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The Blood of Gods
Battle Maximus
Bloody Pit of Horror
Let There Be GWAR
Beyond Hell
Slaves Going Single
Live From Mt. Fuji
War Party
Scumdogs of the Universe
America Must Be Destroyed
Lust In Space (Bonus Track Version)
Violence Has Arrived
We Kill Everything
Carnival of Chaos
This Toilet Earth
GWAR Apr 23, 2019
You like to win this? Enter our Drunkard's Delight sweepstakes and you might get lucky ->>> #GWAR (21 and over only)
GWAR Apr 23, 2019
Earth day? More like This Toilet Earth day!!! #GWAR
GWAR Apr 22, 2019
This coming weekend! Our manager Sleazy P. Martini will be at Shock Stock, so you better show up and ask him about Slaughterama... #GWAR #SleazyPmartini #ShockStock2019
GWAR Apr 19, 2019
Ready for the weekend bohabs? The GWARbar has the Gilded Lily ready for you scumbags! 💀🍹🍒 #GWAR #GWARbar
GWAR Apr 18, 2019
Playing poker with the scumdogs? This ad was for Peter Line's pro model snowboard for Division 23 Snowboards in 1996. It was a collaboration with GWAR. Anyone rode this snowboard? Post a photo in the comments. #GWAR #PeterLine #TBT
GWAR Apr 16, 2019
Bohab Oli K. has got the right idea... 🥓 🐷 #GWAR #bacon
GWAR Apr 16, 2019
JiZMak got a job bartending for the summer at Club Med. Location unknown. 🍸🐯 #GWAR #JiZMakDaGusha #clubmed
GWAR Apr 15, 2019
"Am I Man? Am I Machine? I am something In between I am among you I am become you I replace you I will erase you!" #GWAR #TheBloodOfGodsTour
GWAR Apr 15, 2019
Last chance to finish your collection. Hypereal will only sell one more set after this. All five are for sale now. Auction will end in a couple of hours.
GWAR Apr 14, 2019
Canadian bohabs, you better show up at Shock Stock 2019! Sleazy will be there all weekend. Could an episode of “It’s Sleazy” be going down? Guess you will have to come out and see. Tickets at #GWAR #SleazyPmartini #ShockStock2019
GWAR Apr 13, 2019
How every day should start for you worthless humans... Covered in blood! #GWAR (Video via Chip Tater)
GWAR Apr 13, 2019
Look how great you can look with your head chopped off! And a new GWAR t-shirt of course! Only $7.99 on our Spring Reaper Sale. Get it now at #GWAR
GWAR Apr 12, 2019
Any of you bohabs own this? This Record Store Day double LP was released by Metal Blade Records in 2015. This exclusive version had been meticulously recreated by the slaves of GWAR, features the original color insert with lyrics, an official (looking) certificate of authenticity and a killer ‘pop up’ of GWAR’s pet dinosaur Gor Gor! #GWAR #RecordStoreDay #FBF
GWAR Apr 12, 2019
The GWARbar in Richmond, VA is looking for a line cook. Is that you??? "Looking to hire a line cook for a fast paced restaurant in Jackson ward. Must have full availability for nights, holidays and weekends, and be able to handle High volume, have attention to cleanliness, and a good attitude." More info at #GWAR #GWARbar
GWAR Apr 12, 2019
Mark's daydream.. Did you guys know you can watch Empire Records for free on Netflix? Save your money to spent it on GWAR merch bohabs! #GWAR #EmpireRecords #tbt
GWAR Apr 10, 2019
Oklahoma, you human filth are 44 days away from getting bloody and bruised. Also, Korn has been added since Ozzy Osbourne can't make it. Tickets at #GWAR #Rocklahoma
GWAR Apr 10, 2019
Looks like lunch will be served early today! Kids are great snacks... 👩‍👦‍👦🍽 #GWAR
GWAR Apr 09, 2019
From Michael Bishop, the human slave of The Berserker Blöthar: "On April 6th 2019 it was 20 years since GWAR released "We Kill Everything," a record our fans either loved to love, or loved to hate! 20 years ago, I was playing in the band Kepone with Tim Harriss when we were asked to work with our old friends in GWAR to make a record. The band had recently lost a couple people, and were short on material, so we needed to help write and record the album and then tour a little for it afterwards until they could get regular personnel. Tim had been on many GWAR records as a guest musician, but this would be the first record I had done with GWAR in several years. The album that came out of those sessions was “We Kill Everything.” Some fans loved the record, and still love the silliness, and spirit of this recording. But many more would say it was a disappointment, and WKE would become known as the record that almost killed the band's career. Thus, the records after it were called a “return to form,” with the band getting “back” to a more metal sound. Brockie, for his part, sometimes downed the record in the press and liked to say that it was the result of “some guys” in the band being more into punk than metal. Yeah, HIM! Lol! Above all WKE was Dave's GWAR record. It had lots of his songs on it, his music and his lyrics, and songs that really evoked Dave's work with his hilarious punk band Death Piggy. In fact, I would argue that more than any record he had made with GWAR up to that point, and even more than some of the subsequent work he did with his side band the Dave Brockie Experience, this record represented the spirit and value of Dave's voice in GWAR. It was a truly great example of his brilliant sense of humor and comedic instinct. Songs like “Fucking an Animal” are utterly unique, and even the sounds the band is making are funny. By that, I mean, funny on a musical level, and that is difficult to do. It frankly calls up influences as broad as Kiss and Zappa, and any number of novelty songs we grew up heating on the Dr. Demento show (look it up). Dave's own musical performances, such as the bass on Fucking an Animal, or the vocal on The Performer, are distinctly Brockie. But none of this means WKE should have been a Brockie side project. I hear fans say this all the time, and it is probably because Dave would say it in interviews. But I think this record represents the true spirit of GWAR, in that it was a strong ensemble effort with all of us contributing music, and it was unashamedly eclectic. It was a record with great rock songs on it that are perfect examples of the mix of punk sounds and experimental and even ironic metal that shaped the earlier GWAR records. Brockie of course made these tunes silly with his lyrics and vocal performances, but never trivialized the tunes. When you think about it that way, WKE represents the last GWAR record where GWAR lampooned rock and metal before truly BECOMING a genuine hard rock and metal band." #GWAR #WeKillEverything
GWAR Apr 08, 2019
Thanks to the world wide web for reminding the Scumdogs of the Universe that today is Rex Manning Day... Damn the Man! Save the Empire. #GWAR #RexManningDay #EmpireRecords
GWAR Apr 08, 2019
‪Kentucky! We’re coming to spray blood at Louder Than Life on Friday September 27th. Get your one way ticket to hell now at #GWAR #LouderThanLife ‬
GWAR Apr 07, 2019
"Cinepocalypse 2019 will screen a number of their most memorable, boundary-pushing, and just plain vulgar videos and short films; enslave BälSäc and Sleazy P. long enough to participate in a career-spanning moderated conversation and Q&A; and welcome them both on-stage to live-riff and utterly destroy John Fasano's 1987 cult classic ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE, starring fellow rock god Thor!"
GWAR Apr 06, 2019
March Madness ends on Monday... #GWAR #OderusUrungus
GWAR Apr 05, 2019
Tickets for CHAOS AB are on sale now at! Edmonton, Alberta, we are coming to rip off your heads July 26-27. LET US SLAY ALL YOU CANADIAN BOHABS!!! 🇨🇦👹 #GWAR #CHAOSAB2019
GWAR Apr 04, 2019
Bob Gorman will be at the GWARbar this Friday, April 5th, from 7-10pm to get drunk & sell you stuff! New toilet seat art, custom comics and other so called “Art” will be on display and for sale. #GWAR #GWARbar #BobGorman
GWAR Apr 02, 2019
Canadian bohabs! We are coming for ya at CHAOS AB, July 26-27th, in Edmonton, Alberta. Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 5th, at 10am. 🇨🇦 👹🎸 #GWAR #CHAOSAB2019