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I Had a Dream That You Were Mine
Black Hours
Hamilton Leithauser Dec 18, 2018
In January I’ll be returning for a run at Café Carlyle. Very exciting. Upper East Side Rock n Roll. Come on up! Limited tix available here: Photo by Vik Photography Happy Holi-daze Kiddos! ✌️
Hamilton Leithauser May 22, 2018
These little whipper snappers in Caveman grew up, and will be joining me for a few shows in July! Very excited for that run. Watch out! Photo © Jimmy Cobra Collection.
Hamilton Leithauser May 18, 2018
Eastern USA July shows on sale now!
Hamilton Leithauser May 15, 2018
Hi I have some new East Coast shows this summer. Come out and say hi 🌞👍👍✌️😄 Presale starts tomorrow at 10AM with code WILDHUNGER
Hamilton Leithauser Apr 20, 2018
Psyched for a summer run with Canadian art rockers Arcade Fire. We gonna do it up right! Dates at
Hamilton Leithauser Mar 02, 2018
Thrilled to return to Newport Folk Festival this summer, but even more thrilled to share the stage with my good friend Rostam again. Gonna be a great one in beautiful RI. More info here:
Hamilton Leithauser Jan 24, 2018
We are back for week 2 at Cafe Carlyle! Come join us uptown. If tables are sold out, get a bar seat. It’s a great time every night. ✌️
Hamilton Leithauser Jan 03, 2018
10 shows at the Carlyle Hotel! Psyched to announce my first ever residency in my home, NYC. I’ll be doing 10 nights at The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel starting January 16th. Come on uptown and see who’s in my band. Happy new year!! ✌️✌️Tix:
Hamilton Leithauser Dec 20, 2017
Hamilton Leithauser
Hamilton Leithauser Dec 20, 2017
Hamilton Leithauser
Hamilton Leithauser Dec 20, 2017
Hamilton Leithauser
Hamilton Leithauser Nov 24, 2017
Sale! Http://
Hamilton Leithauser Nov 21, 2017
New T-Shirts available in the store 😎
Hamilton Leithauser Nov 16, 2017
Couple weeks back I sat down with KUTX to chat Fleet Foxes, Rostam, Angel Olsen, and more. Check it out, if you please.
Hamilton Leithauser Nov 07, 2017
West coast tickets going fast!! Get em while they're hot!! Get em while you can!! See you Thursday in San Diego!
Hamilton Leithauser Oct 26, 2017
In case you missed it, check out my video for Heartstruck (Wild Hunger) featuring the one and only Angel Olsen.
Hamilton Leithauser Oct 23, 2017
Check out my video for “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger) feat. Angel Olsen" over at Vevo.
Hamilton Leithauser Oct 23, 2017
Hamilton Leithauser Oct 21, 2017
Hamilton Leithauser Oct 20, 2017
Something coming Monday...
Hamilton Leithauser Oct 19, 2017
Hamilton Leithauser Oct 15, 2017
Tour starts this Wednesday at the 9:30 club!!!
Hamilton Leithauser Oct 13, 2017
Greetings! Check out my new song "Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)" featuring Angel Olsen: I'm playing at Austin City Limits today & huge Fall tour starts next week with a home town show at the 9:30 Club in lovely Washington, D.C. The newly-expanded band and I will be all over the USA and Canada. I have tons of new music...if I can muster the stones I may try and get some of my new ones outta the shed and onto the stage somewhere along the way. Come say hello! Yours, Hamilton Leithauser Heartstruck (Wild Hunger) Hamilton Leithauser: Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, string arrangements Angel Olsen: Vocals Rob Moose: Strings Mixed & Produced by Hamilton Leithauser Engineered by Hamilton Leithauser Additional Engineering by Angel Olsen Recorded at The Struggle Hut, NYC & Angel’s House, Asheville, North Carolina Mastered by Emily Lazar at the Lodge Unwind your watch And shut your eyes a minute Cuz your heart to mine Well now we’ll close the distance A wild hunger Strikes into me To rise up with a crash Last night your kiss kept Haunting me, kept me hoping With a thousand black scuff marks My heart was always open A wild hunger Strikes into me To rise up with a crash A wild hunger A wild hunger No moon for you to hide behind No love is gonna cap your night All the words from all your songs Don't reach me now Cuz I swore em off But they’re calling out and they They keep me up A wild hunger Strikes into me I rise up with a crash A wild hunger Strikes into me I’ll rise up with a crash
Hamilton Leithauser Oct 12, 2017
My new song with Angel Olsen is out now. Check out "Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)." Listen here: