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Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex
Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
Tales From the Kingdom of Fife
Gloryhammer with Beast In Black and Wind Rose at Heaven (October 18, 2019)
Venue: Heaven (London, UK) Find tickets
Gloryhammer with Beast In Black and Wind Rose at Club Academy (October 19, 2019)
Venue: Club Academy (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
Gloryhammer with Beast In Black and Wind Rose at SWX (October 20, 2019)
Venue: SWX (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
Gloryhammer with Beast In Black and Wind Rose at The Mill (October 22, 2019)
Venue: The Mill (Birmingham, UK) Find tickets
Gloryhammer with Beast In Black and Wind Rose at Rescue Rooms (October 23, 2019)
Venue: Rescue Rooms (Nottingham, UK) Find tickets
Gloryhammer with Beast In Black and Wind Rose at The Academy (October 24, 2019)
Venue: The Academy (Dublin, Ireland) Find tickets
Gloryhammer with Beast In Black and Wind Rose at Slay (October 25, 2019)
Venue: Slay (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Gloryhammer with Beast In Black and Wind Rose at Church (October 26, 2019)
Venue: Church (Dundee, UK) Find tickets
Gloryhammer and Powerwolf at ROCKHAL (November 8, 2019)
Venue: ROCKHAL (Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg) Find tickets
Powerwolf with Gloryhammer at 013 (November 10, 2019)
Venue: 013 (Tilburg, Netherlands) Find tickets
Gloryhammer with Nekrogoblikon and Wind Rose at Gruenspan (January 17, 2020)
Venue: Gruenspan (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Gloryhammer at Turbinenhalle T2 (January 18, 2020)
Venue: Turbinenhalle T2 (Oberhausen, Germany) Find tickets
Gloryhammer and Nekrogoblikon with Wind Rose at TRIX (January 19, 2020)
Venue: TRIX (Borgerhout, Belgium) Find tickets
Gloryhammer at Werk, Backstage (January 25, 2020)
Venue: Werk, Backstage (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Gloryhammer and Nekrogoblikon at LE TRABENDO (Parc de la Villette) (January 28, 2020)
Venue: LE TRABENDO (Parc de la Villette) (Paris, France) Find tickets
Gloryhammer Aug 18, 2019
Hail to you Sweden! We had a stupendous time at @sabatonopenair ! Many battles were fight! We will return this November with @officialpowerwolf on the below dates 16/11/2019 Stockholm 17/11/2019 Gothenburg Will you be there? Hoots! Photo credit @lauffersandra #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Aug 12, 2019
Mighty Warriors of @leyendasdelrock_oficial We're happy to announce the sun had not exploded as once thought, nobody burst in to flames, and the goblin did indeed melt. A special thank you to the heroes who sacrificed their Hammers of Glory after malevolent forces at Swiss Air made ours mysteriously disappear! We will return to Spain on the following dates 30/1/2020 Madrid 31/1/2020 Barcelona Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Aug 09, 2019
Hola España! We arrived early in preparation for the most epic / hottest battle of all time tomorrow at @leyendasdelrock_oficial ! Melted goblins and flaming hammers await! Prepare for epic sunburn! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Aug 07, 2019
Czech Republic! We can now announce we will return this November for Winter Masters Of Rock! Not only will we master rock itself, we'll master the power of Hoots! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots #wintermastersofrock
Gloryhammer Aug 04, 2019
Mighty Warriors of the Czech Republic! Last night was a momentous occasion, indeed! So momentous, maybe we will return sooner than you think! Next stop, @leyendasdelrock_oficial #gloryhammer #hoots #ostravavplamenech
Gloryhammer Aug 03, 2019
Hail to you Wacken! Even though a storm cut our show short....again! We had a great time! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Jul 29, 2019
The United Kingdom & Ireland! We warned you, Nottingham and Glasgow have now sold out! Now heed this warning.. There are only 50 tickets left for London! If you want to attend the remaining dates on The Intergalactic Terrortour, make haste! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Jul 20, 2019
John Smith! Finland was finally conquered, epic battles were fight, and fireballs rained from the floor! We will return in November with Powerwolf! Next stop, Wacken! #hoots #gloryhammer
Gloryhammer Jul 18, 2019
Mighty Warriors of The United Kingdom & Ireland! The Intergalactic Terrortour is only a few months away! Manchester and Dundee have already sold out, and today we recieved word more are at 95% and will sell out very shortly! Have you secured your battle pass? You've been warned! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Jul 14, 2019
Hail to you Dong! We scaled the mountain, slayed the goblin, and drank... A lot! Now we prepare for our first ever show in Finland at @johnsmithrockfestival Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Jul 10, 2019
Mighty battles were held at @rockmaraton last night! And we can now announce on February 7th 2020, the Galactic Terrortour will come to Budapest! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Jul 01, 2019
Mighty Warriors! More dates have been added to The Sacrament Of Sin Tour! We will make our debut in Norway and Slovakia, and a triumphant return to Poland! Prepare for epic battles! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots #powerwolf
Gloryhammer Jun 28, 2019 happened again. For the third time in Gloryhammer history, the weather has prevented us from conducting epic battles. Sorry Mighty Warriors who braved the insane weather, but the situation was completely out of our control. We will return 28th of November with Powerwolf! Stay safe! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots #rain #hillsofrock
Gloryhammer Jun 27, 2019
Hail to you Warriors of Bulgaria! We have arrived in your beautiful lands for our debut Bulgarian show at @hillsofrock ! Are you attending? For the eternal glory of Dundee! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Jun 23, 2019
Warriors of Graspop! You have proven yourselves to be mighty, indeed! Thank you for fighting past the hangovers and coming out so early to party! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Jun 22, 2019
Hail to you Hellfest! Yesterday was totally insane! We have just arrived at Graspop for what will surely be, another epic battle! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots #hellfest #graspop
Gloryhammer Jun 21, 2019
North American quest complete! Thank you to everyone who came, Aether Realm and especially our amazing crew who made it an epic success! We have now arrived in the majestic kingdom of France, for not only our debut Hellfest appearance, but our first ever French festival! Prepare for epic battles! Le Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots #hellfest
Gloryhammer Jun 18, 2019
It appears that the WWE wrestling superstar Rowan is a true warrior of Dundee! But do you think he'd be able to beat the Hootsman in an epic battle? We think not! Tonight we lay waste to the enchanted barbecue kingdom of Austin, Texas!
Gloryhammer Jun 17, 2019
California repleged allegiance to the King. Mesa sold out! After a relaxing high stakes day off, we are questing to the final battles in Dallas and Austin Texas! Is Texas ready to taste the power of hoots?! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Jun 15, 2019
Mighty Warriors of The Galaxy! We have received incoming transmissions from all around the globe! Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex has hit the charts worldwide! Hail to the King Of Dundee! Hoots!
Gloryhammer Jun 14, 2019
California! Your king has returned! Epic battles were fight in Oakland! Will you be coming to L.A to Hail to Hoots?! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Jun 13, 2019
Mighty warriors of Space Dundee! We have been reading the ancient scrolls of Goblonic wisdom to see what everyone's favorite battle anthem is from our latest album...and it seems many of you like the song "Masters of the Galaxy". So we have created this lyric video so that you might all sing along with excellent choral splendor when you come and see us on tour. MIGHTY INDEED!
Gloryhammer Jun 11, 2019
Mighty warriors of the Pacific Coast of the USA! We have quested hard across the enchanted waterfalls of Idaho, and now we have arrived in the Kingdom of Seattle for our next epic battle! Will you be there to fight with us? HOOTS!
Gloryhammer Jun 09, 2019
The evil wizard Zargothrax destroyed all the pathetic mortal scum in Kansas City and he is riding west to Denver. Will you join in the epic fight to defeat him tonight? Photo
Gloryhammer Jun 07, 2019
The Goblinlords of Germany have just sent us amazing news on an Enchanted scroll...our new album "Legends From Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex" has hit NUMBER SIX in the Official German Album Charts! This is a truly phenomenal result, thank you to all the mighty German warriors for supporting us and our battleanthems! HOOTS!