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Group 1 Crew
Group 1 Crew Aug 12, 2019 goes something lol
Group 1 Crew Jul 30, 2019
This weeks podcast will be amazing!!! Chase your dreams God is with you!!! Check out Nights At the Round Table Pod you’ll be blessed.
Group 1 Crew Jul 01, 2019
Apparently a song I worked on with my homies Josh Alltop and Daniella Mason will be on tonight’s episode of The Hills so let me know if you hear it lol!!
Group 1 Crew Jun 23, 2019
Join us as we dive into the wonderful and occasionally judgemental world called the internet. In this episode we talk about the beauty and the toxic side of a medium that we've grown accustom to in our lives. But is it for the better? Are we ok with keyboard gangsters and the peanut gallery always having a say in our lives? Is that just the price we pay for oversharing online? So many questions and so little answers...but we for sure try! Welcome guest William Matthews to the table. Pull up a chair, you're invited. PODCAST LINK FOLLOW US: Instagram @nightsattheroundtablepod @elyse @saintbsmith @manwellreyes @anjelahjohnson @williammatthewsx
Group 1 Crew Jun 23, 2019
An amazing look at what happens when a heart breaks. What happens when the one person you thought would never leave, does? Where do you go from there? We've all dealt with heartbreak before..see how we ended up on the other side. PODCAST LINK FOLLOW US: Instagram @nightsattheroundtablepod @elyse @saintbsmith @manwellreyes @anjelahjohnson
Group 1 Crew May 30, 2019
Me and my wife and some friends did a podcast on how to keep your relationship strong. We all know how hard marriage is but with humility, honesty, communication and some good ol JESUS...I think we can all make it lol! Love you guys. Link is in the bio and follow me as I dive into so many topics the church needs to be discussing 💯🙌🏽
Group 1 Crew May 28, 2019
In this lates podcast episode we talk about the crazy world of dating. We put Elyse on all the dating apps to see what its really like to try and get out there after a break up or divorce or whatever the situation. It was eye opening and at the same time an amazing experiment. Check it out! If you dig it, subscribe and follow Nights At the Round Table Pod everywhere podcasts stream. love you guys!!! Hope you're blessed by it!!
Group 1 Crew May 17, 2019
Grateful for my queen and all the positive feedback on the #Gratitude podcast. Link in the bio y’all show it some love!!! Love you queen. I’m so proud of you ❤️❤️❤️ #NATRTpod #Love @anjelahjohnson
Group 1 Crew May 15, 2019
In my newest podcast we talk about the importance of gratitude. I know life can be difficult and we feel like its way easier to point out what we don't have or the things that are going wrong, but theres something so powerful about the spirit of gratitude. It activates God in ways that you've never seen!! Check it out, I'd love to hear your thoughts! I'm grateful for every person who watches it. love you guys
Group 1 Crew May 15, 2019
My beautiful queen @anjelahjohnson turned 37 yesterday and we celebrated exactly how she wanted to! Picking some strawberries 😂 man I’m starting to learn that I’ll do anything for the woman I love. She’s worth it. I’m so grateful for her! In continuing with the spirit of #Gratitude we dropped Ep 4 on the podcast talking about that subject. Links in the bio! Tell someone that you’re grateful for that you love them. Make it count, I promise they need to hear it. Love you guys!! #Love #Queen #LoveOfMyLife #WeForever #TillWeDie #ButDontKillMeIfYouWantOut #JustAskNicelyAndIllGo #IWannaLive #OkImDone 😂😂
Group 1 Crew May 12, 2019
Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who taught me how to cook, how to be a clean man (some of these dudes be FILTHY 😂) the importance of having good manners and always showing up for the people you love. From long walks to get groceries when I was a kid in Germany to being with me at my wedding, you’ve been there through it all my beautiful momma. Words can’t express how grateful I am that I’m your son ❤️ happy Mother’s Day! @carmenbultronreyes #MothersDay
Group 1 Crew May 11, 2019
for those who ask what happened to group 1 and if we'll do anymore music...theres a new season in my life and its a mix of EVERYTHING! God is doing amazing things and its more than music. My podcast, youtube, real estate AND music will all be shared for sure. I just wanted to thank all of the fans who became family and actually care about the person not just the music. For those of you who continue to encourage me through all that I do. You make me happy and grateful that all those years of sacrifice in the music industry didn't just leave me with music fans...but actual brothers and sisters in the faith. I hope you stick along for the journey and enjoy what God is doing in me! Oh and yes I'll do more music..just not how you fully expect lol! Love you guys
Group 1 Crew May 08, 2019
The Lie the Church Sold You...this isn't a podcast against the church but a discussion about all the things you were taught were scripture that you later found out were just traditions and mans opinion. What chains or weight did you live under that was never meant for you? Find out what ours were and how we got through it. Make sure to subscribe on youtube if you enjoy these at my Mind of Manny page. Message me if you're interested.
Group 1 Crew May 07, 2019
I believe in everyone of you today. There’s greatness in you! Don’t let anyone tell you different. Love you family
Group 1 Crew May 06, 2019
Episode 2 of my Nights at the Round Table podcast is now up! Check it out here and of course subscribe on youtube!! This Wednesday we post another one titled "The Lie the Church Sold You". Its going to be amazing!!!
Group 1 Crew May 01, 2019
Group 1 Crew's cover photo
Group 1 Crew May 01, 2019
Welcome to my first podcast every with my beautiful friends! Learn more about me, my wife and our crazy life! My cohost, Elyse who's a pastor at Oasis church here in LA, Brandon an ex pro basketball player and now coach who just started his own clothing label with his wife and me and my queen! I pray that it blesses you because so much love went into it. Thats my only goal that someone be ministered to. Love you guys!!
Group 1 Crew May 01, 2019
Group 1 Crew
Group 1 Crew Apr 30, 2019
Welcome to the first episode of my podcast! It drops tomorrow May 1st. Grateful God is still giving me ideas and the courage to act on them. I’m just praying it helps someone!!! Learn more about me and my friends as we start this little journey! Love you and thank you in advance. It’s called @nightsattheroundtablepod go and follow and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify. I’ll provide links!! Love you fam!
Group 1 Crew Apr 26, 2019
I’ve realized something so important in my walk with God. The concept of sowing and reaping is REAL! I know I’m not a perfect man so I sow grace to everyone I meet knowing that at some point I’m going to need that grace given back to me. We all are in need of something, and the beautiful thing about our faith is that WE’RE supposed to be the ones to meet that need. Think about that today. Before being critical or angry or judgmental...think about the grace, love or understanding that you may need, and then pay it forward to someone who needs it too. I promise you it’ll change your life. Love you guys
Group 1 Crew Apr 10, 2019
I was asked yesterday “how do you keep forgiving when the people closest to you keep trying to hurt you?” My answer was simple...they hurt out of their hurt. They steal out of their lack. They hate because they don’t know love. Someone like that makes me thank God even more that I’m not where they’re at. I know love! I’m not lacking anything! And I’ve done the work to heal my heart so that my pain doesn’t become someone else’s problem. Bless those who curse you and keep winning. Let God fight your battles and I promise it’ll be the ones that try to end you that’ll see their own destruction #TheyllNeverBeatMe #YoureNotRobbingMeYoureRobbingGod #ImAKing #MyDadCanBeatYoursUp #ChildOfGod (hoodie by @bodyofgod )
Group 1 Crew Mar 25, 2019
When they come for you and they keep it real 😂😂😂 I can take hate from people who throw rocks from the bottom cause I get it, you’re mad at your position in life. But I got a message from a little girl who asked me what does she do when people are mean to her online!? My heart broke! Some of us have leveled up and realized all these lil haters will never reach a position of success or authority because they don’t have the character for it, but at the same time they’re doing real damage to people who can’t defend themselves. If you’re one of these people, I love you and please stop. If you’re the one getting the worst of it, please try to remember that these people will never control or determine what you do with your life. They will judge you and hate you from the confines of their sad little life projecting their sad existence onto you. One day my prayer is that they wake up and realize that THEY TOO have a calling and greatness in them but just in case they never reach it, shake them off like the dust on your shoes. They don’t deserve your emotions. I love you and believe in you! And if the dude that said WTF ever reads or sees this, bro DM me cause I think we can be real good friends 😂😂😂 #ThisHasBeenAPublicServiceAnnouncement #LoveTheHate #NotOnYourLevel
Group 1 Crew Mar 24, 2019
My God VS My Enemies... truth. They don’t want none #God @bodyofgod for the hoodies!
Group 1 Crew Mar 22, 2019
Proud of the work that’s been done on my Airbnb house. Chasing down another dream of becoming a real estate mogul. It’s tedious and nerve racking but man if you don’t have anything at risk than where’s the reward? Let’s get it!!! #Nashville #Airbnb #Dream #ThomBrowne
Group 1 Crew Mar 21, 2019
#tbt I mean come on. The 90’s never looked sooooo good 😂😂😂😂 what’s yalls favorite decade!? #ILoveThe90’s #BestMusic #CrazyFashion #HairOnPoint