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Gravel Switch Aug 24, 2019
What a party it was last night in Dayton, OH with our friends in Bobaflex. Thanks so much for spending your Friday night with us!!
Gravel Switch Aug 24, 2019
This place is freakin sweet. Get your asses here, and hurr up!
Gravel Switch Aug 20, 2019
Here's one of the other bands we're playing with, this Friday. Check em out, get your tickets, and let's party.
Gravel Switch Aug 18, 2019
We will see you later KY. Ya boys is headed home. The Devils Toll Tour is in the books.
Gravel Switch Aug 15, 2019
For everyone that came out to The Cooler in Rock Falls tonight. Thank you. I know this is last minute, but we're coming back Friday night at 9pm, to continue the party. Join us.
Gravel Switch Aug 14, 2019
We're here. Let's Get It!
Gravel Switch Aug 11, 2019
If you heard the last time we were with the metal mashup show. Then you know it’s gonna be wild. Tune in and don’t miss it!!!
Gravel Switch Aug 11, 2019
We're here. Let's party people!
Gravel Switch Aug 10, 2019
Gravel Switch Aug 09, 2019
Bowling Green, KY you’re up first!!! Tonight at the Spillway!! Let’s kick this run off right. Come hang and join the GS Nation!!!
Gravel Switch Aug 04, 2019
“The Devil’s Toll” just got added to this popular playlist on Spotify! Go follow The Fresh Ten rock and Punk!
Gravel Switch Aug 03, 2019
Alright you beautiful people. It's a little late, but hey, it's kinda how we roll. Get ya booty to a show, share with your friends, and join the Nation. Let's Get It!!!
Gravel Switch Jul 31, 2019
Currently getting a down pour at the jamroom. The live will be postponed. Sorry to deprive y'all of your weekly dose of dumb. We will be back next week. Please keep sharing the video, and our show schedule. Love y'all.
Gravel Switch Jul 29, 2019
Show Schedule!!! August 8, Private Event 9, Spillway, w/ Changing Direction 10, Looney Bin, Bradley IL 11, Sugar Skull, Franklin Park IL 12, Metal Mashup Show, Rockford IL 13, America's Groove, Effingham IL 14, The Cooler, Rock Falls IL 17, Whiskey's, Rockford IL 23, Oddbody's, w/ Bobaflex, Dayton OH 24, TBA 30, Muggbees 31, Grim Reapers MC Rally, Barren Co September 5, Manchester Music Hall w/ Hinder, Lexington 12, Vette City Music Fest Kickoff, Harley Dealership, Bowling Green 28, Muggbees w/ TBA
Gravel Switch Jul 28, 2019
Huge thanks to everyone who came out last night. What a party!!! The GS Nation never disappoints. Much love to you all for the support. Be sure to tune in on Tuesday night live for upcoming news and shenanigans. We love you all!!!
Gravel Switch Jul 24, 2019
GS Nation! Check out our new lyric video for our song "The Devil's Toll" . We hope you like it! Video by Johnny Naro Music Produced by Matt McQueen & Dustin Lambdin Mixed by Matt McQueen Mastered by David Caplinger
Gravel Switch Jul 21, 2019
We are super excited to share that over the weekend our new single, The Devil's Toll hit 30k streams, and we broke 30k listeners on Spotify. The support and love you guys continue to show us is amazing, and we can't thank you enough. To show our appreciation, we're gonna be releasing the lyric video for DT very soon. Official release announcement coming soon.
Gravel Switch Jul 18, 2019
Just got these in. Friday August 23rd, Dayton OH. Bobaflex & GS. If you want to be part of this party, hit us up. Tickets in hand. $20
Gravel Switch Jul 18, 2019
I dunno what the big deal is. We went to Area 51, and we're fine. Hahaha Photo: Monika Milby
Gravel Switch Jul 12, 2019
We're almost to 30k listeners this month. Let's make another push, and break this before the weekend is over. Listen, like, love, and share GS on Spotify for us. Thank you so much. Big announcement coming soon, plus we will be giving away tickets to some upcoming events. Tune in to Tuesday Night Live for more info.
Gravel Switch Jul 08, 2019
In the last 2 weeks we have been added by almost 15k listeners to their Spotify. Thanks for all the listens, shares, spins, kind words, support and love. The GS Nation is the BEST!!
Gravel Switch Jul 04, 2019
One year ago today we lost this beautiful soul. In honor of our very good friend. We miss you and love you Jessica. You’re still with us on stage every night, everywhere we go. 🖤
Gravel Switch Jul 03, 2019
Our newest song isn’t even 2 weeks old and it’s gotten the best response out any single we’ve released since July of 2017! We’ve also tripled our monthly Spotify listeners since the release of our previous single, “No Way Down!” Thank you GS nation for being awesome fans! Share “The Devil’s Toll ”with your friends and come see us at a show! 🖤
Gravel Switch Jun 28, 2019
Over 7.5k likes on Facebook!!!! Thank you all so much!! You’re continued love and support never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. We can’t thank you all enough for everything. Tomorrow night we are at Muggbees with our friend Johnny Walker!! It’s gonna get wild so don’t miss it. Come join us and tell your friends to do the same. Smack that share button and tell a friend to join the GS Nation!!!
Gravel Switch Jun 22, 2019
Are there any radio stations that y'all wanna hear "The Devil's Toll" on? Tag them, send email addresses, blast it from the roof tops. Let's get this heard. Go to work GS Nation!