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The Quiet Monster
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GLOOMBALL Jun 17, 2019
's cover photo
GLOOMBALL Jun 17, 2019
Last but not least, some of you may know this guy. FYI: We are getting ready for our first shows with the new line up and so far the rehearsals have been amazing. Other than that we'll release our first new song in July, so stay tuned for the release date and other cool news we got for you. Hope you're looking forward to as much as we are. Thanks for your patience and support, until then, check out this new sound teaser and share if you like! We appreciate it!
GLOOMBALL Jun 14, 2019
Teaser Friday! Welcome our new heavy hitter behind the drums! Check out the video to listen to his phenomenal groove! Welcome brother! #almostthere
GLOOMBALL Jun 07, 2019
GLOOMBALL Jun 07, 2019
We‘ll introduce our new bass player today. Stay tuned 🔥
GLOOMBALL May 31, 2019
Meet our new guitarist. Welcome
GLOOMBALL May 30, 2019
We‘ll reveal a new band member tomorrow. Keep your eyes and ears open, since more and more details are about to drop. Thanks for your support after all this time! We truly appreciate you!
GLOOMBALL May 27, 2019
GLOOMBALL May 24, 2019
Your questions will be answered.
GLOOMBALL Apr 03, 2019
That’s how it went down about a month ago. #almostready
GLOOMBALL Feb 23, 2019
Alen getting his custom Ultimate Ears Pro in ears over at Fischer Amps! Thanks to Jochen Fischer for having us! Today we're back at the studio. Be sure to catch more updates during the upcoming week.
GLOOMBALL Feb 13, 2019
Back on stage! ❤️
GLOOMBALL Jan 22, 2019
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GLOOMBALL Jan 19, 2019
First day of drum tracking #soon
GLOOMBALL Jan 12, 2019
Focus #soon
GLOOMBALL Jan 12, 2019
Workflow #soon
GLOOMBALL Jan 08, 2019
Last but not least, here’s new guy no. 3 #soon
GLOOMBALL Jan 06, 2019
New guy no.2 #soon
GLOOMBALL Jan 05, 2019
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GLOOMBALL Jan 05, 2019
New guy no. 1 #soon
GLOOMBALL Dec 29, 2018
GLOOMBALL Dec 29, 2018
's cover photo
GLOOMBALL Dec 29, 2018
2019 will be a banger. Get ready for 🔥
GLOOMBALL Oct 16, 2018
GLOOMBALL Aug 13, 2018
's cover photo