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The Quiet Monster
The Distance
GLOOMBALL Oct 16, 2018
GLOOMBALL Aug 13, 2018
's cover photo
GLOOMBALL Aug 13, 2018
GLOOMBALL Aug 12, 2018
GLOOMBALL Apr 17, 2018
: CHANGES : I think it’s time for me to speak up, cause everyone who’s been supporting us over the years simply deserves an update on our current status and I will try to keep it simple and honest. It’s been quiet for a while now, due to busy schedules, we all have, therefore our band didn’t quite get the attention it deserves. Being in a band, writing songs was never something which should just happen incidentally. All of us have a life beyond GLOOMBALL and I totally understand and respect that. Still it’s impossible for me to continue this journey with the current lineup and I made a tough decision to part ways with Basti and Björn. I‘m forever grateful for everything we‘ve accomplished and for the great time we had together touring and writing and I‘m wishing you nothing but continued success in all of your future endeavors. My friends, I‘m proud I had the possibility to share the stage with you. The good news: It’s a new beginning and it totally feels like the right decision to make. Jossi and I constantly have been working on a bunch of new songs which are being recorded as we speak. We will keep you updated how everything unfolds and we have a lot of surprises in store. We‘ll be back, sooner rather than later, with epic new tunes and more. Alen
GLOOMBALL Mar 22, 2018
Exactly 5 years ago we released our first official single "The Distance"! #tbt
GLOOMBALL Dec 01, 2017
Three years ago!
GLOOMBALL Sep 30, 2017
Unser Alen hat ne neue Seite die ihr unbedingt besuchen solltet! Ladies and Gentlemen, wir präsentieren: Alen Ljubic Photography! Seid cool und schenkt ihm ein Like! Dann freut er sich und bleibt entspannt. ;)
GLOOMBALL Aug 11, 2017
Thanks for over 20000 views! #fbf
GLOOMBALL Aug 08, 2017
It's a miracle. What are you up to?
GLOOMBALL Jul 16, 2017
Just a quick check in to let you know we are still alive. Any fans of our rendition of "No Easy Way Out" in here? And if so, would you want us to do another cover of a song you like? Write your suggestions in the comments! Don't hold back on style or genre! 1, 2, 3 GO!
GLOOMBALL Jun 13, 2017
Photography & Photodesign
GLOOMBALL Jun 10, 2017
First pics from the gig in Starnberg!
GLOOMBALL Jun 08, 2017
Die Running Order für den morgigen Gig auf dem Food Rock Festival! Stagetime: 20:15 Uhr
GLOOMBALL Jun 08, 2017
This Weekend: GLOOMBALL @ Food Rock Festival in Starnberg, Germany
GLOOMBALL Jun 03, 2017
Heute Abend in der halle02 in Heidelberg! Alen ist zu Gast beim legendären The Rock Club Heidelberg! Kommt vorbei! Wird wie immer richtig geil!
GLOOMBALL Jun 02, 2017
Nur noch eine Woche bis zum 2. Food Rock Festival! Wer ist am Start?
GLOOMBALL May 29, 2017
Happy Birthday, Alen!
GLOOMBALL May 12, 2017
Next Month: GLOOMBALL @ Food Rock Festival in Starnberg, Germany
GLOOMBALL Apr 21, 2017
GLOOMBALL Mar 31, 2017
Today: GLOOMBALL @ 7er Club in Mannheim, Germany
GLOOMBALL Mar 30, 2017
This Weekend: GLOOMBALL @ 7er Club in Mannheim, Germany
GLOOMBALL Mar 24, 2017
Mannheim, back to the roots! Wir freuen uns wie verrückt auf euch in genau einer Woche beim Glowing Ember Festival Baden-Württemberg 2017 im 7er Club Mannheim! Sehr gespannt sind wir auch auf die Hamburger Gäste [soon] sowie One last Legacy und Wirufenan! Wird großartig!
GLOOMBALL Mar 24, 2017
Next Week: GLOOMBALL @ 7er Club in Mannheim, Germany
GLOOMBALL Mar 21, 2017