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HANA Aug 17, 2019
black hole is an older song of mine. one that i’ve wanted to be out in the wide world for a long time, but it didn’t feel fully ready until now. its a simple tune, but it is so special and intimate to me. it’s one of those that feels odd when i think of other people listening. i dont know why it felt so important to me, it just came out at a time when I truly needed to hear the words that manifested. it feels like a kiss and a tear goodbye to a time of my life that hurt but reminds me that there was also beauty in its pain. i’m so ready to move on to the next chapter of songs. i feel so grateful to anyone lending their ears to my music. thank you!!! photo by @grimes 3d art by @samnewell1
HANA Aug 17, 2019
HANA Aug 14, 2019 Video for Black Hole now live on YouTube!!!! Directed by yours truly! Thank you so much Mac Boucher & Weston Allen for your help on this!!!!! Mac shot it and Weston helped me so much with the edit. I now know after effects very well after making this video lol. Hope u like it!!! Watch in 4K!
HANA Aug 14, 2019 IT’S OUT!!!!! Hard to explain how and why this song means so much to me. It’s one that’s taken me a LONG time to feel like it was done. I hope you like it. I am extremely happy to be putting some music out again. Written with my dear friend Daniel Moody @danielmoodyphotos. Produced by me. Vocals recorded/additional vocal production by @bschoudel Ugh I’m crying!!!!!!!!!! VIDEO out tomorrow at 10:30AM PST // join me on twitch to watch w me
HANA Aug 14, 2019
HANA Aug 12, 2019
my new song BLACK HOLE out wednesday 8.14
HANA Aug 10, 2019
LA!! DJing w @maggierogers, @swmrs and a v special guest this Wednesday!! Come celebrate my new song being released and help raise some money for @plannedparenthood !!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS! tattoos by @funkadelics & @fayeorlove tarot by @melindaleeholm books for sale by @booksoup // @reverend_mosby patch sales by @thegoodpatch // @summerbrock @ian_wasdin proceeds to @plannedparenthood (s/o @caren.spruch ) poster by @fayeorlove
HANA Aug 07, 2019
new HANA song landing in one week
HANA Aug 01, 2019
hello from heaven
HANA Jul 31, 2019
city of sleep by p craig russell, an image that has inspired me greatly
HANA Jul 30, 2019
hello from studio
HANA Jul 24, 2019

HANA Jul 16, 2019
if u haven’t been watching me on twitch this is what ur missing
HANA Jun 24, 2019
happy sunday bbs!!!!!! from me & my cherub glasses by @howie759
HANA Jun 13, 2019
did y’all know I’m a @twitch partner @ E3 Gaming Convention
HANA Jun 08, 2019
this is SOOOO CCOOL TO MEEEEE!!!!! @martinwave remixed we appreciate power for @youtube and #E3. thanks @geoffkeighley and @silomusictv as well!
HANA Apr 21, 2019
i love you @yasi and all the friends I saw this weekend that just made my heart so full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HANA Apr 19, 2019
as of right now, the face filter that @allanberger, @ines.alpha, @trashymuse & I collaborated on called #trulyblooms is available!!! click the link in my bio to use it!! thank you to these beautiful humans for putting this together and involving me!!!! it’s my DREAMMMMM
HANA Apr 18, 2019
HANA Apr 11, 2019
Good things in the air
HANA Mar 15, 2019
I love to play guitar on a bed always have always will
HANA Mar 07, 2019
doing another music stream/concert/hangout tonight at 6:30PM PST Come chill!
HANA Mar 06, 2019
me n my orb by @yasi
HANA Mar 02, 2019
last week’s music stream was so much fun!!!! I think I’ll do another one when I hit 100 subscribers over there. did u know u can subscribe to my twitch for free with an amazon prime account lol? I am kinda obsessed w my twitch right now and have so many exciting ideas like release party streams and studio streams and maybe some modular asmr stuff?? IDK!! the possibilities are so endless and it’s exciting 🦋
HANA Feb 27, 2019
I have reached the pinnacle of night elfdom w this face filter by CSV! Thank u for making my dreams a reality now just need one without the mouth shine gonna stream some overwatch in a sec come hang