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hopeless fountain kingdom (Deluxe)
hopeless fountain kingdom (Deluxe)
hopeless fountain kingdom
Halsey Feb 22, 2019
11 Minutes video is out now! And it’s a real tear jerker. let’s go. Colin Tilley is my hero.
Halsey Feb 21, 2019
11 Minutes - video⌚️🖤 Yungblud Travis Barker by Colin Tilley
Halsey Feb 20, 2019
The 11 minutes video is out tomorrow !!!!! 12pm PST. I’m very excited for this one like wowowow. Colin Tilley dream team. 📷: Spencer Miller
Halsey Feb 15, 2019
11 minutes. Video. Feb 21st. ⌚️ Yungblud Travis Barker
Halsey Feb 14, 2019
Halsey Feb 14, 2019
call me stupid, call me sad.... ⌚️ Yungblud TravisBarker
Halsey Feb 10, 2019
I painted on SNL bc it’s my favorite artistic medium 2nd only to music. I wish I could have done more with the 3 minutes I had. but, if you’re *interested*, here’s some examples of my other styles of art 🖤 the way I draw/paint is always changing. I love it so much.
Halsey Feb 10, 2019
TONIGHT! ✨ Saturday Night Live
Halsey Feb 08, 2019
Saturday Night Live
Halsey Feb 08, 2019
BIG TIME mcr mood this week.
Halsey Feb 07, 2019
Saturday Night Live
Halsey Feb 01, 2019
yup. WOW ! YUP ! Ok Saturday Night Live this is happening! Halsey - Saturday Night Live Host & Musical Guest
Halsey Jan 29, 2019
coolest article intro ever! “Internet emo kid to stadium pop star!” Let’s go! @ericraydavidson Glamour
Halsey Jan 28, 2019
another LA winter 🤷🏼‍♀️
Halsey Jan 22, 2019
*chance voice* we back, n we back, n we back, n we back! 2nd week being at number 1! Billboard This is craaaaaazy 💧
Halsey Jan 17, 2019
Without Me ft. Juice WRLD Listen now 🦋
Halsey Jan 16, 2019
Alexa, play the Song Of The Day on Amazon Music 🖤
Halsey Jan 12, 2019
Thank you Deezer 🦋
Halsey Jan 09, 2019
Halsey Jan 08, 2019
Thank you for making Without Me #1 on Billboard 💕
Halsey Jan 07, 2019
this song came out of a very lonely place and the past few weeks have showed me just how loved and supported i could be. thank you guys for everything. i don’t even know what to say. Billboard 🦋💀🔥
Halsey Dec 18, 2018
I can’t believe this! Deuces bb! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Halsey Dec 17, 2018
✴️ staycation ✴️
Halsey Dec 11, 2018
Burberry x Vivienne Westwood 💀💀💀 📷: @nathangroff
Halsey Dec 07, 2018
love you; so much. didn’t even drop an album last year. Put out 2 songs. You guys are unbelievable. I can’t even wrap my head around this. Spotify