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Outta Space Love
Ordinary Dreamers
Group 1 Crew
Group 1 Crew Apr 10, 2019
I was asked yesterday “how do you keep forgiving when the people closest to you keep trying to hurt you?” My answer was simple...they hurt out of their hurt. They steal out of their lack. They hate because they don’t know love. Someone like that makes me thank God even more that I’m not where they’re at. I know love! I’m not lacking anything! And I’ve done the work to heal my heart so that my pain doesn’t become someone else’s problem. Bless those who curse you and keep winning. Let God fight your battles and I promise it’ll be the ones that try to end you that’ll see their own destruction #TheyllNeverBeatMe #YoureNotRobbingMeYoureRobbingGod #ImAKing #MyDadCanBeatYoursUp #ChildOfGod (hoodie by @bodyofgod )
Group 1 Crew Mar 25, 2019
When they come for you and they keep it real 😂😂😂 I can take hate from people who throw rocks from the bottom cause I get it, you’re mad at your position in life. But I got a message from a little girl who asked me what does she do when people are mean to her online!? My heart broke! Some of us have leveled up and realized all these lil haters will never reach a position of success or authority because they don’t have the character for it, but at the same time they’re doing real damage to people who can’t defend themselves. If you’re one of these people, I love you and please stop. If you’re the one getting the worst of it, please try to remember that these people will never control or determine what you do with your life. They will judge you and hate you from the confines of their sad little life projecting their sad existence onto you. One day my prayer is that they wake up and realize that THEY TOO have a calling and greatness in them but just in case they never reach it, shake them off like the dust on your shoes. They don’t deserve your emotions. I love you and believe in you! And if the dude that said WTF ever reads or sees this, bro DM me cause I think we can be real good friends 😂😂😂 #ThisHasBeenAPublicServiceAnnouncement #LoveTheHate #NotOnYourLevel
Group 1 Crew Mar 24, 2019
My God VS My Enemies... truth. They don’t want none #God @bodyofgod for the hoodies!
Group 1 Crew Mar 22, 2019
Proud of the work that’s been done on my Airbnb house. Chasing down another dream of becoming a real estate mogul. It’s tedious and nerve racking but man if you don’t have anything at risk than where’s the reward? Let’s get it!!! #Nashville #Airbnb #Dream #ThomBrowne
Group 1 Crew Mar 21, 2019
#tbt I mean come on. The 90’s never looked sooooo good 😂😂😂😂 what’s yalls favorite decade!? #ILoveThe90’s #BestMusic #CrazyFashion #HairOnPoint
Group 1 Crew Mar 08, 2019
In honor of #internationalwomensday i’m giving a shout out to my beautiful queen who continues to inspire me everyday! Her kindness, bravery and loyalty makes her someone I admire more than anyone else. And to my beautiful mom who raised me to be the man I am today I am grateful for you and all that you sacrificed. I love you to the moon and back. To all the women out there that continue to hold us down, we love you and are grateful. @anjelahjohnson @carmenbultronreyes
Group 1 Crew Mar 08, 2019
In honor of #internationalwomensday I’m posting the two queens of my life. My beautiful wife who continues to inspire me everyday with her kindness and determination and love for other people. She’s brave and vulnerable. Sweet and spicy! The perfect combo to my crazy. And then to my beautiful mother who took care of me and raised me to be the man I am today. I’m grateful for you. To all the women out there holding us down, we love you!! @anjelahjohnson @carmenbultronreyes
Group 1 Crew Feb 28, 2019
New #manjelah YouTube video up! Link in bio 😊❤️ let us know what you think and what you’d like us to talk about next! @anjelahjohnson
Group 1 Crew Feb 28, 2019
Out here tryna remind these God vs all y’all! 😂😂 #YouLose #SonOfGod #IKnowWhoIAm #God
Group 1 Crew Feb 23, 2019
Oh snap!! Anj is gone so you know what that means!! In this highly technical routine you’ll find 3 trademarked moves: 1. Clean the table if you able 2. Skaterade 3. Mmm Bop POP (twerk edition). Years of training allows me to move in these ways so if you can replicate don’t beat yourself up. There’s pros and there’s normal people... these routines separate the 2. Happy Saturday! #RealRecognizeReal #ThisAintNoHobby #DancersDance #AmerciasGotTalent #JustNotAsGoodAsMine #LeagueOfHisOwn #ImDone
Group 1 Crew Feb 21, 2019
#tbt to the time when I thought I was a model in New York lol!!! 😂😂😂 gotta laugh at this young man and at the same time respect his hustle. Just doing anything I could to keep the dream alive. Today’s me gives this guy mad props. Without him I wouldn’t be here. Never despise small beginnings #NotAModelNowButStillTakinPics #OldSchoolLookNewSchoolFlow #Grateful #BabyFace
Group 1 Crew Feb 16, 2019
GQ @seanhagwell
Group 1 Crew Feb 15, 2019
New Manjelah YouTube video up now! Link is in the bio. We tackle some questions that you guys wrote in about. Let us know what you think love you guys @anjelahjohnson #manjelah
Group 1 Crew Feb 14, 2019
Happy love day and #tbt in one❤️🙌🏽 to this Queen and love of my life, thank you for who you are and the joy you bring to my life. For your understanding and all the beautiful ways you’ve made me better. Here’s to everyday being Valentine’s Day ❤️ @anjelahjohnson #GettingStronger #Learning #BasicallyLearningWhenToShutUp #KnowMyPlace #ShesAlwaysRight #ButSecretlyImRightMore #LikeIfThereWereStatsIdBeUp #NotKeepingScoreThough #LoveDoesntDoThat #ButIfItDidIdBeWinning #OkImDone #Manjelah
Group 1 Crew Feb 08, 2019
Headed to Austin to hang with friends, see my fam and then off to Nashville to finally put finishing touches on our Airbnb property. It’s been a long road so hopefully it works out and we do well with it. Regardless I’m proud to set a goal and achieve it! Real estate has been a passion and it’s been a blast chasing it down. This year the goal is 3 more properties!! Let’s see what God does 🙏🏽🙌🏽 💯 #Manjelah #DreamingTogether #KingAndQueen #Goals #RetireAt40 #WealthBuilders #LetsGo #johnvarvatos #gstarraw #saintlaurent #paulsmith
Group 1 Crew Feb 07, 2019
Excited to push myself this year into trying new things even if they scare the crap out of me! Fear will always exist. It’s when it keeps you from achieving your purpose that you have made it your God. #MiddleFingerToFear #KissMyBooty #IStopForNoOne #ExceptMyWifeCauseSheWillCutMeRealQuick #ImTooPrettyToDieYoung #JustKidding #OnThePrettyPartNotTheDying #SheCrazy #OkImDone #RickOwens
Group 1 Crew Jan 25, 2019
#tbt back when ya boy used to think he could model 😂😂😂 yo this is 2006!!!! Crazy #TryingToBlueSteelTheyButts #StareGameCrazy #LookinInTheySoul #OrLookingLikeImHoldingInAToot #SorryFartSoundsNasty #DamnIJustLostMyGangstaCardAgain #AtSomePointIGottaAcceptIt #OkImDone
Group 1 Crew Jan 23, 2019
This new year I’m challenging myself to do things that truly make me happy without pause for concern or excuse. There’s so many things I love to do but because of my usual routine l just never do it. It isn’t anything else stopping me except a slow acceptance of comfort. We get comfortable with our daily lives and just stop challenging ourselves. Not anymore. I’m going to set goals and take you along the journey of accomplishing them, in hopes that maybe I’ll inspire one of you guys to do the same. Love you truly. This was my trip to #ZionNationalPark with the broski @sonnycas click link in bio for the full video and subscribe if you down to come along #MindOfManny
Group 1 Crew Jan 15, 2019
Update on my Christmas give!! Check out the link in my bio! Love goes to everyone who helped make this happen! Especially to all the brave ones that wrote in and nominated people. Love you all!! Let me know if you saw and liked the video. Look out for my next big give! I ain’t stopping y’all 💯
Group 1 Crew Jan 14, 2019
Wow, Ed Hardy all day! Y’all should’ve seen the massive diamond cross belt I had with the pointy boots 😂😂😂 #10yearchallenge
Group 1 Crew Jan 08, 2019
Group 1 Crew Jan 05, 2019
Last night catching the UCLA gymnastics meet, game, match, show...uh I don’t even know what to call it. Never been to one before 😂 but it was dope! #uclagymnastics #FlipsAndChicks #NoClueHowToKeepScore #AccidentallyCheeredForBothSides#IThinkWeWon #AndByWeIMeanThem #ImDone #Outfit #FearOfGod #Balenciaga #Gucci
Group 1 Crew Jan 05, 2019
First time out with the queen in over 3 weeks!!! Still getting over this sickness but trying to not be a hermit. Love this girl ❤️ @anjelahjohnson
Group 1 Crew Dec 26, 2018
When bae comes back for Christmas and doesn’t leave you alone even though you sick 😊 that deserves a dance #bae #BaeWatch #Queen #Love #RideOrDie #JustDontDie #JustRide #OrIllGetRealMadAtYou #MaybeWontEvenComeToTheFuneral #JustSayin #ImDone @anjelahjohnson
Group 1 Crew Dec 22, 2018
Life is best lived with a dream in your heart and people to share it with. Live free my friends. We were born for greatness! #Believe #GreatnessInsideUs #KingsAndQueens #ForTheChosenFew #KingBaby #KingBabyStudio #HandCrafted #KingBabyJewelry #ImDone. For free shipping use KB-Ship-18 💀