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Greenville Massive Dec 20, 2018
Big thanks to House Music With Love for showing some love! 🖤 "Hope" is the first track on our upcoming EP on Seaweed Records. Listen here and let us know! :)
Greenville Massive Dec 10, 2018
Just a few days away now.. Coming soon on Seaweed Records! 3 originals + 1 remix 🙃
Greenville Massive May 05, 2018
Back in the old Viertel and getting ready for Polygon Club & Garden!!
Greenville Massive Apr 06, 2018
Greenville Massive & Bäcksvart all night long at NEUstockholm with 8bit glasses and fish-shoes!
Greenville Massive Apr 01, 2017
We have launched our new podcast-series with lots of never heard before material :) Hope you will enjoy and be sure to grab the free download track that comes with every set!
Greenville Massive Jan 04, 2017
by Fernando Mella - The Warehouse BCN, 2017.
Greenville Massive Sep 07, 2016
Picture from a great night in Bucharest 🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴 (16.04.16).
Greenville Massive Aug 25, 2016
Plötzlich am Meer / Nagle nad morzem 2016 - Thanks for the memories!
Greenville Massive Apr 25, 2016
Greenville Massive - mid 90´s.
Greenville Massive Apr 08, 2016
Thanks for the page in the magazine // Freshguide Berlin (official). Now it´s time to go look for a version in print :)
Greenville Massive Aug 05, 2015
🎶 - Photo by Mathies Brinkmann Jespersen
Greenville Massive Jul 29, 2015
Memories from our Brooklyn stay (2013).
Greenville Massive Jul 22, 2015
Found this video with Sasha playing our track "Lost" at Womb in Tokyo a few years back. It´s crazy to hear the crowd cheer for our track this far from us. Hopefully one day we can experience this amazing city ourselves :)
Greenville Massive Jul 15, 2015
Greenville Massive Jul 01, 2015
"What a wonderful place" from our 3rd EP "The Suburbs" has been a free download track since its release in 2010. Please download your copy and listen to the inspiring words of Severn Suzuki.
Greenville Massive Jun 24, 2015
Original sketch of our 2nd EP cover. Made by homegirl Trine ( Infernum Tattoos ). Beside the cover, this beautiful woman also sits on Jesper´s rib cage and Simon´s left arm.
Greenville Massive Jun 20, 2015
Sisyphos this Sunday morning at 09:00 am (Wintergarten). Hope too see some familiar faces for some morning madness :)
Greenville Massive Apr 28, 2015
Listen to our latest Rhythm Cult release in its length on their brand new Youtube channel -> Remember to subscribe :)
Greenville Massive Feb 12, 2015
Thanks to Delicieuse Musique for this article focusing on a few tracks from our latest release and our 2010 track "Lost".
Greenville Massive Oct 31, 2014
Full length tracks from our new Rewind EP is now online on Soundcloud. Have a nice day :)
Greenville Massive Oct 04, 2014
Soooo who's ready for a party tonight? Tunes will be played at Uebel und Gefährlich ! Join us in the Turmzimmer.. Hamburg - Let's do this! Humboldthain Club is in the bunker!
Greenville Massive Sep 28, 2014
We did a remix for the very talented Bob Barker's - Broken Labour EP - out on Catch Recordings - here is a preview. Limited edition wax out now:
Greenville Massive Sep 19, 2014
Finally the new Rhythm Cult release is out! We are so excited about this and hope you guys will enjoy every minute of it! Go grab your copy and thank you for the continuous support.
Greenville Massive Sep 11, 2014
Greenville Massive Aug 15, 2014
Have a listen to our forthcoming release on Rhythm Cult. Already receiving some fantastic feedback ahead of its release in September. Snippets now online ->