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The Blood of Gods
Battle Maximus
Bloody Pit of Horror
Lust In Space (Bonus Track Version)
America Must Be Destroyed
War Party
Let There Be GWAR
Beyond Hell
Live From Mt. Fuji
Slaves Going Single
Scumdogs of the Universe
Violence Has Arrived
We Kill Everything
Carnival of Chaos
This Toilet Earth
GWAR Jun 19, 2019
Edmonton, Canada is our next target to be destroyed. Friday July 26th we’ll cover CHAOS AB in blood, semen, and other bodily fluids! ⚔️ 🇨🇦🎸 #GWAR #ChaosAB2019
GWAR Jun 17, 2019
It is with tempered excitement that we want to inform you human scum that a maggot by the name of Victor Gatto has been chosen as the winner of the Drunkard’s Delight Sweepstakes. This 27 year old bohab will be receiving the prizes soon. Stay tuned for more sweepstakes... #GWAR
GWAR Jun 16, 2019
Father Bohab day? Like you human scum need any more reasons to celebrate to keep multiplying... #GWAR
GWAR Jun 15, 2019
Here's the full interview that the Insane Clown Posse did with Oderus in 2014 on the Insane Clown Posse theater. #GWAR #OderusUrungus #FF
GWAR Jun 14, 2019
Everyone is always ripping off our shit... Thanks bohab Sean Potter for making us aware of this VICE piece. We'll confiscate it soon. #GWAR #fbf
GWAR Jun 13, 2019
Kerrang! reported on our Halloween bloodbath in New York City last year. What shitty gathering of costumes should we cover in blood this year? #GWAR #tbt
GWAR Jun 12, 2019
Pustulus Maximus doing what he does best... SLAY! Tag someone who needs to be slayed by Pusty. #GWAR
GWAR Jun 12, 2019
We’re sending Sleazy P. Martine, BalSac the Jaws 'o Death, and Sawborg Destructo to the Dirty Jerz to “clean up” the Garden State Comic Fest on June 29-30. We better see you bohabs there! Tickets at #GWAR
GWAR Jun 10, 2019
Remember when Oderus read the intro for Viva la Bam in 2005? Season 5, episode 36. Our friends from the Metal Mulisha were in the episode with the Scumdogs of the Universe. #GWAR
GWAR Jun 09, 2019
Scum bucket Dylan Ramsay owns this limited vinyl of Scumdogs of the Universe. Do you? #GWAR #ScumdogsOfTheUniverse
GWAR Jun 08, 2019
The My Uncle John is a Zombie movie is now on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play. So no excuse not to see JiZMak shine on the silver screen this weekend! #GWAR #JiZMakDaGusha
GWAR Jun 08, 2019
Check out some pics of the new Hypereal resin kit on sale now at:
GWAR Jun 07, 2019
Turn the volume up to 11 and kick off your weekend right! You can thank Metal Blade Records for this video. #GWAR
GWAR Jun 07, 2019
When asked what fans can expect at a Gwar show, Pustulus Maximus simply said, "Fans can expect to be disappointed beyond their wildest dreams."
GWAR Jun 06, 2019
All you have to do is pick your beard oil flavor from Doctor Nick's Amazing Man Stuff. Nitro Burning Funny Beard, Blothar's Berserker Sauce, Big Smelly Hippy, or Lust On Face. #GWAR
GWAR Jun 06, 2019
YouTube, as well as Google Play and Amazon Prime video, now have the My Uncle John is a Zombie movie for you maggots to watch. You scared yet??? #GWAR
GWAR Jun 03, 2019
Hey Ethan Embry! Weirdo! The World Maggot has had indigestion and nausea for the past 25 years after making a midnight snack of your ass! We reached around to the Vile One for comment, but he/she is still a little upset. Apparently, your virginity is in question, and the Maggot is just sick about it. As for any unsettled score, bring it on little man! GWAR bows to no one. -The Berserker Blöthar #GWAR #RiotFest2019
GWAR Jun 03, 2019
Having a hard time reading our new comic like this? Another reason you should re-order it ya cheap bastard! At Your chance to get some exclusive prints, pins, CDs, signed goods and even unique stage props! Coming October 2019. #GWAR #GWARcomic Renegade Arts Entertainment Ltd
GWAR Jun 01, 2019
Who is coming to Chicago, IL on Friday June 14th at midnight??? Sleazy P Martini and BalSac the Jaws 'o Death will be slaying on stage at the Cinepocalypse Genre Film Festival. #GWAR #Cinepocalype2019
GWAR May 31, 2019
Have a Roku? Stop slacking and get GWAR TV! 📺 👹 Go to right now for more info and the setup code. #GWAR #GWARTV
GWAR May 30, 2019
In 2014 Oderus appeared on the Insane Clown Posse theater show on Fuse. Here's his intro video for that. #GWAR #OderusUrungus #ICP #FuseTV #TBT
GWAR May 29, 2019
Riot Fest 2019. Human scum, see you in September! Tickets available at #GWAR #RiotFest2019
GWAR May 28, 2019
“Beefcake thought Mt. Fuji was a toilet. When it overflowed with his explosive diarrhea, the Japanese ran wild in the streets for their lives. It kind of resembles a GWAR show.” -JiZMak. 👹🥁🌋💿 This record was released in late May 2005.
GWAR May 27, 2019
The only place where you should spent your saved lunch money!!! Buy now or whine later... #GWAR
GWAR May 27, 2019
You have until Friday May 31st to sign up. Or forever loose! #GWAR (21+ and over)