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Artificial 2.0
The Unsound
Does This Stuff Freak You Out? A Retrospective
False Face
Psychic Surgery: The Victims Among Friends and Perception
Empath 2.0
Rituals (Remixes)
The Magic In My Heart Is Dead
Let's Go Dark
God Module with Finite Automata and Absynthe of Faith at Bourbon On Division (September 1, 2019)
Venue: Bourbon On Division (Chicago, IL, US) Find tickets
God Module with Finite Automata and Absynthe of Faith at Crucible Madison (September 2, 2019)
Venue: Crucible Madison (Madison, WI, US) Find tickets
God Module Aug 25, 2019
Tonight in NYC!!! Come lose your minds with us and @xris_smack at @stimulate_nyc #godmodule #godmod #theunsoundtour #metropolisrecords #infactedrecordings
God Module Aug 02, 2019
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Multiple GOD MODULE events this weekend: FRIDAY: GOD MODULE DJ SET at @club_fallout in Ventura CA...SATURDAY: GOD MODULE LIVE PERFORMANCE at The Catch One Underground in Los Angeles with support from @invallid_la and @artifactcorruption ... SUNDAY: GOD MODULE LIVE PERFORMANCE at The Tower Bar in San Diego CA with support from @invallid_la and @aaimon #godmodule #theunsoundtour #theunsound #industrialmusic #industrialmusicelectronics #goth #gothicstyle #ebm #metropolisrecords #infactedrecordings #horror #dasbunker
God Module Aug 01, 2019
#2 We stayed at a hotel in Napa last night. Which was a bit out of the way but after being robbed in the Bay Area we now feel the need to take extra precautions by not staying on the city. This was our 1st time playing the new location of the Elbo Room in Oakland. I was glad to see the dragons were still there 🐉 The show went well. I think I remembered all the words to Deja Vu for the 1st time so far, so that finally happened. Our homie @alizehdahlwinter from one of my favorite bands @voreaurora came out last night after just getting back from @terminusfestival the night before. So good to see her and meet her BF too. Our old friend Callum was the DJ between bands. Thanks to Matt and everyone the Elbo Room Jack London for being awesome hosts. And of course thanks to everyone who came out on a Wednesday night to see us. Thursday we drove to Sacramento and got a hotel. Attempting to take advantage of the early day off we went swimming for a while then went to dinner and to see a movie. We just got back from seeing Crawl and it was awesome. Just a stupid crazy nerve wracking movie. And that is exactly a modern day “creature feature” should be. One takeaway from the movie is that for some reason CGI alligators are mad as hell about something? Tonight (Thursday) we play a very early, all ages show in Sacramento at Momo with @killercoutureband supporting.... until then.... #godmodule #theunsoundtour #theunsound #oakland #sacramento #industrialmusic #industrialmusicelectronics #goth #gothicstyle #ebm #metropolisrecords #infactedrecordings #horror #coil #elboroomjacklondon #momosacramento #darkelectro
God Module Jul 31, 2019
Elektro Vox
God Module Jul 31, 2019
This Friday we will be DJing in Ventura CA @ Club Fallout.
God Module Jul 30, 2019
Das Bunker
God Module Jul 30, 2019
I decided to attempt to keep a ongoing blog type thing for this tour and this is the 1st post. Our tour for the new record started a few weeks back with 2 shows in Canada. Vancouver with Hocico and then Calgary with Suicide Commando, IVardensphere and Virtual Terrorist. Then a week later we flew to Europe for 5 shows. Copenhagen, Castle Party in Poland, Glasgow, Manchester and London. That whole trip deserves its own post so I’ll do that later. But that brings us up till last Friday when we started this run in Seattle at @mechanismus_war . @dv8r_ who are label mates with us now on @recordingsinfacted were support for this show and for the Portland date. They are really damn good and you guys should check them out! It was the 1st show with our current lighting set up and we had a couple issues. But seeing that I fucking programmed everything the night before it was nothing really bad. It was my Moms birthday the day after and both my parents came out along with a lot of local friends. It was a fun night but the highlight was the terrifying exposure of Ali’s Sasquatch like hairy legs. Total beast!! Sunday was Portland and the first away from home date of the tour. Cool seeing @shadowplaypdx , @djbarbiesaint and everyone else. Today we have the day off and are driving towards Mt Shasta to do some adventuring but sadly it looks like the west coast is once again on fire. Here are a couple pics from the first two shows. #godmodule #theunsoundtour #theunsound #seattle #portland #industrialmusic #industrialmusicelectronics #goth #gothicstyle #ebm #metropolisrecords #infactedrecordings #mechanismus #horror #coil #shadowplaypdx
God Module Jul 28, 2019
PORTLAND TONIGHT Early show: Doors at 8 PM show is over at 11 PM followed by HIVE (dance night)
God Module Jul 24, 2019
“Here's hoping you're swell” #london #godmodule #godmoduletour #theunsoundtour
God Module Jul 23, 2019
Share this post if you want to win some God Module stuff from Elektro Vox
God Module Jul 23, 2019
Here is an interview we did with Elektro Vox in London over the weekend. Discussing random things including the new record "THE UNSOUND"
God Module Jul 19, 2019
Glasgow you were amazing !! #godmodule #theunsoundtour
God Module Jul 18, 2019
Dark Shadows in Scotland. #godmodule #theunsoundtour
God Module Jul 16, 2019
God Module, "The Unsound" | I Die: You Die
God Module Jul 16, 2019
Seeing the sights. #scotland #theunsoundtour #godmodule
God Module Jul 16, 2019
Scotland you are very pretty🖤 #theunsoundtour #godmodule
God Module Jul 15, 2019
Go listen...😈
God Module Jul 15, 2019
God Module @ Castle Party yesterday after the rain🖤
God Module Jul 14, 2019
Thanks to everyone who braved the rain before our set today at @castlepartyfestival 🖤
God Module Jul 12, 2019
Come celebrate the release of THE UNSOUND with us tonight in Copenhagen!!
God Module Jul 09, 2019
LAST CHANCE. The presale directly from us for the vinyl/CD/shirt bundles will end tonight at midnight PST. There are under 10 copies of the record left on vinyl. No more will ever exist! You can of course buy the record digital and on CD from our labels Metropolis Records and Infacted Recordings at various places online and at our upcoming shows.
God Module Jul 08, 2019
Starts this week!!
God Module Jul 07, 2019
SIN at @kremwerk last night was my last DJ night there until we get back from tour. It was a fun night! See you again in October🦇
God Module Jul 05, 2019
Elektro Vox has the 1st review of the new God Module record “The Unsound”, which will be released July 12th!
God Module Jul 04, 2019
God Module will perform at @castlepartyfestival in Poland on Sunday July 14th at 18:00!