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I Romanticize
In the Pink of Condition
The Strange Uses of Ox Gall
A Cup of Salt
H. Hawkline Oct 26, 2017
Le Guess Who? Le guess me, that's who. November / Tachwedd 11
H. Hawkline Oct 20, 2017
This begins tonight in Oslo, dressing gown steamed // Cychwyn hwn heno on Norwy, gŵn nos wedi stemio'n barod a bob dim
H. Hawkline Oct 11, 2017
I'm going out again, this time in support of Aldous Harding all across the EU, I'm going alone // Mynd allan eto, tro 'ma yn cefnogi Aldous Harding ar hyd a lled Ewrop, mynd ar fy mhen fy hun
H. Hawkline Oct 05, 2017
This is it, all of it, Saturday in Colston Hall, see you at 4:30 on the nose // Sadwrn yma yn neuadd Colston Ym Mryste, welai chi am hanner di pedwar
H. Hawkline Sep 20, 2017
Fraint ag yn anrhydedd cael fy enwebi ar gyfer y Wobr Gerddoriaeth Gymreig, gŵn nos M&S i bawb os dwi'n ennill •. 'I Romaticize' has been nominated for the Welsh Music Prize, happy days indeed, if I win I'm asking M&S to reissue this dressing gown 📸
H. Hawkline Sep 15, 2017
H. Hawkline Sep 13, 2017
Ecstatic to be included in the line up to one of my favourite festivals I've never been to: Le Guess Who? in Utrecht this November Hapus dros ben i fod yn rhan o wyl Le Guess Who? yn yr Iselsiroedd lenni, wastad wedi moyn mynd, edrych yn anhygoel
H. Hawkline Sep 09, 2017
CARDIFF tonight in Clwb Ifor Bach with Younghusband and Alex Dingley, there are a few tickets left, get them from Spillers Records or online to save a few sheets, link below. Come early to see Alex Dingley, one of my favourite musicians, his album Beat The Babble is a lesson in living. Doors 7:30 Alwx Dingley 8 Younghuz 845 HH 945 CAERDYDD heno yn Clwb Ifor Bach gyda Younghusband ag Alex Dingley. Llond llaw o docynnau ar ol, prynwch rhai gan Spillers neu ar y wê i arbed pres. Dewch yn gynnar i weld Alex Dingley, un o fy hoff bobol, bardd a cherddor heb ei ail
H. Hawkline Sep 08, 2017
BIRMINGHAM we're in the Actress and Bishop (official) tonight with Younghusband doors 8 Faux Palms 8:15 YH 8:45 HH 9:45 (roughly) CAERDYDD 9th MANCHESTER 10th LONDON 11th BRIGHTON 12th
H. Hawkline Sep 07, 2017
H. Hawkline Sep 06, 2017
BRISTOL, tonight's gig in the Crofters Rights has now sold out, however there will 5 bonus tickets on the door for 5 early birds, £11. Tour continues tomorrow, don't miss out on all the milk and ash LEEDS 7th BIRMINGHAM 8th CAERDYDD 9th MANCHESTER 10th LONDON 11th BRIGHTON 12th BRYSTE wedi gwerthu allan, 5 tocyn ar y drws i 5 person lwcus sy'n dod pan ma'r drysau'n agor am 7:30, tocynnau i gweddill y daith yn y dolenni uchod.
H. Hawkline Sep 06, 2017
Bristol we're down to 12 tickets left, if you're risky like me fine come along and try the door but if you have the heart of a brownie or scout then click this
H. Hawkline Sep 06, 2017
LONDON: playing at the Moth Club next week with Younghusband! Grab your tickets here:'
H. Hawkline Sep 05, 2017
BRISTOL about 25 tickets left for tomorrow's gig at The Crofters Rights with Younghusband let's sell this out and then we can all get shiny new hair. I have these t-shirts and ltd edition linocuts for sale too by the way 🚬🎃
H. Hawkline Sep 04, 2017
COMPETITION: Win 2 x H. Hawkline T-shirts, a limited edition signed screenprint and two tickets to this Sunday's H. Hawkline and Younghusband show at Soup Kitchen, Manchester. Share this post before 5pm on Friday 8 to enter - the winner will receive a congratulations message by 6pm. Full show info at
H. Hawkline Sep 04, 2017
UK IM COMING... Tour starts tomorrow, Younghusband are already in the van waiting, drinking milk probably. I have some hand made things to hawk (no pun) at the trestle. SHEFFIELD 5TH BRISTOL 6th LEEDS 7th BIRMINGHAM 8th CAERDYDD 9th MANCHESTER 10th LONDON 11th BRIGHTON 12th PF DWI'N DOD Taith yn cychwyn fory gyda Younghus', ma nhw'n barod i fynd, yng nghefn y fan yn barod, yfed llaeth a cnesu dwylo. Dowch
H. Hawkline Aug 25, 2017
I play Sea Change festival this weekend, Saturday in Totnes Civic hall around 6 on the dolled up HEAVENLY RECORDINGS line-up // Gwyl Sea Change nos fory yn Sir Dyfnaint, dewch i weld fi'n udo
H. Hawkline Aug 22, 2017
A reminder that tour with Younghusband starts in September, some tickets left here: Nodyn bach i atgoffa fod taith yn dechre mis Medi, tocynnau o'r ddolen uchod
H. Hawkline Aug 21, 2017
Thank you kindly Green Man Festival . Say the same thing every year, but really was one of the best yet (except for the year Rick Tomlinson put me in a wheelie bin and sent me slowly rolling towards fleet foxes audience). Next stop is Sea Change this Friday, I play alone amidst a host of HEAVENLY RECORDINGS people Diolch o galon Gwyl Y Dyn Gwyrdd, y gorau eto, cymryd cam nesa'r haf dydd Gwener yma fel rhan o arlwy Heavenly yng ngwyl Sea Change yn Totnes, sir Dyfnaint.
H. Hawkline Aug 16, 2017
NEW VIDEO // FIDIO NEWYDD Made by Casey Raymond, it has everything, my three favourite things, a bath, dancing and a puppet made of bread. You can watch it on the @faroutmagazineuk website here Playing live tomorrow in Green Man Festival at 6:30 then playing SeaChange Festival end of August followed closely by End Of The Road Festival on September 1st Di gludo at eu gilydd gan Casey Raymond, ag ynddi 3 o fy hoff bethau, bath, dawnsio a pwped wedi'w greu allan o fara Diolch o galon // Thank you Casey Raymond, Tania Mendoza & Hannah Harding
H. Hawkline Jul 25, 2017
That Marc Riley DJ BBC 6 Music session is here to listen to again and again for another week, it is the radio equivalent of this shop window i.e pretty special Mae'r sesiwn BBC 6 Music fan hyn am wythnos, mae gwrando arni fel syllu ar yr olygfa siop ffenest hyfryd yma
H. Hawkline Jul 25, 2017
Thursday I'm heading down to Port Eliot Festival to take part in this Caught by the River embracement of chaos, look at all those names • Ma hwn dydd Iau, un o bolion pabell Caught By The River
H. Hawkline Jul 24, 2017
I will be live on the BBC 6 Music tonight with the numero uno Marc Riley DJ between 7 and 8pm playing new songs with a band // Ware'n fyw ar y radio heno i'r dyn ei hun Marc Riley ag unrhywun arall sydd digwydd bod yn gwrando rhwng 7 ag 8yh // Stained glass widow
H. Hawkline Jul 09, 2017
Anfiteatro Vitterale in Brescia, Italy tonight, I am the antipasto, ROGOV is the primo and Devendra Banhart is the beef secondo, McGoohan returns
H. Hawkline Jul 02, 2017
made some hotel room linocuts, run of a few, for sale or trade at gigs, will trade for jewellery, white socks, darts // wedi gwneud llond llaw o rhain, ar werth ar y lôn neu yn hapus i gyfnewid un am gemwaith, sanau gwyn, gair o gysur