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Gravel Switch Feb 19, 2019
Tour dates and venues announced tonight, LIVE. Tune in to Tuesday Night Live, and get caught up on all things GS.
Gravel Switch Feb 17, 2019
Anyone get a decent sounding video of our new tune? Devils Toll
Gravel Switch Feb 16, 2019
Muggbees, you were great last night. Thanks for rockin with us, and a huge thanks to Shade of Raven for jumping on the show last minute, and killing it. Stay tuned to GS. In the next few days we will be announcing our April tour, and we've already booked shows for our Mid West run in June. See you on Tuesday Night Live.
Gravel Switch Feb 14, 2019
Be on the lookout for Gravel Switch, and tons more local talent, on this new station out of Corbin.
Gravel Switch Feb 13, 2019
Who's ready for a trip threw Missouri and Iowa in June. Tag promoters and venues. Let's get it!
Gravel Switch Feb 13, 2019
Y'all ready for a live about 7 tonight?
Gravel Switch Feb 10, 2019
Gravel Switch Feb 10, 2019
Tonight at 10cst, tune in to this link. We're the featured artist on the Dan Woodz, Dirt Bag endorsed show. He will be spinning tunes, spreading some GS hype, and sharing all things Gravel Switch. Be sure to chime in, and welcome the new members to the Nation.
Gravel Switch Feb 06, 2019
I'll be going solo live around 7 tonight with a few more teasers. Tune in, keep me company, and feel free to ask me some questions. Seth
Gravel Switch Feb 05, 2019
We've been #1 on the Dirt Bag Underground Spotify playlist for a while now. Help keep us there by adding and streaming. Let's get it.
Gravel Switch Feb 03, 2019
We've got a lot of things in the works right now. New music, video soon to be released, tour and show dates being booked, and... Well you're just gonna have to wait and find out.
Gravel Switch Jan 29, 2019
Alright peeps, for our Feb 15th show @ Muggbees we want to do something fun. Let's have a themed show. What should we do? 80's party, tropical, horror movie? Y'all give us,some ideas to discuss on tonight's live.
Gravel Switch Jan 29, 2019
Save the dates people!! You don’t wanna miss this one!!
Gravel Switch Jan 26, 2019
Holy shizzle. Muggbees was amazing tonight . Thank you to everyone that came out and welcomed us home. That's how you party Burnside. You got it.
Gravel Switch Jan 25, 2019
The Alcohol and Ignorance: 2nd Offence Tour is almost booked. If y'all wanting us in Louisiana, Mississippi, or Georgia, in April, now is your chance. Hit us up. Let's get it.
Gravel Switch Jan 24, 2019
Friday night at Muggbees with our very special friends Taylor Davis & Jeff Keene!! Gonna kick this weekend off with a bang and we wanna share it with you. Who’s coming out to join the GS Nation this weekend!?
Gravel Switch Jan 14, 2019
After two days in Texas.. Killing the ignorance part of this tour. Smack that share button!!
Gravel Switch Jan 13, 2019
So after we finished filming the No Way Down video we had to stop and have some fun. Enjoy your daily dose of dumb today!!!
Gravel Switch Jan 12, 2019
Night one of the Alcohol & Ignorance tour is underway in Jackson, TN!!! Seth Wade is ready for things to get wild. Safety first people!! Come join the GS Nation!!!
Gravel Switch Jan 11, 2019
Y'all ready for this?
Gravel Switch Jan 08, 2019
Random shot we received! Anyone guess what this is from??
Gravel Switch Jan 01, 2019
That’s a wrap on 2018. What a great way to end this year. Partying with some of the best people we know. Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts. The GS Nation is truly the driving force behind us. Without you all we can’t do what we do. Thank you just isn’t enough for sticking with us through everything. To everyone in the GS Nation. We love you and we hope you had an amazing evening ending what was a wild year with us. Here’s to an even better 2019!! Next up for us is the Alcohol & Ignorance tour. We plan to make 2019 a wild one. Smack that share button and tell a friend to join the ride with us. GS NATION WE LOVE YOU!!!!
Gravel Switch Dec 26, 2018
Ok GS Nation, we want some feedback from you all. What can we do or do more of in 2019? How can we make your experience with us better or more memorable? How can we stay in contact with you? What social media outlet should we focus on? Tell us what you need from us, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Looking forward to growing and expanding in the near future, and we want to make sure you're right there with us. Photo credit: Monika Milby
Gravel Switch Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas GS Nation. We hope everyone is able to enjoy this day with friends and family. Y'all are our greatest gift, and in the words of Wayne & Garth, we're not worthy. Much love from us to all of you and yours.
Gravel Switch Dec 23, 2018
Last one of 2018 people. It’s gonna be a wild time. Muggbees is the place to be so don’t miss it. New Year’s Eve with our friends in Shades of Raven kicking the night off. Event to be made soon. Smack that share button and tell your friends to come end this year with a bang!!!