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Artificial 2.0
Does This Stuff Freak You Out? A Retrospective
False Face
Psychic Surgery: The Victims Among Friends and Perception
Empath 2.0
Rituals (Remixes)
The Magic In My Heart Is Dead
Let's Go Dark
God Module Apr 18, 2019
Black vinyl or colored vinyl? What do you want?
God Module Apr 17, 2019
The God Module release "Artificial 2.0" is now available on Spotify. It includes the 1st God Mod record and a second set of OLD remixes, rare tracks, covers and demos.
God Module Apr 16, 2019
NEWS! God Module is proud to announce that our new album “The Unsound” will be released in Europe on Infacted Recordings this July. It will of course still be released on Metropolis Records in N. America in July as well!
God Module Apr 09, 2019
Seattle! Our next SIN party is May 4th at @kremwerk . Prepare yourself!!
God Module Apr 09, 2019
God Module Mar 24, 2019
In the early 90's I was far deep into the music being released by a Swedish label call Cold Meat Industries. It was my 1st exposure to projects I still love today like Raison d'être, In Slaughter natives, Brighter Death Now and my favorite releases on CMI were from Mortiis. I was excited to hear that his current tour was for his era one Dungeon Synth material and that he was playing Seattle. Tonight we are announcing that we have been asked to support Mortiis at El Corazon on April 4th. For this show we are doing something we have never done before. Performing under the name God Mod we will be playing unreleased dark ambient tracks I have created over the years as well as slightly reworked and improvised instrumental God Module songs from the past. We are really looking forward to this and hope you can make it out. -Jasyn More info here :
God Module Mar 23, 2019
's cover photo
God Module Mar 11, 2019
The 1st North American God Module show announcement of 2019 will be later today!!
God Module Mar 06, 2019
I have spent so much time in the studio over the last months. I’m starting to miss the stage... #godmodule
God Module Mar 03, 2019
Your boys got lots of God Mod news coming for you very soon!
God Module Mar 01, 2019
We released this cover late last year. It was the 1st track we put out since Prophecy in 2015. New record coming this summer but until then...
God Module Feb 13, 2019
If you are on Mixcloud go follow me to check out my sets at SIN at Kremwerk every month!
God Module Feb 09, 2019
A lot of you have asked and yes, we will be touring for the new record this year. We have a couple ideas already but who would you like to see as support??
God Module Jan 23, 2019
“This mysterious note is apparently a sound that God can't hear.” But you will hear it soon... God Module: The Unsound - 2019
God Module Dec 07, 2018
Huge thanks to everyone who listened to God Mod on Spotify this year!!🖤🖤🖤
God Module Dec 06, 2018
Playing this at our last couple shows reminded me how much I 🖤 this song.
God Module Dec 05, 2018
Hello: God Module are activity seeking offers European and US Festival dates for 2019! Our 8th studio record “The Unsound” will be released in the 1st quarter of the new year. If you would be interested in booking God Module for your 2019 event please contact
God Module Dec 04, 2018
VILLAIN X is having a clearance sale on all back stock. $10 for S-XL guys & girls shirts. $12 for 2XL - 5XL. Sizes & designs are very limited! WWW.VILLAINXSHIRTS.COM
God Module Dec 02, 2018
Just a quick update: All of the orders from the Black Xmas sale have been sent out and there were a lot. Thank you guys for helping us clear out the old to make way for the new! If you haven’t gotten yours yet it will be there soon. Also we don’t have much left but I just kept the remaining stuff on the site at the same prices. So if you want anything go here
God Module Nov 30, 2018
I just finished the music for the last song that will be on the next God Module record. It will be titled THE UNSOUND
God Module Nov 27, 2018
***ADDED SOME SIGNED VISCERA AND SEANCE CD'S***Tonight at midnight will see the end of the God Mod Black Xmas sale. Shirts $5-$8 limited sizes! Signed CDs $8, $10 and $12! all orders Come with free stickers and other assorted Xmas surprises!
God Module Nov 26, 2018
Tomorrow night at midnight will see the end of the God Mod Black Xmas sale. Shirts $5-$8 limited sizes! Signed CDs $8, $10 and $12! all orders Come with free stickers and other assorted Xmas surprises!
God Module Nov 22, 2018
Added a few new grey logo shirts added to the store and a few more God Mod Club shirts. Not that many left overall! Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far and helped us clear this stuff out.
God Module Nov 21, 2018
GOD MODULE BLACK XMAS SALE. All shirts and tank tops $5 - $8!! Signed CD's and vinyl slipmats on sale as well! All orders come with free stickers and other random surprises!
God Module Nov 17, 2018
If you use Spotify be sure to follow God Module here...