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A Thousand Miles Left Behind
Gloriana Jul 20, 2019
Epic time with my Nash family over the last couple weeks. I don't think I stopped smiling/laughing the entire time. New tunes are almost done and I can't wait to share with y'all! I'm going to get something together to fill everyone in on what has happened/been goin on and more of an inside look on the recording process. There is a lot that y'all need to hear*. I really appreciate everyone's positive posts and support that y'all have been showing me on social media. It really means a lot and has been a huge inspiration to me for this new music. Country Music is my truth and life. I just wanted to let y'all know how much your love and support has helped me throughout this journey, past and present and how greatful I am to be making music again. 🤘. Stay Tuned!- Mike Gossin
Gloriana Dec 31, 2018
New Picks are in for 2019! Follow me on my new personal instagram page if ya can! @Mike_Gossin Can't wait to share new music with you in 2019 y'all! Happy New Year!🤘🎉
Gloriana Sep 21, 2018
Hey y'all! MIKE HERE, been a while and I've missed you all a lot. It has been a wild ride and I couldn't be more excited to share this news. So I'm gonna get right to the point, SURPRISE! Its been extremely hard keeping this secret while writing and working on this for the last year. BACK IN NASHVILLE MAKING A SOLO RECORD FINALLY! 🎉🙌 I'll be posting updates here and on my personal instagram page @mike_gossin as well as the gloriana instagram page @glorianatheband It's been too long and I'm excited to share my first solo project/journey with all of you, my Gloriana family! These songs are the stories of the last 3 years of my life and I couldn't me more pumped to be back. Here's a little clip of me workin in the studio in Nashville. Stay tuned, Love to you all, Let's do this! #country
Gloriana Aug 16, 2017
Gloriana Aug 16, 2017
Gloriana Aug 25, 2016
Wasssup Lake Erie! Playing tonight with our friends @1065WYRK @MickeyRatsClub on the water! Gonna be a good one!-M
Gloriana Jan 12, 2016
's cover photo
Gloriana Jan 12, 2016
Gloriana Nov 08, 2015
Sweater. F'ing. Weather. #finally
Gloriana Oct 22, 2015
The "Healthy Choices" drawer in my fridge is ALWAYS 33% Klarbrunn. #feelthebrunn -t
Gloriana Oct 19, 2015
Last nights crowd was amazing! Thank you for the love!
Gloriana Oct 17, 2015
Last one...And now the whole gang hangin backstage! Elsa on point! Mickey looks like he came to party! Shots?-M
Gloriana Oct 17, 2015
What a day! Now we just met Johnny Depp backstage at r show tonight..or at least his twin. What is life right now?
Gloriana Oct 17, 2015
Just ran into Chris Evans backstage at today's show w our band bro's......or at least his twin. #CaptainAmerica
Gloriana Oct 17, 2015
Had a blast with everyone who came out last night to see us in Ft. Meyers FL! Thanks for an awesome time!
Gloriana Oct 17, 2015
Harmony in black and white.
Gloriana Oct 13, 2015
Halo and I cruisin. Dogs or cats? What's the verdict people?-M
Gloriana Oct 12, 2015
Piano solo stankface? Or singing into an invisible microphone? I'll never tell. -t
Gloriana Oct 11, 2015
Random brewery after today's festival in NM! GOOD TIMES! #family #illbringthebeers #gloriana #glorianatheband
Gloriana Sep 26, 2015
This is what happens on the Gloriana bus late night while driving! #Monopoly #seriousgame #life #winning
Gloriana Sep 04, 2015
Happy Bday today to my brother and partner in crime, Tom! Also, Happy bday to my Frenchie Halo turning 1 today!-M
Gloriana Sep 03, 2015
So Coffee-mate already has my heart but STAR WARS THEMED COFFEE MATE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I already have like 14 coffee creamers in my fridge right now and definitely didn't need these but I definitely DID need know?! -r
Gloriana Aug 24, 2015
Tonight I created a black bean cake•fajita pepper•pineapple guac•cotija cheese•corn tortilla•vegan sour cream•mango salsa•cholula taco situation and what not. -r
Gloriana Aug 21, 2015
Good times tonight with our friends at the Dodge County fair in Wisconsin!
Gloriana Aug 21, 2015
Our show tonight in WI. They rocked, and love hearing them sing the words to our brand new album "Three"! Itunes it!