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Gravel Switch Apr 19, 2019
Gravel switch and this guy have something up their sleeves may 3rd!!! Everyone go and give this guy a like and find out all about it!!!!
Gravel Switch Apr 14, 2019
That’s a wrap on the Alcohol & Ignorance Tour: Second Offense. What an amazing run this has been for us. A lot of new faces and many memories/stories from this run. We are currently headed back home so safe wishes and good vibes are much appreciated!! In the mean time smack that share button and tell a friend to join the GS Nation!! We love you all.
Gravel Switch Apr 13, 2019
Have you checked out the video for “No Way Down” yet!? Check it out then smack that share button!!! See how many views we can rack this up to before we end the Alcohol & Ignorance Tour tonight in St Augustine, FL!!!!
Gravel Switch Apr 13, 2019
It's party time on the Island.
Gravel Switch Apr 12, 2019
Artificial Subjects are absolutely killing it to kick off this party.
Gravel Switch Apr 12, 2019
We're here, and ready to ROCK. Let's Get It
Gravel Switch Apr 10, 2019
GS Nation! Y'all rock and we wanna say thanks for playing our single "No Way Down" 65,000 times on Spotify! We continue to be blown away by the support of our fans and the Nation grows every single day! Here's our video for "No Way Down!" Check it out, share it with your friends and let's get this sucker to 100,000 streams! Video filming and editing: Shawn Lindsey Audio Produced and Mixed: Matt McQueen & Dustin Lambdin at Gem City Studios
Gravel Switch Apr 04, 2019
Update: Today we start our journey South, to spread, and try to grow the GS Nation. We're just over 6,800 likes, so like, share, and sling some GS. Let's try to break the 7k mark by the time we're done with this run. Let's Get It!!!
Gravel Switch Mar 31, 2019
Alcohol & Ignorance Tour: Second Offense kicks off this Friday April 5th. We wanna say thanks to the GS Nation for making things like this possible for us. With you all and the members we have in our camp. 2019 is gonna be a wild ride. Smack that share button. Tell a friend to join the GS Nation. We love you all LETS GET IT!!! 7drums Soultone Cymbals Xcel Drumsticks SIT Strings WB Gear TTM Guitars Jarfly Brewing Company The Metal Mashup Show EMG Pickups InTune Guitar Picks, Inc.
Gravel Switch Mar 31, 2019
Like always.. Muggbees you killed it!! Huge thanks to everyone who came out to see us last night and send us off the right way as we head out next week on the Alcohol & Ignorance tour: Second Offense. Big thanks to our friends in Zeroking for getting the night started. All around amazing night from everyone. The GS Nation is one in a million. Smack that share button and tell a friend to be apart of this beautiful journey. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Gravel Switch Mar 20, 2019
Huge thanks to WB Gear and SIT Strings for always keeping us sounding our best. Fresh set for all these as we prepare for the Alcohol & Ignorance tour: Second Offense coming up. If you want some amazing products from amazing people. Check em out. Smack that share button and tell a friend to join The GS Nation!!!!
Gravel Switch Mar 14, 2019
Not much longer and we hit the road on the Alcohol & Ignorance tour: Second Offense. Gonna be wild and crazy cause you never know what we will have for you all. Smack that share button and spread the word!! TELL A FRIEND TO JOIN THE GS NATION!!!!
Gravel Switch Mar 12, 2019
We have picked out the perfect name and design for our 1st signature brew. Tune in to our live, Tuesday at 7 for the winners.
Gravel Switch Mar 10, 2019
We will be getting a song aired on this station, Tuesday between 12 & 3pm SAST. That is South African Standard Time. (I had to Google it. Haha). Follow this link, follow their pages, tune in, and join a live chat. You can also request songs and show them how much you love being a part of the GS Nation. Update: They will be running a pole, putting our version of Folsom Prison Blues against the Original. If you can find it in your heart to lie, and vote for us, that would be fantastic.
Gravel Switch Mar 09, 2019
We're putting the finishing touches on "Devil's Toll". Should we give a sneak peak on a live later?
Gravel Switch Mar 06, 2019
Ok GS Nation, give us your best name/design for the first Gravel Switch BEER! This will be a Pineapple IPA, brewed by Jarfly.
Gravel Switch Mar 03, 2019
We're excited to announce that we are going to be partnering with the BREWtifull crew at Jarfly. Stay tuned for all the details. Let's get it!
Gravel Switch Feb 26, 2019
Another amazing photo from our night at the looney bin. Tomorrow is Tuesday night. We wanna know what you wanna talk about on this weeks episode of Tuesday night live. Let us know down below!!!! Smack that share button and tell a friend to join the GS Nation!!!!!
Gravel Switch Feb 25, 2019
Another amazing weekend in the books. We wanna thank you all for coming out and having a GS party with us all weekend long!! You are the real rockstars!!! Like always we can’t thank you enough and we say it a lot but the meaning is always whole hearted. WE LOVE YOU GS NATION!!!! Smack that share button and tell a friend to join the GS Nation!! Stay tuned you never know what we will have coming your way.
Gravel Switch Feb 20, 2019
TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT! GRAVEL SWITCH Alcohol & Ignorance: Second Offense Tour! 04/05 - Madison Station Bar & Grill - Madison, AL 04/06 - Ozone Lounge - Albany, GA 04/07 - Nighthawks - Jacksonville, FL 04/10 - ROK BAR - Daytona, FL 04/11 - Haven Lounge - Winter Park, FL 04/12 - Thirsty Bones - Merritt Island, FL 04/13 - The Roadhouse/Shores Liquors of Orange Park Sponsored By: Paul Crosby official 434 management RSVP Agency The Metal Mashup Show TRX Cymbals America Dirtbag Clothing SIT Strings WB Gear TTM Guitars Gem City Studios 7drums Custom Drums
Gravel Switch Feb 19, 2019
Tour dates and venues announced tonight, LIVE. Tune in to Tuesday Night Live, and get caught up on all things GS.
Gravel Switch Feb 17, 2019
Anyone get a decent sounding video of our new tune? Devils Toll
Gravel Switch Feb 16, 2019
Muggbees, you were great last night. Thanks for rockin with us, and a huge thanks to Shade of Raven for jumping on the show last minute, and killing it. Stay tuned to GS. In the next few days we will be announcing our April tour, and we've already booked shows for our Mid West run in June. See you on Tuesday Night Live.
Gravel Switch Feb 14, 2019
Be on the lookout for Gravel Switch, and tons more local talent, on this new station out of Corbin.
Gravel Switch Feb 13, 2019
Who's ready for a trip threw Missouri and Iowa in June. Tag promoters and venues. Let's get it!