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And Thou Shalt Trust The Seer (Remastered Edition)
Tales of Ithiria (Bonus Tracks)
Eppur Si Muove
Awaking the Gods (Live in Mexico)
Awaking the Centuries
And Thou Shalt Trust the Seer
Ben Haggard Jul 27, 2019
Ben Haggard Jul 27, 2019
Ben Haggard Apr 10, 2019
Ben Haggard Apr 05, 2019
Playing Selma Texas tonight at the blue bonnet Palace!
Ben Haggard Mar 22, 2019
Ben Haggard Mar 20, 2019
April 6 my brother Noel and I will be celebrating the life and music of our father merle haggard! along with our good friend jaida dreyer, at the historic Coupland dance hall, Texas.
Ben Haggard Mar 04, 2019
Join us on the 2020 country cruise!
Ben Haggard Feb 12, 2019
My brother Noel and I will be cruisin 2020 make sure and use the promo code: HAGGARDFAN to get your discount!
Ben Haggard Dec 20, 2018
This is gonna be great!
Ben Haggard Nov 02, 2018
Tomorrow night! Noel, myself and some strangers will hit the Billy Bobs stage! Hope to see y’all there!! 🤠
Ben Haggard Oct 31, 2018
November 2 Billy Bobs!
Ben Haggard Oct 31, 2018
Billy Bob's Texas
Ben Haggard Oct 20, 2018
It has come to my attention their are multiple accounts impersonating myself and Noel asking for money or personally messaging fans getting to know them on a personal level then promising them gifts if they send money. Please be aware I personally do not sell tickets to my shows, tickets should only be purchased on valid ticketing websites. Also, please look for a valid blue check marked page, the BLUE CHECK MARKS indicate authenticity, if it does NOT have one it is not me. Please report any suspicious activity! NOTE: Noel doesn’t have social media, please disregard any requests or messages. Thank you and I’m sorry to any of those affected.
Ben Haggard Sep 06, 2018
Hello Kansas! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to see Ben & Noel Haggard live and in concert, not once but THREE times! 09/06/18: Ottawa Memorial Auditorium - Ottawa, Kansas 09/07/18: The Hat - Manhattan, Kansas 09/08/18: The Fox Pavilion - Hays Kansas Ticket links in comments below
Ben Haggard Aug 20, 2018
15 Minutes until Ben Haggard & Noel Haggard will be streaming live from Love & War in Texas-Lindale - Authentic Site! Don't miss it!
Ben Haggard Aug 14, 2018
Orders for hats and T-shirts are going out today! If you’d like to receive yours quickly be sure to place your order before 3 PM Pacific standard time! Shop online at
Ben Haggard Aug 13, 2018
You all have been asking and we finally have black Ben Haggard Music T-shirts back in stock sizes L-3XL! Brown and black hats are also available! Inventory is very limited so get them while you can!! Shop online now at
Ben Haggard Aug 11, 2018
Ben Haggard
Ben Haggard Aug 05, 2018
Ben Haggard
Ben Haggard Aug 01, 2018
Come see us in Los Angeles August 3rd and San Francisco on August 4th! Get your tickets on
Ben Haggard Jul 29, 2018
This is heartbreaking. Carr fire right close to my hometown of Redding.
Ben Haggard Jul 27, 2018