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West of the West (Remixes)
West of the West
Goldroom Oct 22, 2018
There’s no place I’d rather close out my High Seas tour for 2018 than Los Angeles. We sold out the entire tour yet again, and I’m so thankful that I get to bring my two passions together in one place. Thank you to every single person who came this year. Now... what can we do next year to go even bigger? 📷: MAC Motions
Goldroom Aug 31, 2018
Here’s what happened in New York on Saturday. Nothing compares to 1200 friends on the biggest boat the city can offer. Thank you guys for making my dreams come true every summer. I love New York! 📹: Dominic Cappelletti
Goldroom Aug 28, 2018
The east coast just took things up a notch. Here’s what went down on Sunday in DC. We did 2 (two!) boat parties, including a night edition on a little pirate ship (lol). Such amazing people and two perfect river cruises. Love you guys. New York recap to come later this week! 📹: Joel Cruz
Goldroom Aug 07, 2018
I was in the middle of that circle playing tunes for a bunch of splashy swimmers yesterday what is life
Goldroom Aug 06, 2018
This is not the worst place to DJ
Goldroom Aug 03, 2018
It took a couple of years to add Chicago to my High Seas tour but it was so worth the wait! What a perfect day on the water surrounded by music and lovely people followed by a killer little afterparty. So sick we sold out two shows in one day! Until next time! 📹: Kvnvas
Goldroom Jul 24, 2018
The coolest thing to me is seeing people collecting these High Seas boat shows like trading cards. We added San Diego for the first time ever, and I met a few people that traveled from around California to come to the show just because it was a new one! Someone is coming to four (FOUR!) of the shows this summer. Can you beat that? PS I never expected San Diego to bring it so hard, we will DEFINITELY be back!
Goldroom Jul 20, 2018
San Francisco was the biggest boat party we’ve ever thrown. Two stages on a retired casino riverboat around the bay. Dreams come true y’all 📹: MAC Motions
Goldroom Jul 17, 2018
What a weekend! Might not even look like we’re on a boat but these are from our San Francisco High Seas show on Saturday. 1200 people never looked so good! Thank you so much to everyone that came. I keep meeting people that are going to multiple dates on the tour, which is honestly the coolest thing I can imagine. So much love to you all! All of the other parties are getting close to selling out soooo.... 📸: Jonny Rios
Goldroom Jul 10, 2018
Boston recap! Can’t wait for San Francisco this Saturday and San Diego on Sunday! I’ve got a little extra guestlist this weekend so I’m giving away two pairs of passes to the SF and SD parties. Just tag a friend in the comments below for a chance to win!
Goldroom Jun 25, 2018
Boutta be a summer on the High Seas! Where will you jump aboard for a day of disco under the sun? ⛵️💃🏻🍾💦⛵️ 7/14 San Francisco 7/15 San Diego 7/28 Chicago 8/25 New York 8/26 DC 9/1 Vancouver 9/29 Austin 10/6 Los Angeles
Goldroom Jun 21, 2018
Last Sunday in Santa Barbara was a movie as always. Join me on a High Seas show later this summer!!! 6/24 Boston 7/14 San Francisco 7/15 San Diego 7/28 Chicago 8/25 New York 8/26 DC 9/1 Vancouver 9/29 Austin 10/6 Los Angeles 📹: MAC Motions
Goldroom Jun 19, 2018
My view last night at the Santa Barbara High Seas party. Perfect evening with the best people 💛
Goldroom Jun 14, 2018
n e x t w e e k
Goldroom May 14, 2018
Summer is creeping
Goldroom May 03, 2018
Announcing our biggest boat tour ever! Bigger boats, longer parties, more locations, and even more rum. Pick a date, rally your friends, and join me on the water for a day of disco perfection under the sun. WHO’S DOWN? Btw tickets just went live today so grab them up before we sell out!
Goldroom May 03, 2018
's cover photo
Goldroom Apr 25, 2018
Goldroom Apr 13, 2018
I’m celebrating today because the original version of the Embrace EP is back, the way it’s meant to be. I listen back to these songs and I’m as proud of them today as I was the day they came out. This music took me around the world and soundtracked my life the whole way. Getting the chance to work with Ariela Jacobs, Chela, Mereki, and Say Lou Lou introduced me to the world of co-writing songs, which has become my life for the last five years. I know a lot of you have been missing these original versions for a long time and I really pushed to get this done for each and every one of you. Thank you all so much for supporting over the years and sticking with my musical journey. I can’t wait to show you what’s next. The Embrace EP is available wherever you listen to music. If you can’t find it, let me know!
Goldroom Apr 12, 2018
Stoked to announce I’m partnering with The Yacht Week to bring my guy LE YOUTH to Montenegro for three weeks this summer. We’ll be hosting, chilling and performing for everyone lucky enough to book this trip of a lifetime
Goldroom Apr 10, 2018
Goldroom Mar 08, 2018
Yewwwwww! I’m DJing around a bit this spring and would love to see your beautiful faces! I’m hitting SXSW, MMW, and a few special club gigs in New York, DC, and Portland. Come to drink some tequila with me but stay for the disco 🌴💦🍹🌴 (PS yes. There is a Saguaro Mix on the horizon 😉)
Goldroom Feb 27, 2018
How cool is this? It gets me so fired up and inspired to create more when I see my music being reinterpreted like this. Thanks to Jaclyn Walsh and everyone at the Dance Academy of North Jersey, you guys are amazing!
Goldroom Feb 20, 2018
Recapping the 2017 High Seas Tour really helped me to look back at everything I went through last year. We broke bones, postponed shows, and came back with more cities and the best tour we’ve ever thrown. Now we’re planning and expanding the tour to more cities than ever before. Where should we come this summer?!?
Goldroom Feb 12, 2018
Last year I set out to help the Global BrightLight Foundation light a village in Guatemala using their incredible solar lanterns. I'm so happy to say that with your generosity, we've achieved our goal and we were able to help 50 or more families in the village of Chupel gain access to clean, sustainable, solar power. A huge thank you to all of my fans and especially to everyone who donated to this amazing cause. I'm so lucky to get to do what I do for a living, that involving myself in projects like this is the least I can do to give back. If you're interested in learning more about our project in Chupel or more about the Global BrightLight Foundation, head to their homepage at