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Greenleaf Dec 10, 2018
Shows in January: 25/1 - Nalen Klubb - @klubbundergangen Stockholm, Swe 26/1 - Lucky Seven Swapmeet - Väckelsång, Swe ⚡Hear The Rivers ⚡Out Now ⚡ Photo by @edkofuzz #greenleafband #greenleaf #heartherivers #stonerrock #heavyrock #greenleafrocks
Greenleaf Dec 06, 2018
The fact that you guys have managed to stream our music in a total time period of almost 20 years in only 1 one year is pretty fuckin crazy. Thank you so much ❤
Greenleaf Dec 05, 2018
Doom Charts provided us with a 9 and thats just fine!
Greenleaf Dec 02, 2018
Sunday howl.
Greenleaf Dec 01, 2018
See you in the smoke...
Greenleaf Nov 30, 2018
Always have company with a horse on #TommiFridays
Greenleaf Nov 29, 2018
Static Age had a chat with Arvid about progress of writing "Hear The Rivers", check it out on the link:
Greenleaf Nov 26, 2018
- "Hear the Rivers stands among its, and their, finest hours." Thank you JJ Koczan and The Obelisk for an quite excellent review!
Greenleaf Nov 22, 2018
"Hear The Rivers" scores a 8 out of 10 in Classic Rock Magazine - "Quite Simply Extraordinary" they say. Well, thanks a bunch! #heartherivers #greenleafband #greenleafrocks #heavyrock #classicrockmagazine #stonerrock #napalmrecords #soundofliberation #yourmatebookings
Greenleaf Nov 21, 2018
Hear The Rivers is out.
Greenleaf Nov 20, 2018
Some rad pics by Steinhauer Media
Greenleaf Nov 19, 2018
Magnetic Eye Records just released this massive thing. And we're on it! #thwallredux
Greenleaf Nov 18, 2018
Helldorado❤ A Big Thanks To Everbody Who Came Out To See Us On This Tour ❤ See You Again Next Year ❤ and thank you Samavayo
Greenleaf Nov 17, 2018
Helldorado is on! We will play at 19:15, see you there!
Greenleaf Nov 16, 2018
🥂 We now have reached over 100 000 listeners per month on Spotify! Thank you for all the support! ❤☇Paris! See you tonight! #greenleafrocks #greenleafband #heartherivers #heavyrock #NapalmRecords #soundofliberation #stonerrock
Greenleaf Nov 16, 2018
Thank you London! Always have a show in Paris on #TommiFridays ! Parsians, Come down to the GLAZART tonight!! Photo by @tcurdt with Samavayo
Greenleaf Nov 15, 2018
You heard em! The Underworld Camden see you tonight and GLAZART we will bring it tomorrow!
Greenleaf Nov 13, 2018
Thank you Munich, we had a blast! Tonights show at Coq d' Or in Olten is sold out! Samavayo SOUND OF LIBERATIONn #greenleafrocks #Greenleaf #greenleafband #soundofliberation #heartherivers #heavyrock #stonerrock
Greenleaf Nov 12, 2018
Records out, that's what it is all about! See you tonight Munich! #Repost @edkofuzz • • • • • Greenleaf - Hear The Rivers (2018) in gold vinyl limited to 100 copies worldwide. And with a pic by yours truly on the back cover! :) @greenleafband #heartherivers @napalmrecordsofficial #vinyl #ilovevinyl #vinylporn #gold #stonerrock #bluesrock #riffs
Greenleaf Nov 11, 2018
Thank you Stuttgart! That was awsome! Tonight we will at The Viper Room in Vienna. Also have a listen to Everyone Loves Guitar podcast episode with Tommi: Photo by Torsten Curdt
Greenleaf Nov 10, 2018
THANK YOU BERLIN ❤ Stuttgart and Keller Club tonight with Samavayo
Greenleaf Nov 09, 2018
Our new album "Hear The Rivers" is out now! Watch the full "The Rivers Lullaby" video here:
Greenleaf Nov 06, 2018
Check out our new lyric video "The Rivers Lullaby"! Have you pre-ordered our new album yet? It'll be out on Friday!
Greenleaf Nov 02, 2018
Hear The Rivers Tour Presented by SOUND OF LIBERATION Photo by Edko Fuzz * support by Samavayo 08.11.18 (D) Dresden | Beatpol (with My Sleeping Karma) & @thenecromancersband 09.11.18 (D) Berlin | Musik & Frieden (*) 10.11.18 (D) Stuttgart | Keller Club (*) 11.11.18 (A) Vienna | Viper Room (*) 12.11.18 (D) Munich | Feierwerk (*) 13.11.18 (CH) Olten | Coq d'Or (*) 14.11.18 (D) Cologne | Helios 37 (*) 15.11.18 (UK) London | Underworld (*) 16.11.18 (FR) Paris | Glazart (*) 17.11.18 (NL) Eindhoven | @helldoradofestival #greenleafband #greenleaf #greenleafrocks #heavyrock #edkofuzz #soundofliberation #napalmrecords #heartherivers #stonerrock #fuzz #doom #samavayo #yourmatebookings