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No Hope, No Future (Bonus Tracks Version)
Think Before You Speak
Good Shoes Aug 22, 2012
Good Shoes's cover photo
Good Shoes Apr 06, 2012
djing at this tonight around 10.30 come along! it's gonna be fun -
Good Shoes Apr 04, 2012
i seriously hate this new good shoes facebook page layout.
Good Shoes Apr 04, 2012 djing at this pub on friday, it's really nice, right near angel tube, free to get in, and open late!
Good Shoes Apr 04, 2012
Good Shoes Mar 19, 2012
a little video of steve recording a piano part of a song we recorded at the weekend, waiting for mixes but might end up being the next single we release. Think it will end up being called MeMo not sure yet, sounds better that its working title of 'dancey one' Rhys
Good Shoes Jan 21, 2012
New good shoes demos are sounding pretty good, maybe some glimpses of them on a video were making of the 'No Hope, No Future' album tour. Some interesting recording happening this month we hope. Also just been playing take me out drinking games, a shot every time they say Fernando's! It's working. Rhys
Good Shoes Oct 22, 2011
Off to India, playing pilani on Sunday in Rajasthan! See you there... X
Good Shoes Oct 11, 2011
hey, so we have some exciting news, we are playing in india on the 23rd of october for oasis 11 = i think its gonna be pretty amazing. if any of you in india know who we are you should come along and if you know anyone in india tell them to come! rhys
Good Shoes Sep 29, 2011
gig tonight was really really good, really want to go on tour! soon hopefully, hope anyone who came had fun! xx
Good Shoes Sep 28, 2011
Were playing hoxton bar and kitchen tonight for eastpak! With wildpalms and la shark with mystery jets djing! Gonna be fun! See you there! X
Good Shoes Jul 28, 2011
were really sorry, the gig today in lingen was cancelled, we havent been able to get internet until now, its been a nightmare. our van broke down and we couldn't get a new one until 11 this morning, we just arrived in lingen to our hotel but obviously too late to play a gig. again were really sorry, anyone know anything to do in lingen right now? rhysxx
Good Shoes Jul 26, 2011
hey were playing 3 gigs in germany this week, the only gigs we’re doing this year i think. were in rehearsals at the moment, i have to build a pedal board for the first time, the dates are 28.07.2011 - Lingen - Alter Schlacthof 29.07.2011 - Elend bei Sorge - Rocken am Brocken 30.07.2011 - Hamburg - Uebel & Gefahrlich / Dachgarten get tickets here = see you there! rhys
Good Shoes Jun 22, 2011
ok last time i post this - follow us on tumblr! you see me spamming everyone again about this now. also anyone know how to connect tumblr to a facebook page (not profile) XX
Good Shoes Jun 21, 2011
follow us on tumblr!
Good Shoes Jun 20, 2011
hey guys, we changed our website yesterday, its still being updated so no lyric or link section yet but go to anyway. we'll be posting more regularly, and will be putting some clips of new songs on there soon! anyway check it out! 'follow us' rhysX
Good Shoes Jun 17, 2011
bloody hell, why won't facebook make this an official page! damn them, anyway were currently working on the third record, meeting a producer tomorrow, maybe we'll make an e.p for after summer, who knows, were taking it easy, will is having a baby (!!!!!!) tom is growing veg, i started swimming again (i'm slow again), and steve is cycling a LOT! anyway were still alive, more updates sometime soon! rhys xx
Good Shoes Mar 31, 2011
hey! on the 29th of july (just after rhys' birthday) we're playing at Rocken am Brocken Festival in germany! tickets are available here its gonna be FUN!
Good Shoes Mar 08, 2011
Me and Paul David Routledge directed a music video for Mystery Jets. DoP - Mark Blower Produced by Emily Rudge Assistant Produced by Crystal Rose Hadcroft Lighting Assistant - Katherine Hayes hope you like! XX
Good Shoes Mar 08, 2011
oops video i put up wasnt the at the offical place, will re post when rough trade decide to upload it properly!
Good Shoes Jan 27, 2011 a little video paul routledge made for us from the last tour of last year. its lovely i think, a little homage to the last waltz!
Good Shoes Dec 09, 2010
we're playing the the grove tavern tonight! opposite south wimbledon tube ( we'll be on around 10, doors will probably be round 7, rhys
Good Shoes Dec 02, 2010
were playing a final gig for the year at The Grove Tavern, south wimbledon, Thursday 9th December 8pm. tickets on the door. should be a nice way to end the year.
Good Shoes Nov 24, 2010
we play cargo in shoreditch tonight! you should all come, tickets on the door, on at 9.30 but amazing supports tellison and phantom are on before!