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Utopia (Genetically Enriched)
Silver Eye
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Seventh Tree
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We Are Glitter
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Black Cherry
Felt Mountain
Goldfrapp Dec 17, 2018
In The Studio, 2005. Photo by Joe Dilworth
Goldfrapp Dec 13, 2018
December, 2017. Photo by Alison.
Goldfrapp Dec 11, 2018
Seventh Tree EPK 2008.
Goldfrapp Dec 07, 2018
Melt into Sunday. ‘Drew' video, 2013.
Goldfrapp Dec 05, 2018
Supernature with Ross Kirton, 2005.
Goldfrapp Nov 30, 2018
We’re delighted to announce that The Nature Of Why, featuring a score from Will, is travelling to Australia for a show at Perth Festival in February 2019. Choreographed by Caroline Bowditch, with direction by Bowditch and Charles Hazlewood, Will’s score will be performed by the British Paraorchestra & Friends and the Perth Symphony Orchestra. Further details and tickets here:
Goldfrapp Nov 27, 2018
Feel the cold arrive. Photo by Annemarieke van Drimmelen, 2013.
Goldfrapp Nov 22, 2018
We just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful way you all embraced the new version of 'Ocean' with Dave Gahan earlier this year.
Goldfrapp Nov 19, 2018
Live at Big Gay Out, 2005. Photo by Rob Cable
Goldfrapp Nov 09, 2018
The brilliant Mute Records are celebrating 40 years of existence and Spotify have put together this great video to tell their story, including some kind words about us from the founder, Daniel Miller, himself. Check out a selection of Mute releases on their latest mixtape here:
Goldfrapp Nov 05, 2018
Congratulations Nicholas Riley and thank you so much for the winning photo of your daughter, Dalia. The signed vinyl of 'Felt Mountain' will be on its way to you very soon! There were so many great photos to choose from, so I thought I’d share some more of my favourites. Alison x
Goldfrapp Nov 01, 2018
Don't miss Will's 10 musician strong Will Gregory Moog Ensemble on tour in Bristol, Manchester, Brighton and London this November. Dates and tickets here:
Goldfrapp Oct 31, 2018
In case you missed it the other week, this old favourite is finally available to listen everywhere as part of the original 'Twist' single: Who was at the Somerset House show back in 2003?
Goldfrapp Oct 26, 2018
A memory from Glasgow last October. #SilverEyeTour
Goldfrapp Oct 24, 2018
It’s a real honour to have our first album nominated as one of National Album Day's favourite album artworks of the last 70 years. Tag us in a photo of you and 'Felt Mountain' at home or at the exhibition in London Waterloo/Manchester Piccadilly/Glasgow Central and I’ll pick someone to send a signed copy to. Alison x
Goldfrapp Oct 22, 2018
You can now relive the last 18 years of Goldfrapp with us by following this link and clicking play:
Goldfrapp Oct 11, 2018
I really enjoyed some quiet, alone time up in the Spanish hills recently and thought I’d share this photo I took a few weeks back. Gonna call it my happy hair as it felt wonderful to be there. I hope you’re having a happy day wherever you are. Alison x
Goldfrapp Oct 08, 2018
So excited to announce that 'Felt Mountain' has been featured on a list of the most iconic album artworks of the last 70 years for #NationalAlbumDay! You can vote for us as your no.1 at and make sure you check out the exhibition at London Waterloo, Manchester Piccadilly or Glasgow Central. Happy National Album Day!
Goldfrapp Oct 04, 2018
My favourite film at the minute is the deep and beautiful 'Cold War', directed by Paweł Pawlikowski. I have such fond memories of scoring Paweł’s 'My Summer Of Love’ with Will back in 2004. Alison x
Goldfrapp Oct 02, 2018
We’re delighted to announce that the original tracklisting for our 'Twist' single is available to listen to digitally for the first time. Who remembers our cover of 'Yes Sir, I Can Boogie'? Listen here:
Goldfrapp Sep 24, 2018
Excited to start reading this now. Alison x
Goldfrapp Sep 19, 2018
I love the colours in this #Goldsnapp from Lunar Festival back in July. Thank you, @bethduncalf!
Goldfrapp Sep 17, 2018
My favourite book at the minute is 'Fireflies' by Luis Sagasti. Alison x
Goldfrapp Sep 10, 2018
We just came across this alternate shot from our 'Strict Machine' days and still can’t believe it’s been 15 years! Did you know that the lady behind the rabbit mask went on to play Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones?
Goldfrapp Sep 06, 2018
#TBT to the release of 'Tales Of Us', 5 years ago today! Let us know some of your memories with the album in the comments below.