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Globus Jun 01, 2018
Here's what's happening.....Globus had really struggled to find the time to work on our much promised next album. Creative Director of the band Yoav Goren has been busy with many other composing and producing music projects that has hindered progress. But this summer signals a shift - work has re-started again, and we will be much more engaged with our fans going forward. We're taking down our current website while building a new one. We'll be sharing news, photos, and new music soon. Thank you for your enduring support!
Globus Jun 01, 2018
Globus's cover photo
Globus Jan 04, 2016
Happy New Year and a reminder to all Globus fans - Imperativa Records is closing their holiday sale on Jan. 5th. All titles from Globus are available at a discount. Go to: and use EPICHOLIDAY for a 35% discount on CDs and for 30% off of downloads, go to: Thank you everyone for your enduring love for the music and a toast to all of you for a great 2016!
Globus Sep 08, 2015
We'd like to introduce to you Geraint; a Globus songwriting contest winner from a few years back who contributed significantly to the writing of the Globus track: Black Parade. He is reaching out to the Epic Music world with a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign so that he can get tracks professionally mixed, mastered, commission album art etc. Check out the details and please consider participating here: and sample some works in progress here: We endorse his music wholeheartedly and applaud his campaign. In his words: "I have always loved orchestral soundtracks and epic rock - and after being a winner of a songwriting competition for Globus (an epic orchestral pop/rock group), I felt motivated to step up and make something magnificent, something big." - Geraint - Thanks, Globus #epicmusic
Globus Jul 31, 2015
Globus fans, please take note!
Globus Jun 21, 2015
We agree with Taylor Swift on this one regarding Apple's new streaming music service, and it's plan to not pay artists for the first 3 months while they promote it: “We don’t ask you for free iPhones,” she added. “Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.” #TaylorSwift #Apple
Globus Jun 02, 2015
Globus fans take note! We have something different for you here. Yoav Goren has taken his passion for futbol to the next level and made it epic by producing the Juventus anthem "Storia Di Un Grande Amore" featuring vocalist Scott Ciscon who has sung on the Globus tracks: Madre Terra [Album: Epicon] and In Memoriam [Album: Break from This World]. Enjoy this video and please feel free to add comments, follow the Futbol is Epic YouTube channel and share. Do you follow other teams? Yoav and Immediate have also created an equally impressive track for FC Barcelona: should you be a fan of theirs. Both Globus tracks are available at:
Globus May 26, 2015
Catch Ryan Hanifl of Globus in Los Angeles on May 30th at the Hotel Cafe in an intimate setting. Ryan is constantly creating music and has his own styles well worth catching! Details:
Globus Mar 31, 2015
Celebrate an Epic Spring 2015 at and check out special prices on Globus as well as Immediate, Marcello De Francisci and Larry Groupé releases. You won't be disappointed! This special promotion is for digital downloads only and for a limited time only. As always, thank you for your enduring support! #EpicMusic
Globus Mar 03, 2015
Globus' Yoav Goren weighs-in on trailer music. For those of you who produce your own music or are just plain creative, you will find this inspiring and insightful.
Globus Dec 03, 2014
Please enjoy and share this fresh video medley featuring several tracks from the This Is Epic Music Vol. 1 compilation! Also - digital downloads are now available in a broad range of formats at
Globus Dec 02, 2014
This amazing compilation is now available!
Globus Nov 20, 2014
Two Globus tracks will be featured on this first-of-its-kind Epic compilation. We are blown away by the other composers and production teams who are also on this release. More info. very soon!
Globus Oct 14, 2014
Are you in Los Angeles? Ryan Hanifl and Hiro Goto; two integral members of the Globus experience will be performing on November 7th in Hollywood, California. Come show your support and savor their versatility! Details:
Globus Sep 11, 2014
Globus' (along with Immediate Music's) music pops up frequently in a variety of videos. Given our weakness for Football (Soccer that is!), we celebrate today as "Kickback Thursday" with Teo CRi's video homage to Cristiano Ronaldo featuring Globus' "Europa". Enjoy: … it is, after all, a Globus sport ;)
Globus Sep 08, 2014
Yoav Goren is the "Hoster of the Month" at Vents Magazine issue #38 (and coincidentally, the spotlight starts on page 38). Some interesting questions are asked with some interesting answers including insights into the origins of Globus. You'll want to read this! - Visit Vents' FB Page:
Globus Sep 03, 2014
A fun retrospective from Globus and Immediate's Yoav Goren of sessions at the legendary Abbey Road. Enjoy this gallery as well as the video.
Globus Aug 20, 2014
Immediate Music
Globus Jul 21, 2014
New Official Video for a song very close to our hearts
Globus Dec 16, 2013
Imperativa Records $9 Holiday Sale
Globus Aug 01, 2013
stills from the upcoming "Terminal" video by Globus
Globus Jun 25, 2013
Larry Groupe, who has written so many of Globus' orchestral arrangements, comes out with his second album tomorrow, June 25. Larry is a master at writing deep, emotional melodies, and he scores big with DREAM CINEMA!
Globus Mar 27, 2013
Here is the Angeles Chorale, featured in so many Globus' songs and Ryan's ex-band, performing a rendition of a classic song during a night of great choral music in Pasadena over the weekend. Led by il Maestro John Sutton.
Globus Jan 01, 2013
Happy New Year!!!
Globus Dec 19, 2012
Year End Promotion from Imperativa Records