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L-1VE (Live in Amsterdam 2017)
The Mountain
Visions (Remastered)
Aquarius (Re-Issue 2017)
Haken with Vola at John Dee Live Club & Pub (February 23, 2019)
Venue: John Dee Live Club & Pub (Oslo, Norway) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Debaser Strand (February 24, 2019)
Venue: Debaser Strand (Stockholm, Sweden) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Columbia Theater (February 26, 2019)
Venue: Columbia Theater (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Kwadrat (February 27, 2019)
Venue: Kwadrat (Krakow, Poland) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at A38 Ship / A38 Hajó (February 28, 2019)
Venue: A38 Ship / A38 Hajó (Budapest, Hungary) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Szene Wien (March 2, 2019)
Venue: Szene Wien (Vienna, Austria) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Futurum (March 3, 2019)
Venue: Futurum (Prague, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Conne Island (March 4, 2019)
Venue: Conne Island (Leipzig, Germany) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Im Wizemann (March 6, 2019)
Venue: Im Wizemann (Stuttgart, Germany) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Halle, Backstage (March 7, 2019)
Venue: Halle, Backstage (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at KiFF (March 8, 2019)
Venue: KiFF (Aarau, Switzerland) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Magazzini Generali (March 9, 2019)
Venue: Magazzini Generali (Milan, Italy) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Transbordeur (March 10, 2019)
Venue: Transbordeur (Villeurbanne, France) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Sala MON Live (March 12, 2019)
Venue: Sala MON Live (Madrid, Spain) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Kafe Antzokia (March 13, 2019)
Venue: Kafe Antzokia (Bilbao, Spain) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at La Maroquinerie (March 14, 2019)
Venue: La Maroquinerie (Paris, France) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at De Boerderij (March 15, 2019)
Venue: De Boerderij (Zoetermeer, Netherlands) Find tickets
Haken with Vola at Islington Assembly Hall (March 16, 2019)
Venue: Islington Assembly Hall (London, UK) Find tickets
Prognosis Prognosis 2019
Venue: Effenaar Grote Zaal (Eindhoven, Netherlands) Find tickets
Haken at The Brightside Brisbane (June 6, 2019)
Venue: The Brightside Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
Haken at Max Watt's - Melbourne (June 8, 2019)
Venue: Max Watt's - Melbourne (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
HAKEN Feb 22, 2019
Here's us in Frankfurt the other night. It was a fun night! Tonight should be fun too, eh, Copenhagen?! #vectour tickets:
HAKEN Feb 22, 2019
It’s time for another sold out show! We can’t wait for this one. See you tonight, Copenhagen! #vectour
HAKEN Feb 21, 2019
Check out this insane collection from @fridayvinyl !! We have the infamous red Vector vinyl with us on this European tour. Would you like one? Come to a show! Tickets/VIP:
HAKEN Feb 20, 2019
Stockholm! Grab your VIP upgrade for our show at Debaser Strand on Sunday at:
HAKEN Feb 20, 2019
Oslo! Grab your VIP upgrade for our show at John Dee on Saturday at:
HAKEN Feb 20, 2019
Copenhagen! Grab your VIP upgrade for our show at Lille Vega on Friday at:
HAKEN Feb 20, 2019
Huge crowd tonight in Cologne! Frankfurt, you’re up next. Can you top this? #vectour tickets and VIP:
HAKEN Feb 19, 2019
We're offering a very special VIP upgrade package for every show on our European Vector Studies Tour. Here's Richard, Conner and Ray with more info! Upgrade today at
HAKEN Feb 19, 2019
It’s time to start the German leg of #Vectour! We love Germany so much that we’re gonna play 7(!) shows over here, starting in Cologne. Let’s do this! 🇩🇪🎉🕺🏻 Tickets + VIP:
HAKEN Feb 17, 2019
Another sold out show tonight. Bristol, let’s have some fun! #Vectour tickets are selling fast so make sure you don’t miss out:
HAKEN Feb 16, 2019
Ray Hearne, Richard Henshall and Conner Green are loving their new HAKEN Dickies work shirts! Would you like one? Well come on down to the merch table and our lovely merchandiser will be happy to help 🤗🕺🏻😎🤠 #billyo #vectour #workshirt
HAKEN Feb 15, 2019
Let’s get this show on the road! See you tonight, Manchester! With Bent Knee and VOLA - #vectour Tickets and VIP:
HAKEN Feb 13, 2019
Conner, Diego, Charlie, Richard and Ray are all offering 1 to 1 instrumental lessons throughout our upcoming European Vector Studies tour which kicks off this Friday in the UK! If you'd like a personal insight from any one of us on our approach to writing, learning and performing Haken's music or if you're after some more specific guidance relating to your own musical activities, we'd be happy to help! Just send a private message or email to your Haken member of choice: Conner Green/[email protected] Diego Tejeida - d'Tej/[email protected] Charlie Griffiths/[email protected] Richard Henshall/[email protected] Ray Hearne/[email protected] Tour dates: #vectour
HAKEN Feb 10, 2019
Yes. This happened. 🤪
HAKEN Feb 09, 2019
Cruise to the Edge gets better and better every year. We were honoured to share the stage with some incredible players and musical legends this year for a special covers set. Thanks to Bill Hubauer, Eric Gillette, Marco Sfogli, Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess, Tony MacAlpine, Danny Markovitch and Ted Leonard for making this a trip we will never forget. And, of course, you cruisers.... hopefully we’ll be seeing you all again some time! Roll on Europe! We head out next week with Bent Knee and VOLA so get your tickets/VIP upgrades now at:
HAKEN Feb 05, 2019
European Vector Studies shows are selling fast now. Copenhagen, Oslo, Zoetermeer and Helsinki are all sold out but many others are close behind. Manchester, Bristol, Cologne, Stockholm, Paris and London only have a handful of tickets left so get 'em while you still can! Tickets and VIP upgrades: #vectour
HAKEN Feb 05, 2019
's cover photo
HAKEN Feb 03, 2019
A message for all you Cruise to the Edge cruisers. We will be playing two entirely different sets on this year’s upcoming voyage; the first will be made up entirely of our own music and the second will be made up entirely of other people’s music. That’s right, we’re going to be covering songs from some of our favourite artists alongside some special guests and we guarantee there will be something in there for everyone or your money back!* Set 1: Wednesday @ 9:15pm - Pacifica Theater Set 2: Thursday @ 11pm - Pool Stage - SPECIAL COVERS SET w/ guests! *money back not guaranteed 😅 #vectour
HAKEN Feb 03, 2019
Absolutely unforgettable night in Mexico City last night. Massive thanks to all of you for coming to show your support in huge numbers. Mexico City really is a special place for us. #vectour just keeps getting bigger and better! Onto Cruise to the Edge next!! 🎉🎉
HAKEN Feb 01, 2019
Glasgow! See you on Saturday 16th February at Saint Luke's & The Winged Ox with VOLA and Bent Knee! Tickets and VIP upgrades: #vectour
HAKEN Feb 01, 2019
Here’s one from São Paulo � the other night. Another amazing crowd and fun time in Latin America. Tonight, we’re in Diego Tejeida - d'Tej's home town of Mexico City for a show with INTERVALS which promises to be crazy! Who’s coming? #vectour tickets and VIP:
HAKEN Jan 30, 2019
Buenos Aires 🇦🇷 on Sunday made for another memorable night on our Latin American Vector Studies tour. It’s been an honour to travel to this part of the world and finally share our music with some of our most passionate fans ❤️ Anyone yet to grab a ticket for these shows be sure to pick one up at #vectour 📷 @septenium
HAKEN Jan 28, 2019
South America has been amazing so far! Still absolutely buzzing from our very first show in Santiago, Chile. Just look at the size of that crowd! Thank you so much to everyone who came to support us. We finally #cametochile! #vectour tickets and VIP upgrades:
HAKEN Jan 26, 2019
Romania! Since we had such a great time playing in Sibiu last summer, we've decided to return to your beautiful country on our #Vectour! We'll be coming to Bucharest on 27th March to play at Quantic and will also be hosting a clinic on 26th March! Hope to see you all there! Tickets and VIP: Clinic:
HAKEN Jan 25, 2019
The #Vectour strikes again! We have officially arrived in South America 🎉 Chile, you're up first. See you tomorrow, Santiago! 🇨🇱 Tickets and VIP upgrades: