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Numbers (Niereich vs. Hackler & Kuch)
5 Years Off
Working With Giants (Hackler & Kuch vs. Cortechs)
Ice 20 (Remixes)
Grinder / L.A.R.C.
Duck & Cover EP
Hackler & Kuch Apr 17, 2019
Yeahhh looking forward to playing at indoor festival in Albstadt, together with Marika Rossa. We might have some guestlist left, send a cool PM and you may be partying with us 😤✊
Hackler & Kuch Dec 04, 2018
Just released a new banger track on H33 Records. Check it out!
Hackler & Kuch Nov 09, 2018
1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge. Therefore, there are patterns everywhere in nature.
Hackler & Kuch Sep 15, 2018
Back with the gang! See you tonight, Endstation!
Hackler & Kuch Sep 07, 2018
Looks like Stuttgart is ready. LEHMANN lets go!
Hackler & Kuch Sep 06, 2018
Yesyes, almost weekend! ✌️ Playing in Lehmann Club club with Marika Rossa tomorrow, this is gonna be a big one! See you there 😤✊
Hackler & Kuch Jul 02, 2018
Yesyes, Faze Magazin rated our new release together with Niereich 9/10, really happy about this! 😤😁
Hackler & Kuch Jun 30, 2018
Have a smashing Saturday evening!
Hackler & Kuch Jun 29, 2018
Numbers climbing to #50 on beatport Hype techno chart!
Hackler & Kuch Jun 28, 2018
W00T, Beatport featured our new release NUMBERS on Collision Records. Good news to start the (early) weekend! ✌️🍻 Listen here:
Hackler & Kuch Jun 12, 2018
Hackler & Kuch's cover photo
Hackler & Kuch Jun 12, 2018
Just released this bomb 💥😤 Third release of our label Collision, together with our buddy Niereich ✊ For now only on vinyl, digital will follow soon. Give it a listen! ✌️ Vinyl link: Artwork by: Remko Koopman
Hackler & Kuch May 20, 2018
Nice sunday drive to Münster. Looking forward to this one! And now some new Techno from our latest collab with Niereich!
Hackler & Kuch Feb 20, 2018
Listening to Sam Paganini destroying the Gashouder, opening the set with our NHK- Finite Moments track! 🤗
Hackler & Kuch Jan 16, 2018
Thanks for the support Spartaque!
Hackler & Kuch Dec 08, 2017
Small delay, but we are on our way to Frankfurt. Rocking the main of Tanzhaus West from 03.00 till 05.00, together with Max Brill and Dominic Banone. See you tonight! Abfahrt 😤
Hackler & Kuch Nov 11, 2017
Tübingen get ready! Big party tonight at CLUB 27 TÜBINGEN. Music from Ben Dust, Drumcomplex, HK and more. 💪💥 Quality soundsystem in the club, so get the ears ready for some serious basslines. ABFAHRT!! 😤
Hackler & Kuch Sep 29, 2017
TONIGHT!! Big line up, get ready for some proper techno!
Hackler & Kuch Sep 01, 2017
Weeeeeekend! Warming up for Brno. First time in Czech Republic for us :) Perpetuum Klub let's go!
Hackler & Kuch Aug 10, 2017
Feeling honored! UMEK charted our Blackstreet track with Niereich released on our own Collision label! 😁😁 Check it out, some big tracks in there. Man's got a taste!
Hackler & Kuch Jul 20, 2017
Volgende week staan we weer op de Doorgedraaid stage op Puur Festival 2017, dit keer met EgbertLIVE en Secret Cinema. Pompennnn
Hackler & Kuch Jun 13, 2017
Hackler & Kuch May 28, 2017
Summer Visions Festival was ONNN!!! Great party, thanks for the host guys.
Hackler & Kuch May 20, 2017
WOCHENENDE!! On our way to Euskirchen to play at M1 club. Enjoy your Saturday folks!
Hackler & Kuch May 13, 2017
Packing the bags for Schwarzer Adler tonight, rock on!