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How to Be a Human Being
ZABA (Deluxe)
Glass Animals Feb 05, 2019
this is what we are listening to RIGHT NOW on Spotify playlist this week includes Clairo, Mapei, Low Island, Yves Tumor and more.. check it here
Glass Animals Jan 22, 2019
want to know what we are listening to atm? look no further. this Spotify playlist is that. this week feat James Blake, #Starrah, Tom Vek, Miguel and more.
Glass Animals Jan 08, 2019
🌴I've just updated our boombox playlist on Spotify which might help beat some January blues🌴 this month feat: SOPHIE MSMSMSM, Sebastien Tellier, Blue Lab Beats and lots more Get it here:
Glass Animals Jan 03, 2019
Glass Animals Jan 01, 2019
yooo our man Jack Saunders is going to be playing out a couple party tracks we selected on BBC Radio 1...just to help you kick off 2019 properly. tune in to his show from 11pm todayyyy.
Glass Animals Dec 18, 2018
it's that time o the week our Spotify playlist has been updated 💥 this week feat: Cosmo Pyke, Obongjayar, Omarion, Sonder, Promises Ltd., Aphex Twin and more get it here and follow for more
Glass Animals Dec 04, 2018
💥UPDATE💥 our boombox Spotify playlist has been updated Feat: Kaytranada, Parcels, La Luz, Altın Gün and more... Follow and listen right here:
Glass Animals Nov 27, 2018
our behind the album mix is up on BBC Sounds now. find out some of the songs that inspired How To Be A Human Being
Glass Animals Oct 11, 2018
This is a clip from the Agnes video that was cut from the final edit because it was ‘too scary’ when i passed out from the insane G force. I regret letting it get cut. The video and the song are about mental health…and fact is, mental health is a scary subject. probably because its impossible to understand exactly what people are going through when they have mental illness. And its difficult to understand what’s happening in your own head if you have these problems yourself. We shy away from talking about it all too often. and we shouldn’t. If you are having any mental health issues, you aren’t alone in that, and help is always there. One in four of us will suffer at some point in our lives....don’t be afraid to speak about it. here are a few places you can reach out to if you are in need: USA/Canada: @crisistextline UK: @samaritanscharity AUS: your friends and family love always, dave #worldmentalhealthday
Glass Animals Oct 02, 2018
💥our boombox playlist on Spotify has been updated💥 we each picked two tracks, and this week it features bangers from: Empress Of BROCKHAMPTON Maribou State Giggs and more...
Glass Animals Sep 17, 2018
a message from joe ❤️: hi everyone, it's joe. I have learned a lot this summer, I thought I'd share a few of my findings with you all: 1) I am extremely lucky. my family and friends and the doctors and nurses in dublin are remarkable people. the band and my family sat next to me in hospital for two weeks while I couldn't speak or move and haven't left me since, I've been looked after by the best 2) trucks are extremely hard. 3) in the last couple of months I have learnt to walk, talk and read again- watching a body heal in real time has been quite amazing, saying more than 'i' is actually very complicated and tiring, so is adapting to lots of metal in your limbs. i have always taken my body for granted, I won't anymore. 4) your support, messages, letters and videos have been inspiring. I'm so sorry if you missed us playing this summer, we will get back to those we missed when we can. you are very cool people for bearing with me. apparently: 5) brain injuries can lead to wildly increased creativity - less inhibitions - so basically perfect timing for getting back on my kit, which I have just started doing. It'll be what all the musicians are doing soon, believe this is a picture of my carrot cake, the flamingos on top are the band apparently - and a picture of cardi bee, i was asked to channel my inner Frida Kahlo while convalescing, this is what I came up with - see point 5 above thank you all for your support. especially to dave, drew and ed Joe
Glass Animals Jul 12, 2018
dear all, last monday my best friend, and our drummer joe was hit by a truck while on his bike here in dublin. his leg was broken on impact and he became tangled in the truck’s trailer where his skull suffered a complex fracture. miraculously, and thankfully, he is alive. after a couple of long operations he is now on the road to recovery. It’s going to be a long, difficult, and winding road, but knowing how determined joe is, and seeing how much his body has recovered already in the past 10 days, i am so optimistic that he will make it back to his cheeky old self. this past week joe has been under general anaesthetic twice. first for neurosurgery and second for his leg. the neurosurgery consisted of reshaping part of his skull that had collapsed and been compressed into the brain by the weight of the truck’s trailer. the operation was successful, but the collapsed skull had bruised and damaged the area of the brain responsible for speech. initially joe was only able to get out one word...’i’...but each day he is finding more. as far as we know, no other areas of his brain are severely damaged like this. he can still wiggle his fingers and twinkle his toes, and he still laughs at all my shit jokes, and demands we wake him up so he can watch the world cup while we feed him ice cream and grapes. it wasn’t safe for him to go directly into his leg surgery after his brain op, but a couple days ago he was given the go-ahead by the consultants. he now has a titanium pin holding two halves of his femur together....basically he is now wolverine. we are very sorry to say that, because of all of this, we will be cancelling our remaining shows this year. joe’s injuries are highly unlikely to heal in time to make any of them. i wish more than anything that this accident hadn’t happened and that joe was ok and that we would still be coming to hang with you all, but life has thrown something horribly sad and unexpected at us, and we need to do everything in our power to conquer it and get joe back on his feet. i sincerely hope you understand. we will be back as soon as we can, and stronger than ever. all my love, dave
Glass Animals Jul 04, 2018
We’re really sorry to announce that we have to cancel our shows at Pohoda, Open’er and Mad Cool. We wouldn’t do this lightly but unfortunately some things have happened in the last couple of days that are out of our control. We’ll update you with more information asap and huge apologies to everyone intending to come to those shows. We would never cancel a show unless we really had to. Love GA x
Glass Animals Jun 06, 2018
's cover photo
Glass Animals Jun 01, 2018
This was one of the craziest shows we've ever played. possibly THE craziest. One of the best venues in the world, torrential rain, flooding, most of our lighting exploding, risk of death, nudity...basically everything all at once. 3 mins in or so I say thunder....and it actually thunders....... we had to pour the water out of the synths before we packed them away. Thank you for embracing that storm Red Rocks. Will never forget that one. So fun.
Glass Animals May 08, 2018
#metgala this year was just amazing. #bestoneyet
Glass Animals May 04, 2018
pre show @ radio cityyyyy #throwback photo by @emmaswannphoto
Glass Animals May 01, 2018
dude chill #holidaypics #hangryaf
Glass Animals Mar 16, 2018
USA NEW SHOWS. got the brilliant knox fortune opening on the headline dates. Velorama will be our first festival headline...vince staples and the kills on the bill too. gonna be huge. And...two shows with super legend Beck on the east coast. see you soon.
Glass Animals Feb 16, 2018
SUP. so. ive been away for a bit. my little brother and i rented some motor bikes and cruised around some islands and cities and stuff in asia. it was sick. we adopted a dog which we called mom. we did some indiana jones shit in some wicked temples. and we nearly died driving over a bridge that was essentially just a single plank of wood. will post some more photos at some point. anyway - good to be back.
Glass Animals Dec 25, 2017
Glass Animals Oct 20, 2017
bromance. photo by our g pooneh ghana
Glass Animals Oct 18, 2017
MEXICO CITY. WE ARE HERE. and we are playing our first ever headline show in Mexico TONIGHT! we will be donating proceeds from the show to help those whose homes were destroyed in the earthquake. the relief effort here is amazing already and the stories we've heard of everyone's bravery and kindness have been incredible. so much positivity. a donation of any kind cannot match those acts, but hopefully it will be able to re-house or feed some of the people who lost everything. we love this country. see you tonight at plaza condesa. dave and dudes x
Glass Animals Oct 16, 2017
Holy Shit. 100 Million Streams. thank you all. but mainly thanks mom. because i know you did most of these. x
Glass Animals Oct 12, 2017
Mental health ended up being one of the main subjects of our last album. It was not an easy thing to write about for a few reasons…but ultimately it comes down to the fact that it can be difficult to understand. its not like the relatively straight forward plumbing situation when the heart goes wrong, or a scaffolding problem when you break a bone. it can’t be visualised. its impossible to see the world through someone else’s eyes and know what they’re going through. and that can be confusing, frustrating, uncomfortable, and terrifying. its all too tempting to sweep those issues under the rug and go about life trying not to think about them. but having met so many people on tour over the last 4 years it is clear that these issues are hugely common worldwide. one that is not given enough attention, and one that is heavily stigmatised and soaked in stereotypes. talking about it on the last album was not easy, as I said, but we now get letters from people telling us related stories with an air of relief. Their openness should be celebrated. Its the first step towards a greater general understanding, and the first step towards shaking the stereotypes and getting rid of the stigma. I do feel like that’s happening slowly and people are seeking help much more openly and frequently and are being embraced for it. Be it speaking to friends, strangers, helplines, or medical professionals. Its all worth doing. you may have seen the posters dotted around the venues we've been playing. dont be afraid to talk about that stuff, whether it affects you or not. dave #worldmentalhealthday #wasyesterday #daylate #betterlatethannever?