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Twisted Prayers
Fragments of Psyche
Krisiun, Gruesome, and V.i.t.r.i.o.l. at Klub Pralnia (March 18, 2020)
Venue: Klub Pralnia (Wrocław, Poland) Find tickets
Krisiun and My Vitriol with Gruesome at O'Sullivan's Backstage by the Mill (April 9, 2020)
Venue: O'Sullivan's Backstage by the Mill (Paris, France) Find tickets
Krisiun with Gruesome at Audio (April 14, 2020)
Venue: Audio (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Krisiun, Gruesome, and V.i.t.r.i.o.l. at Rebellion (April 15, 2020)
Venue: Rebellion (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
Krisiun, Gruesome, and V.i.t.r.i.o.l. at The Cluny 2 (April 16, 2020)
Venue: The Cluny 2 (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) Find tickets
Gruesome Aug 22, 2019
SLAYING STEEL OVER EUROPE TOUR!! Europe, we shall return to deliver more DEATH Metal next March with Krisiun and Vitriol This Death Metal assault will feature 32 shows in 32 days. Our guitarist / vocalist Matt had this to say: "We're very psyched to go back across the pond again to bring some more DEATH Metal to our friends on the continent. Between us and Krisiun, it's going to be a sonic onslaught, so be prepared! See you maniacs soon for more lunchmeat and riffs! Chuck lives!" TOUR DATES 18.03.20 WROCLAW, PL - Pralnia 19.03.20 BERLIN, DE - Musik und Frieden 20.03.20 DRESDEN, DE - Loco 21.03.20 HEIDELBERG, DE - Heidelberg Deathfest 22.03.20 SIEBEN, CH - District 28 23.03.20 SALZBURG, AT - Rockhouse 24.03.20 BUDAPEST, HU - Dürer 041 25.03.20 VIENA, AT - Viper Room 26.03.20 CHAM, DE - LA 27.03.20 JAROMER, CZ - Národní Dúm 28.03.20 HIRSCHAID, DE - Braincrusher in Hell 29.03.20 NEUNKIRCHEN, CH - Stummmsche Reithalle 30.03.20 REIMS, FR - Cartonnerie 31.03.20 MILANO, IT - Circolo Svolta 01.04.20 LJUBLJANA, SL - Orto Club 02.04.20 MÜNCHEN, DE - Backstage 03.04.20 BRNO, CZ - Melodka Club 04.04.20 MAGDEBURG, DE - Factory 05.04.20 HAMBURG, DE - Kulturpalast 06.04.20 ERFURT, DE - From Hell 07.04.20 DORTMUND, DE - Junkyard 08.04.20 VOSSELAAR, BE - Biebobclub 09.04.20 PARIS, FR - Backstage 10.04.20 TILBURG, NL - 013 11.04.20 HANNOVER, DE - Musikzentrum 12.04.20 DRACHTEN, NL - Iduna 13.04.20 LONDON, UK - Boston Music Room 14.04.20 GLASGOW, UK - Audio 15.04.20 MANCHESTER, UK - Rebellion 16.04.20 NEWCASTLE, UK - Cluny 2 17.04.20 LIMERICK, UK - Dolan's Warehouse 18.04.20 DUBLIN, IE - Vodoo Lounge
Gruesome Aug 21, 2019
Exactly 4 years ago, we played our first show ever... To our surprise, it was Obscene Extreme America in Montreal!!! Thanks to Obscene Extreme Festival for giving us this opportunity!!! Let the Death Metal flow 💀💀💀
Gruesome Aug 13, 2019
Our guitarist / vocalist Matt has been keeping busy with Exhumed. Check out the details on their new record, "Horror," coming your way October 4th!
Gruesome Aug 08, 2019
Throwback Thursday - 2016 in France!!
Gruesome Aug 05, 2019
Thanks to every single DEATH Metal maniac that came out to our "Twisting Europe II" tour! We had a blast, saw some old friends, made some new friends, and played some riffs. Europe, stsy tuned... we'll be back soon, so prepare your necks!
Gruesome Aug 05, 2019
Some highlights from our Glasgow gig a few days ago #deathmetalmaniacs
Gruesome Aug 03, 2019
We are wrapping up our Twisted Prayers part II Tour. Thanks to everybody that came out to every show. London come to the last show of the tour and celebrate DEATH Metal!!!!! #gruesome #gruesomeband #death #metal #londonmetal
Gruesome Aug 03, 2019
Gruesome Aug 01, 2019
Manchester ruled!!! Even Sir Walker came to hang. Now on our way to Glasgow!!! Scottland, come to get your Death Metal fix!!! #gruesome #gruesomeband #death #metal #deathmetal #jeffwalkercarcass #glasgowmetal
Gruesome Jul 29, 2019
Oi bruv! We're in ol' blighty for the week. Don't be a bloody wanker, come out for a good ol' fashioned piss-up and some Old-School Florida DEATH Metal!
Gruesome Jul 28, 2019
Tonight in Bilzen Belgium, we bring a bevy of bombastic brutality! Bring fries with samurai sauce and your best headbanging skills! #deathmetal #osdm #floridadeathmetal #espguitars #tamadrumsofficial #chucklives #gatorchow #Floridaman #whammybartender
Gruesome Jul 25, 2019
Czech Republic, you have been amazing. Come join us in Prague on our last show here. #gruesome #gruesomeband #death #metal #deathband #deathmetal #praha
Gruesome Jul 23, 2019
Berlin, thanks for an amazing show!!! We even had the honor to have @grewe_marc from the mighty Morgoth sing on our traditional Death cover song!!! #gruesome #gruesomeband #marcgrewe #morgoth #deathmetal #berlin
Gruesome Jul 21, 2019
Gefle Metal Festival was lit!!! Now it's your turn Malmö, see you in 9 hours!!! #gruesome #gruesomeband #deathmetal #sweden #malmo #tourlife
Gruesome Jul 20, 2019
Big welcome from @geflemetalfestival with and shrine of booze and an upside-down candy cross #gruesome #gruesomeband #death #metal #deathmetal #swedenmetal #upsidedowncross #booze
Gruesome Jul 19, 2019
Gothenburg, we play today at Sticky Fingers, come hang out!!!
Gruesome Jul 19, 2019
Gruesome Jul 19, 2019
We were in the neighborhood, so we stopped by to hang out with the one and only Andy LaRocque and his dog, Gibson!!! #individualthoughtpatterns #gruesome #death #metal #kingdiamond
Gruesome Jul 19, 2019
We just got to Sweden and we tried to resist, but as a Death Metal band, we are drawn to band photos in cemeteries like Dennis Reynolds to crack. #trite #cliche #donetoDEATH #seeewhatididthere
Gruesome Jul 16, 2019
Tonight at The Hague in Netherlands with our brothers from @nervochaos #gruesome #gruesomeband #deathmetal #netherlands #nervochaos #espguitars #tamadrums
Gruesome Jul 16, 2019
Due to technical difficulties, we have a NEW official Instagram. Get your eyeballs onto @gruesomeband
Gruesome Jul 15, 2019
Our European tour is lit!!! Thank you all for the support. Come hang out and have a dose of Death Metal!!! #gruesome #deathmetal #europeantour #2019
Gruesome Jul 14, 2019
Thank you Tilburg!! You gave us a great start to Twisting Europe II!!! Dank je!!!
Gruesome Jul 14, 2019
Got some killer new merch! Git some!!
Gruesome Jul 14, 2019
Tilburg!!! Death Metal is upon you TONIGHT!!