike Brand.
Hanin Elias Feb 27, 2018
My interview with Red Bull Music Academy Talking about Music, Life and Syria:
Hanin Elias Feb 04, 2018
Out on Tuesday! Our version of Throbbing Gristle’s “ Hot on the heels of love” By Electrosexual feat. Hanin Elias
Hanin Elias Feb 04, 2018
Documentary by Mozen Darwish about the Syrian Metal scene ( Doom/Trash/Death/ Heavy Metal/ New Wave/ Old Wave) in times of war. Filmed between 2013-2014
Hanin Elias Jan 31, 2018
Risky Remix of Fantome - Crash Lovely!
Hanin Elias Jan 25, 2018
CTM Festival invited me to do a lecture 3.2.2018. Also DAF, Equiknoxx Music and DJ Storm will participate!
Hanin Elias Jan 21, 2018
We just rediscovered old footage videomixed, filmed and edited by Philipp Virus of my record release party from back in 2002 Introducing the Album “ No Games No Fun” at Maria am Ostbahnhof in Berlin. With special guests and Collaborators as Khan and C.H.I.F.F.R.E Wow! Attention Female Extreme 😊
Hanin Elias Jan 19, 2018
Rare Footage of Atari Teenage Riot playing the legendary crazy UXI Festival in Iceland! 1995 with Prodigy, Björk and many more! Unforgettable moments! Haha! I’m so excited to see this! I remember just crawling out of my tent when the interview started. We talk at min. 6:04! 😀