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Greenleaf at Altar (November 1, 2019)
Venue: Altar (Hobart, TAS, Australia) Find tickets
Greenleaf at Northcote Social Club (November 2, 2019)
Venue: Northcote Social Club (Northcote, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Greenleaf at Crowbar (November 9, 2019)
Venue: Crowbar (Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
Greenleaf Jun 17, 2019
Tickets for our Australian 'Hear the Rivers' Tour are now onsale
Greenleaf Jun 12, 2019
AUSTRALIAN HEAR THE RIVERS TOUR 2019 JUST ANNOUNCED! Supported by Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows Thursday 31/10 Bendigo Hotel Collingwood VIC Friday 1/11 @Altar Hobart TAS Saturday 2/11 Northcote Social Club Northcote VIC Sunday 3/11 Enigma Bar Adelaide SA Wednesday 6/11 Heritage Hotel Bulli NSW Thursday 7/11 Transit Bar Canberra ACT Friday 8/11 The Vanguard Newtown NSW Saturday 9/11 Crowbar Brisbane Fortitude Valley QLD Sunday 10/11 Vinnies Dive Gold Coast QLD Presented by YOUR MATE Bookings Get On The Stage The Bong Shop and The Obelisk 👉Tickets will be on sale Monday 17/6 through:
Greenleaf Jun 10, 2019
Did you get your hands on one of these yet? If not head over to and treat yourself. Monday treats are important.
Greenleaf Jun 08, 2019
Ever wanted that oldschool blues sound? Just use some pot.
Greenleaf Jun 07, 2019
"With Eyes Wide Open" on #TommiFridays
Greenleaf Jun 06, 2019
New bands announced for this fuzztivity! Join us and our friends in Stockholm on 7th of december! @truckfighters @skraeckoedlan @devilleband and many more
Greenleaf Jun 04, 2019
Many people have been asking when the "Ocean Deep" shirt would be back in stock... Well it's back! Together with the new bugg design made for desertfest. Head over too and get your merch on. Designs by @too_many_skulls and @subterranean_prints
Greenleaf Jun 01, 2019
Always do a dance after one of those #TommiFridaysFridays
Greenleaf May 28, 2019
Greenleaf will join forces with monkey3 and Dunepilot on the 26th of july at the Free & Easy Festival in Munich. See you there!
Greenleaf May 25, 2019
Tack Uddevalla för en mäktig stund ❤ Ses på Pumphuset Borås ikväll! Med VOKONIS och Electric Hydra
Greenleaf May 24, 2019
Happy birthday: Basse "Bongo" Olsson! Sticks lover and tom pounder. Showtime tonight! Uddevalla see you at Körpehölsfestivalen later. Upcoming shows: 24/5 Körpehölsfestivalen/Uddevalla, SWE 25/5 @klubb_undergrunden ,SWE 26-27/7 @rockimwald.festival ,GER 3-5/10 @up_in_smoke_festival ,CH 7/12 Fuzz Festival, @debasersthlm, Swe #greenleafband #greenleafrocks
Greenleaf May 21, 2019
Hammerjammer. Photos by Denpa Fuzz Upcoming shows this weekend: 24/5 Körpehölsfestivalen/Uddevalla, SWE 25/5 @klubb_undergrunden /Borås,SWE #greenleafband #greenleafrocks
Greenleaf May 17, 2019
Always have a Howl on #TommiFridays
Greenleaf May 13, 2019
One little clip of Arvid and the @desertfest_berlin crowd jamin out⚡ ❤⚡ 📷 by @andersoddsberg Upcoming shows: 24/5 Körpehölsfestivalen/Uddevalla, SWE 25/5 @klubb_undergrunden ,SWE 26-27/7 @rockimwald.festival ,GER 3-5/10 @up_in_smoke_festival ,CH 7/12 Fuzz Festival, @debasersthlm, Swe #greenleafband #greenleafrocks
Greenleaf May 10, 2019
Stockholm! Ses den 7e december. Truckfighters Fuzz Festival #1 Debaser Strand + Bar Brooklyn Stockholm Dec 7th 2019 🇸🇪 Biljetter:
Greenleaf May 09, 2019
Happy birthday mr T! Photos by Random Hero - Video & Fotografie
Greenleaf May 08, 2019
Hans Fröhlich, bass-player, brewer and sex god. Photo by Jens Wassmuth
Greenleaf May 06, 2019
Arvid had a little chat with La Planète du Stoner Rock about this and that.
Greenleaf May 04, 2019
A humble thanks, what more can we say. @desertfest_berlin ❤ love was in the air. Photo by Anders Oddsberg
Greenleaf May 03, 2019
Always wear a backpatch on #TommiFridays . See you tomorrow at DesertFest Berlin
Greenleaf May 03, 2019
Comin up!
Greenleaf Apr 28, 2019
One of these animals has birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ANIMAL!!!
Greenleaf Apr 26, 2019
Always pet your cat on #TommiFridays Upcoming shows: 4/5 @desertfest_berlin , GER 24/5 Körpehölsfestivalen/Uddevalla, SWE 25/5 @klubb_undergrunden ,SWE 26-27/7 @rockimwald.festival ,GER 3-5/10 @up_in_smoke_festival ,CH #heartherivers #heavyrock #greenleafband #soundofliberation #stonerrock #greenleafrock
Greenleaf Apr 25, 2019
This is a nice read
Greenleaf Apr 22, 2019
New Tee design by Subterranean Prints. It will be available for purchase on all upcoming shows. And online soon enough. Upcoming shows: 4/5 DesertFest Berlin , GER 24/5 Kôrpehôlsfestivalen Uddevalla, SWE 25/5 Klubb Undergrunden Borås ,SWE 26-27/7 Rock im Wald Festival , GER 3-5/10 Up In Smoke Festival # 7, CH #heartherivers #heavyrock #greenleafband #soundofliberation #stonerrock #greenleafrocks