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A New Dawn for the Dead
Only Tools and Corpses
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Apr 20, 2019
Basement Torture Killings
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Oct 17, 2018
A piece of history. Our old mate at Metalperv TV has featured the 1996 Embodiment demo on his latest blog. Embodiment was Tim and Jeremy's thrash band before they went on to form Gorerotted in 1997. We haven't heard these tunes in over 20 years. Thanks Metalperv TV for digging this demo out. Check it out here
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Oct 14, 2018
Cool interview with Ben in both English and French for Pierre Avril's forthcoming book 'Scum: Une Histoire Du Grindcore'
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Jun 30, 2018
10 years to the day since what would have been the 4th Gorerotted album 'Get Dead Or Die Trying' came out, but as The Rotted. Not everyone understood why we changed our name, and some people wrote us straight off which was fine, their choice. We just felt it was the right thing to do. There was only Tim and Ben left from the first album, we'd replaced lyrics based on horror movies with lyrics based on the real life horrors some of us had faced the previous couple of years and we didn't want to be shackled to a style of music that most fans don't want the bands to deviate from. Thanks to everyone who stuck with us, but also to everyone who checked it out and decided it wasn't for them for at least giving it a go. Much luv x
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Dec 10, 2017
This blinding Foetal Juice album is now available for free download! Featuring Ben/Goreskin doing guest vocals on Leachate King
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Dec 06, 2017
You all know who you are...
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Apr 11, 2017
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Jan 02, 2017
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Jan 01, 2017
Happy new year friends! Hard to believe that 2017 would mark 20 years of Gorerotted if we hadn't fucked it all off in 2008. To mark this we've made a new channel which we'll fill with all things Gorerotted and The Rotted related that we come across of interest. If you know of any good live footage or interviews you think should be included please link them in the comments section below. Subscribe to the channel and share away
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Dec 29, 2016
The Hard Times
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Dec 20, 2016
Another reason why Corpsegrinder will always be the superior Cannibal Corpse vocalist! 💪
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Dec 05, 2016
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Nov 03, 2016
Needs more Cock and Ball Torture and Waco Jesus, but otherwise, great list!
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Oct 23, 2016
Useless Gorerotted fact no. 347: When Wilson moved down from Glasgow to join the band after the original bassist left, his nickname was originally going to be Steve Haggis
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Oct 16, 2016
Anyone off to Damnation Festival next month? We had a right laugh at the first ever one, good to see how much it's grown since
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Sep 30, 2016
13 years ago, film maker Adam Powell made his first music video. This:
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Sep 20, 2016
Manc mentalists Foetal Juice release Masters Of Absurdity through Grindscene Records in late November, featuring guest vocals from Ben "Goreskin" McCrow on track 4 'The Leachate King.' Essential listening for fans of Gorerotted, Desecration, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Carcass etc. Pre-order here:
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Jun 17, 2016
Mugging off Wilson at Steel Warriors Rebellion Festival, Portugal in 2005. Incantation, Jungle Rot, Nargaroth, Desecration, Summon, Catastrophic, Squash Bowels & many more also played over the weekend. We headlined the first night. (L-R): Ben/"Goreskin", Wilson, "Junky Jon/Rushy", Tim/"Fluffy" & Matt/"Robin Pants"
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Apr 21, 2016
Bradford show of the Only Tools And Corpses UK tour in 2004. Support came from Disgorge, Sanatorium & Amputated.
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Mar 21, 2016
Cheers to our friends in Collision for unearthing this classic show flyer! Insane weekend, back when we were constantly playing European weekenders with blinding line ups
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Jan 12, 2016
Want one of the last Gorerotted/The Rotted shirts?
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Nov 28, 2015
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Aug 09, 2015
Mutilated In Minutes is 15 this year! We did this album at a time when Death Metal was very uncool. Nu-Metal had taken over rock music and the underground was dominated by Black Metal. Our sarcastic and black humour filled lyrics were the total antithesis to what many people thought Death Metal should be. We're still very proud of this surprisingly catchy album and If you're wondering where the guys are now... Ben "Goreskin" McCrow (Vocals): Vocalist in Crust Punk legends Extreme Noise Terror. Jason "Mr Gore" Merle (Vocals): Makes art, based in Essex. Tim "Fluffy" Carley (Guitar): Plays in acoustic gypsy band Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls and tour manages bands such as Napalm Death, Evile, Electric Wizard, Steve Wilson, H2O etc. Dave "Dicksplash" Hewitt: Last we heard, he has a studio in Shepperton and composes soundtracks for TV and film. Steve "Mr Smith" Smith (Bass): No idea, seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. "Junky" Jon "Rushy" Rushforth (Drums): Drumming in Brutal Death Metal bands Omnipotent Hysteria, Hades Lab and various others
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Apr 19, 2015
Anyone at (what I hear is) the last ever Neurotic Deathfest this weekend? Gorerotted headlined the first Neurotic Deathfest back in 2006, and also the first Rotterdam Deathfest in 2004, which it was previously. Nice to see how its grown over the years
Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008 Mar 17, 2015