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We've Got It Covered, Vol. 3
Soft Serve, Vol. 1
Can You Hear Us Now?
Halocene Jun 23, 2019
Our original song, "Let It Rain", was put in this MCU Spider-Man montage trailer. PRETTY AWESOME! Shout out to EMM!! #Spiderman #FarFromHome #Homecoming #Avengers #halocene #letitrain
Halocene Jun 03, 2019
Xmen + Rock + Halocene + Billie Eilish Now THAT's a mutation I can get behind! #xmen #darkphoenix #halocene X-Men Movies
Halocene Jun 02, 2019
Line 6 You've gone the extra mile several times to keep our operation running smoothly. Thank you for the recent support with our Helix! Thanks to you we won't skip a beat! #Helix #Line6
Halocene May 31, 2019
Taking your requests right now LIVEEEEEEEEE!!!
Halocene May 24, 2019
You Should See Me In a Crown -- Music Video Billie'Eilish #billieeilish #youtube #rockcover #halocene #wearehalocene #badguy
Halocene May 15, 2019
Avengers - THE KILL by Halocene #avengers #endgame Avengers 4 Endgame Avengers: Infinity War Fans Avengers End Game #wearehalocene #halocene
Halocene May 10, 2019
It is with deep sorrow and pain that we inform you that the Halocene family has lost our beloved Shiaar. For those that didn't know him, he was our head Twitch moderator, biggest supporter, and most importantly, our friend. His passion in life was to make sure us and other creators he liked were successful. We will be planning a memorial livestream in his honor. Please share any and all stories you may have so we can honor his memory. Details to follow soon. To get emotional support, join our discord (
Halocene May 09, 2019
We're live as heck right now!
Halocene May 08, 2019
Iron Man & Captain America video - "My Hero" by Halocene #Marvel #MCU #EndGame #Avengers #IronMan #CaptainAmerica #MyHero #InfinitySage #InfinityWar
Halocene May 08, 2019
Watch us LIVE right now! Come request a song!
Halocene May 04, 2019
Halocene & Switzerland band joined forces to rockify Marshmellow/Chvrches! Barbie Sailers #YouTube #RockCover Marshmellow CHVRCHES
Halocene Apr 29, 2019
Turning Billie Eilish songs into rock with a splash of metal! Billie'Eilish #BillieEilish Billie_eilish
Halocene Apr 21, 2019
Cinematic Ballad Cover of My Hero by Foo Fighters -- by Halocene Foo Fighters Foo Riders Tributo Foofighters
Halocene Mar 20, 2019
Love how heavy/dark this one turned out! #buryafriend #billieeillish
Halocene Mar 11, 2019
OMG!! #JONASBROTHERS -- we rock pop. It's what we do
Halocene Feb 20, 2019
We are live right now!!!
Halocene Feb 08, 2019
We will be live with Megan Lenius in just a few short hours!!
Halocene Feb 01, 2019
Our new single #HunterandthePrey just dropped! Watch it now:
Halocene Jan 31, 2019
Halocene Jan 31, 2019
Premieres at 4pm PT TODAY!!!
Halocene Jan 30, 2019
T o m o r r o w
Halocene Jan 29, 2019
The Hunter and the Prey. Music video debut 01.31
Halocene Jan 18, 2019
In case you missed the news!
Halocene Jan 15, 2019
New Music Coming
Halocene Jan 06, 2019
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