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Halasan Bazar Jul 15, 2019
Best of times at the boatyard/Reffen/The Anchor! Photo by Robert Mctaggart
Halasan Bazar Jul 11, 2019
From last weekend at Sylt playing Petro Surf Festival! Had a great time and it was awesome to get back in the groove with these amazing musicians! We’re gonna try do it all again on Saturday- Halasan Bazar @ The Anchor Cafe & Proviant (Bread & Wine) 13. July at 16ish Come get some twangy psych pop out at Refshaleøen’s boatyard where the fine people from The Anchor Cafe has a stage set up Down by the water right before the entrance to the Street food Market. There will be cheap beers and a rare live set by DIY garage twang veterans Halasan Bazar.
Halasan Bazar Jul 04, 2019
Vintage Porsche cars, Surfboards and Halasan Bazar! We will be playing a set at this wild and very different festival this weekend at the little Island Sylt in Northern Germany! EDIT: Everybody is welcome and the whole festival is free of charge...Saturday festival starts at 13.00 until 01:00 at the Kaamp Hüs, Sylt!
Halasan Bazar Nov 10, 2018
4 years ago I played at Christiania Børnetheather with a snapped ancle. 10 days ago as I was tucking my pants a tendon in my right index figer snapped. So I learned about the "dropfinger" aka "mullett finger" aka "baseballfinger", and now I gotta wear a weird finger stretcher for 6 weeks.. Therefore - tonight is your chance to see me battle the guitar with only 9 working fingers..! There will be drama, sweat and struggle but I´m hoping and expecting to pull trough and again beat my own limitations with pure willpower and stupidity, just to get to sing my heart out with my fav home boys Rasmus Klausen and Craig Martin Wood. We plunder the Halasan Bazar songbook and juggle trough tunes from all 4 albums so if you find yourself in the windy streets of copenhagen tonight, hustle down to the Frederiksberg Country Club as we join Mankind and Cosmic Waves for a night of twangly jangly psychedelic dad rock. Oh and on the decks our favorite mummin fan Robert McTaggart aka DJ Son of A Preacher Man! EVENT PAGE - Mankind / Halasan Bazar / Cosmic Waves Cosmic Waves 21 Halasan Bazar 22 Mankind 23
Halasan Bazar Oct 13, 2018
Tonight at Junkyard Society’s awesome bike garage at Laplandsgade 6, CPH! We play at 21:30!
Halasan Bazar Sep 04, 2018
Believe it or not - Halasan be playing live at PETRÓL on Istedgade this saturday Sept 8th! First CPH date in 1,5 years, woha time flies! See ya´ll at Petról Sensommerfestival with Henrys Sun , Tony Elastic & The Slackliners, Joakim Drescher, Tom Dockray, DJ Son of A Preacher Man (Robert McTaggart) and DJ Cosmic Michael
Halasan Bazar May 28, 2018
This is where I roam on Spotify these days
Halasan Bazar May 27, 2018
So BURNS from last year still doin its thang, here made it up to top spot at Radio Nantes, thanks France, we miss U too ❤️
Halasan Bazar Jan 25, 2018
Never get tired of watchin epic big waves and surfboards set to "Mountaintops", shoutout to Surf Film Nacht and Nouvague, great guys presentin great films!
Halasan Bazar Nov 30, 2017
The Sausage Pot gaining momentum in the cybernews! "mesmeric ukulele picked out over a menacing percussive lurch" - sic magazine
Halasan Bazar Nov 27, 2017
Half a year late but thanks anyway, not every day were on the telly, theyre callin us classy and everything, think were denmarks new Teddy bear! - "En henkastet smagfuld affære udført med kyndig hånd." -Gaffman
Halasan Bazar Nov 16, 2017
ABRAHAMS SAUSAGE POT! My dear buddy, shaman and long time Halasan drummer - Henry the Rabbit is out with an outstanding record. And even tho he´s always talkin about this one as a throwaway odds and sodds mixed bag, it´s an amazingly coherent and focused listening. Strong songwriting and epic jams. I was lucky enough to happen to provide lyrics and vocals for "Conjunction Day", and I remember us going down to the bunker working hard on getting "the vibe" right on that Black Sabbath cover. And all that beautiful violin work on La Colmena and Rose Apple (Thanks Mei!). Its a strong set, and I´ll give it five and a half out of four rabbit ears. Check it out, people! Casette out now on the ever fantastic Moon Glyph
Halasan Bazar Oct 24, 2017
Halasan Bazar's cover photo
Halasan Bazar Oct 20, 2017
Great times at 8mm yesterday! Happy to see all of you and thanks for the confidence boost! Feels like home! More jams in Dresden tonight at Reverberation Fest - OSTPOL!
Halasan Bazar Oct 05, 2017
Halasan Bazar's cover photo
Halasan Bazar Oct 05, 2017
Yes yes Germany, we comin back! Check out this tricolor treat of a tour- HALASAN BAZAR blasting trough zuperspace with zuurfboardz MICROTOUR 2017!! Thurs 19/10 BERLIN Halasan Bazar - Berlin at 8MM Bar Friday 20/10 DRESDEN Reverberation Fest 2017 - Ostpol Edition Sat 21/10 Nuremberg Halasan Bazar at Hemdendienst (Save the last dance for me) Hooray!
Halasan Bazar Aug 29, 2017
Flyin proud and high with a tune on Dying For Bad Music's new mixdown of some sweet DIY psychfolk & other weirdos, enjoy!
Halasan Bazar Aug 28, 2017
Halasan Bazar's cover photo
Halasan Bazar Aug 24, 2017
Some Nice snaps from The Surf Film Fest In Berlin!
Halasan Bazar Aug 11, 2017
Berlin! Yesterdays screening In Kastanienallée! We are back on for another two concerts In Zwei Drei raum (Kreuzberg), tonight at 20 & saturday at 22:30!
Halasan Bazar Jul 24, 2017
Our awesome producer Arnaud Boyer / Ray Borneo - Tara King th. now blasting some very funky hip hop! Check it out!
Halasan Bazar Jul 04, 2017
"Peculiar collective sounding like a fueled reincarnation of legends The Byrds. Glimmering guitars, captivating voice, spellbinding 60s feel." "Honest People" featured on Turn Up The Volumes list
Halasan Bazar Jul 04, 2017
Never forget!
Halasan Bazar Jun 27, 2017
Halasan the cartoon! 4 years ago In Brussels!
Halasan Bazar Jun 26, 2017