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HAIM Aug 13, 2019
is this how yous do the social medias ???
HAIM Aug 09, 2019
who’s not wearing a bra?🧐
HAIM Aug 02, 2019
‪listen to Summer Girl on the #ALTCTRL playlist Apple Music 🎷☀️🎷
HAIM Jul 31, 2019
HAIM Jul 31, 2019
HAIM Jul 31, 2019
HAIM Jul 31, 2019
HAIM Jul 31, 2019
summer girl is out later today. so excited to start releasing new music as we’re working on it - kinda like we did before our first album. we finished this song a couple weeks ago and thought, why don’t we shoot something real quick and release it ! (more on the video shortly) this song started out as a garage band demo in my phone with just a bass line, drums, some gibberish and a doot doot doot little melody. I wrote it around the time my partner was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago while we were making STTY. (he’s in the clear now!) we were touring on and off at this time and every time we were on the phone with each other or when I would come home in between shows, I wanted to be this light that shined on him when he was feeling very dark. I wanted to be his hope when he was feeling hopeless. so I kept singing these lines - I’m your sunny girl/ I’m your fuzzy girl/ I’m your summer girl - over the bass line. summer girl stuck. fast forward to a couple months ago -I remembered this demo and pulled it up from my phone. I brought it to my friend rostam to see if he wanted to work on it. he wrote the sax part within the first couple minutes of working on it and it all clicked. we were kinda joking about how the doot doot doot part reminded us of walk on the wild side and then he put this stand up bass part on top of the electric bass part and It sounded amazing! the palette was there- v inspired by Lou. and we kept it that way. I brought it back to my partner Ariel- where the inspo first started - and he put some finishing touches on it and here we are ! hope u guys vibe with it - ur summer girl in italy 😊 d
HAIM Apr 04, 2019
hiiiiiii. wanted to update u on what’s been going on recently in haim world 🌎 1. thanks for all the love on the vampire weekend song! I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing record! and for all of you who don’t know what I’m talking about- listen to their new song “this life” and you can hear me laying down some sweet bgvs 2. i know u guys have been asking about new music. good news is we’re in the studio working on some new stuff that we are hoping to release before p4k fest in july. some of it is raw as fuck, some of it is for the dance floor, some of it is us just getting weird 🤷‍♀️ we miss you so much and can’t wait to see u soon soon soon
HAIM Mar 14, 2019
happy birthday to the leader of our pack and the best sister in the 🌎 we love you @estehaim
HAIM Mar 06, 2019
headlining @pitchforkfest on Friday💙 see u there
HAIM Feb 16, 2019
happy birthday d! thanks for holding us together, always. we love u sissy ❤️❤️❤️
HAIM Feb 13, 2019
we might not be ballerinas but we can dress the part 🧚‍♀️ in @dior for @voguerussia by @dritch
HAIM Feb 13, 2019
not sure what to get your bestie for galentine’s day? how about a trip to london with US and emma stone to see and meet the freakin spice girls?!?! we’re pretty sure that’s what she really really wants, so ENTER:
HAIM Feb 11, 2019
🍾🍾🍾 @matsor @the_mura_masa
HAIM Feb 06, 2019
thank you @rodarte for inviting us into your wonderous, beautiful, magical world! ps lanzo is that you?
HAIM Jan 23, 2019
YOU GUYS! we cant even believe we’re saying this right now but...we’ve teamed up with our good friend emma stone and omaze to take one lucky winner and a friend to a spice girls concert in london! what’s even crazier is that we’ll meet the spice girls BACK STAGE 🚨 the best part about this whole experience is that your donations go into supporting some INCREDIBLE organisations including Global Girls Alliance, Child Mind Institute, Girl Up, Los Angeles LGBT Center, PATH - Making it Home, and more when you enter at and yes, dancing is mandatory ❤️
HAIM Jan 15, 2019
HAIM Jan 01, 2019
cheers bitches
HAIM Dec 08, 2018
gonna join all these amazingly talented people and play some songs at the ace in la! all net proceeds of this show will directly support @LAUnitedWay southern california disaster relief fund. tickets on sale nowww
HAIM Dec 05, 2018
can we be hormone monsters too? @byfar_official
HAIM Nov 23, 2018
cozy as fuck
HAIM Nov 21, 2018
holiday collection out now ❄️ free sister fanny pack when u by this set 💫tag someone who needs some holiday cheer 😊 store link in bio
HAIM Nov 21, 2018
holiday collection out now ❄️ anyone who buys this set will get a free fanny pack 🙌 tag someone who needs some holiday cheer 😊 store link in bio
HAIM Nov 21, 2018
NEW HAPPY HAIMUKKAH shirt! new holiday collection on sale at 12:30 PST TODAY at ❄️ a portion of sales of this shirt will go to the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh 💙