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Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
Tales From the Kingdom of Fife
Fortarock Festival Fortarock Festival 2019
Venue: Goffertpark (Nijmegen, Netherlands) Find tickets
Gloryhammer Dec 09, 2018
Ding DONG! We‘ll be back at DONG open air 2019 to bring you a mighty battle with goblins, unicorns and evil sorcerers. For the eternal Glory of DONGdee! #dong #festival #mountain #party #unicorns #goodtimes
Gloryhammer Dec 08, 2018
Thank you @christmasbash_festival We had a crazy time, and are now at Crazy Xmas for round 2 of festive partying! Hoots! Photo credit @cryptic1ty #hoots #gloryhammer
Gloryhammer Dec 07, 2018
Hail to you Germany. We have arrived in Europe's most infamous gas station for @christmasbash_festival. Warm up drinks at the ready, for today's beer and greet at 4.30pm. Come have a drink, come party, come Hoots. Goblins not welcome. Hoots! #hoots #gloryhammer
Gloryhammer Dec 03, 2018
Undead unicorns are about to attack Sweden in 2019. But the Hammer of Glory will prevail at Sabaton Open Air and free Falun from evil!
Gloryhammer Dec 02, 2018
Gloryhammer Dec 01, 2018
Mighty Warriors! Wacken Open Air is sold out, and we hope you have a ticket...because we are coming back! Will you be making the annual pilgrimage to the metal holy land? Hoots! #hoots #gloryhammer #wacken
Gloryhammer Nov 30, 2018
Today we can announce another first, our debut appearance in Finland at @johnsmithrockfestival 2019! We've been assured its nothing to do with the beer, and are ready to do great battles. Will you be there? Hoots! #hoots #gloryhammer #johnsmithrockfestival #finland
Gloryhammer Nov 28, 2018
Hail to you Netherlands! We're happy to announce another debut appearance, this time at FortaRock 2019! Tickets go on sale this Saturday December 1st. If you want to hoot, you'll need a ticket to ride. Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots #fortarock
Gloryhammer Nov 26, 2018
Mighty warriors! We are very happy to announce our debut appearance at Hellfest Open Air Festival next year! Prepare for what will surely be, a momentous occasion, indeed! Hoots! #hoots #gloryhammer #hellfest
Gloryhammer Nov 22, 2018
Hootsmen of the high seas! The clock is ticking! Will you be joining us on 70 thousand tons of hoots?
Gloryhammer Nov 09, 2018
Mighty warriors of the Czech Republic ! It gives us great pleasure to announce we will return to your beautiful lands next year @ostravavplamenech for epic battles! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Nov 07, 2018
Who's Hungry for hoots? Well, we heard Hungary was, so we're coming to @rockmaraton next year to deliver a hot steaming slice. Prepare for new epic battles! Hoots! #hoots #gloryhammer
Gloryhammer Oct 31, 2018
3 months?! Oh hoots!
Gloryhammer Oct 31, 2018
Hola poderosos guerreros de españa! We are pleased to announce we will return to Spain next August to play Leyendas Del Rock festival! Will you be there?! El Hooto! #hoots #gloryhammer #leyendasdelrock
Gloryhammer Oct 25, 2018
Graspop metal maniacs! We're very pleased to announce our triumphant return to @graspopmetalmeeting in 2019! It's sure to be an epic time! Will you be there?! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots #graspopmetalmeeting2018
Gloryhammer Oct 21, 2018
We had a great 3 days @fullmetalholiday ! Thank you to everyone who came and who made it happen! Our next 2 shows will be a lot colder, this December at @christmasbash_festival and Crazy Xmas. See you then! Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Oct 19, 2018
Yesterday we arrived @fullmetalholiday and had a great time drinking all the complimentary alcohol. Today we actually have to play a show.... Prepare for epic beach battles! #gloryhammer #hoots #fullmetalholiday #wacken
Gloryhammer Oct 02, 2018
If you ever dreamt of seeing Angus taking out a goblin on a boat, this might be the time to hoot!
Gloryhammer Sep 29, 2018
Hail to you North America! The tour is over and we are all safely home. We thoroughly enjoyed our time, and wanted to say a special thank you to everyone who came to a show, Alestorm and Crew, and our faithful Road Dog, Zak "Pie" Glynn. We will be back early next year for @70000tons , and who knows, maybe again. Hoots! #gloryhammer #hoots
Gloryhammer Sep 23, 2018
The first of two Canadian shows began yesterday with an epic party in Toronoto! We are eager to hear if Quebec knows how to French! Le Hoots?! Oui! #hoots #gloryhammer Photo credit @branoodles
Gloryhammer Sep 22, 2018
The mighty hammer was wielded by the goblin king @erickredbeard in chivistic Chicago #wwe #wrestling #rowan #erickrowan #angusmcfife #gloryhammer
Gloryhammer Sep 20, 2018
Hail to you Denver! We had a great time yesterday, and also learnt John Denver is infact, not from Denver... Today Kansas! Hoots! Photo credit @andybercaw #hoots #gloryhammer
Gloryhammer Sep 19, 2018
Tomorrow the goblins await you, Denver! Pic credit @squidinkedphoto #goblin #gloryhammer #alestorm #angusmcfife
Gloryhammer Sep 14, 2018
Mesa was destroyed, Los Angeles hailed to the king. Today we are in Oakland to continue to bring California to its knees. Hail to Hoots! #hoots #gloryhammer
Gloryhammer Sep 12, 2018
Hail to you Texas! We had a great time in Austin and Dallas! We're currently trapped on a bus on an 16 hour drive to make it to the next show in Mesa! Epic battles await! #hoots #gloryhammer Photo credit @radeyet509 Sep 12 - Mesa, AZ @ Club Red Sep 13 - Los Angeles, CA @ 1720 Sep 14 - Oakland, CA @ Metro Opera House Sep 15 - Sacramento, CA @ Holy Diver (SOLD OUT) Sep 16 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre (SOLD OUT) Sep 17 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon Sep 19 - Denver, CO @ Oriental Theater Sep 20 - Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room Sep 21 - Chicago, IL @ Concord Sep 22 - Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall Sep 23 - Quebec City, QC @ Imperial (SOLD OUT) Sep 24 - Pawtucket, RI @ The Met Sep 25 - New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre (SOLD OUT) Sep 26 - Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage