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Earl Grey
Girl Ray May 02, 2019
bleep bleep. we’re back. new songs, new attitude. we’ll be roadtesting it HERE! look at this lineup. look at it go. *sips japanese slipper*
Girl Ray Mar 31, 2019
📟📟 iss all in the details 💶💶
Girl Ray Dec 12, 2018
Check out the new music video for THE CHRISTMAS STICK! 🎄Written and directed by Richard Curtis 🎄
Girl Ray Dec 03, 2018
Poppy has a new Christmas single out today with Jof from The Boy Least Likely To! If you are ready for your heart to be warmed with the sweetest story in history LISTEN TO IT! ⛄️🎄⛄️ Stream/buy: You can follow their new project on Instagram @bubbleandsqueakforever for updates and all things Christmas Stick 🙏⭐️
Girl Ray Nov 27, 2018
Friendly reminder we playing EartH on the beautiful hinds all dayer THIS Saturday at 9pm!
Girl Ray Nov 16, 2018
berlin! puschenfest. our new time is 9! tonight!
Girl Ray Oct 02, 2018
BERLIN we're coming back this nov ABOUT TIME
Girl Ray Sep 19, 2018
hey! another show! with @hindsband and @we_are_shopping and ! freaky. 1st DECEMBER london, hackney arts centre
Girl Ray Sep 13, 2018
Girl Ray Sep 08, 2018
what in the name of ballroom dogs is going on? we are playing 2 glorious shows with @official_jickstagram aka STEPHEN MALKMUS and @spinningcoinband . manc 17th oct . glasgo 18th . thats a wednesday and a thursday so what else are you really gona be doing lets be real
Girl Ray Aug 18, 2018
!!GREEN MAN FESTIVAL!! We are here today to rock your f******cking socks off for a last minute set!!!! Far out stage 6.30 Be there or be nothing to us
Girl Ray Aug 05, 2018
happy birthday to Dr. Earl Grey. our freaky and only album is 1 years old. what in fresh hell is that about? your spotlight year is over, but we hope your flag will frolic in the winds for some time. like Pharrell, never wrinkling. times will change, but this alb will always remind us of this corkin year, and we hope it will remind you of some times too ! now, like a gecko on a brick, we move to the shade. we’re working on some fresh
Girl Ray Jul 29, 2018
#burchray #insanelycool #zerotohero #trainspotting #bornslippy
Girl Ray Jul 13, 2018
wehell Brooklyn. playing UNION POOL tomorrow. 430pm . it’s free! last post about nyc we promise
Girl Ray Jul 13, 2018
Girl Ray Jul 12, 2018
we lost. devastating. however THE MERCH IS FRESH. the merch is juicy. the merch is irresistible. crocco knows
Girl Ray Jul 10, 2018
New York! We're back. We play two shows this week: Baby's All Right Weds 11th - & Union Pool Sat July 14th
Girl Ray Jul 03, 2018
new yorkers!!!!! we're looking for a place to lay our heads next week from 10 - 16th july. short notice but we're silly. can any one help us out ? ? ? ? ? ? pros: infinite guest list for our two NY rock shows, merch, presents from england, home cooked meal, 4 friends for life. cons: absolutely none. fb event for baby's alright :
Girl Ray Jun 26, 2018
nyc. once again, we’re playing a god damn show at babys all right. no, we are not doing a production of bugsy malone this time. this is time it’s the real deal. pure G Force, performing real life songs. some, zesty and new , some old, milky with age. links in the bio. do the right thing
Girl Ray Jun 03, 2018
tune into cerys matthews on 6 music @ 12. bend yer ears cos we’ll be playing a NEW tune
Girl Ray May 23, 2018
freakin DELIGHTED to announce we’re coming back to NYC. baby’s all right. 11th o July. gona be serving up some hot new fruity numbers. witness flames
Girl Ray May 16, 2018
check out this epic roc doc about us if you have a hot sec ! 📹 Alex Cantouris & Jacob Crees-Cockayne
Girl Ray Apr 19, 2018
sorry to shit post but we're quite gassed with this one. dafuq london lads?! thanks?! for !? making ?! our dream?! happen!? for real?! tonight is brighton. the Haunt. still got ticks but they're selling like ice cubes in drought conditions. fuego luego
Girl Ray Apr 18, 2018
LONDON ENGLAND TONITE 🌋 come down early to watch two of our favourite bands ever FAKE LAUGH 7.50, JERKCURB 8.40. rayray 9.30. tickets online or on door! piccy by Jenn Five
Girl Ray Apr 17, 2018
another day another gig amiright guys? manc tonight. fake laugh 8:15, us 9:00