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Tall Sun Crooked Moon
Electric Earth
Call the Nation
Mother's Ruin
Gin Lady
Gin Lady Jun 14, 2019
Yet another fine review! This time from John Tucker UK🌻
Gin Lady Jun 12, 2019
Another nice write-up! This time from Stoner Hive. 5 out of 5! 🌻
Gin Lady Jun 09, 2019
New review this time from Norway. 7 out of 8🌻
Gin Lady Jun 03, 2019
Gin Lady on the Doom Charts, who would have thought? Blasting in on spot nr 12,. Our music described as stoner country, why not! 🌻
Gin Lady Jun 02, 2019
Yet another fine review this time from Musipedia of Metal. 8 out of 10! 🌻
Gin Lady Jun 01, 2019
Another great review! This time from Maximum Volume Music. 🌻
Gin Lady May 28, 2019
's cover photo
Gin Lady May 28, 2019
Here is a swedish review from Artrock!
Gin Lady May 24, 2019
Today is the big day! We’ve been working so hard and put so much love into this album and now it’s finally out for everyone to hear, it’s kinda scary. We hope you dig it! 🌈Light and love/Gin Lady
Gin Lady May 21, 2019
Just a reminder...
Gin Lady May 20, 2019
Five days to go! On friday we release our new album. We’re excited! Here’s the tracklist: 1. Everyone Is Love 2. Sweet Country Livin' 3. The Darkest Days Of All Time 4. The Visit 5. Gentle Bird 6. Into The Wasteland 7. Always Gold 8. Undertow 9. The Rock We All Push 10. Tell It Like It Is Light and love/Gin Lady
Gin Lady May 17, 2019
Greetings flower people! We've made a playlist on Spotify with songs that inspired us during the making of the upcoming album 'Tall Sun Crooked Moon'. Have a listen, only 7 days now...
Gin Lady May 10, 2019
Thanks to La Habitacion 235 for promoting our new release! Have a read✌️
Gin Lady May 09, 2019
GIN LADY Release 'Tall Sun Crooked Moon' LP May 24
Gin Lady May 08, 2019
Here is another clip for all you flower people out there ❤️
Gin Lady May 06, 2019
Here is a snippet from our last show on the Graveyard tour!
Gin Lady May 01, 2019
Tall Sun Crooked Moon out 24th May Pre-Order Your Copy Today:
Gin Lady Apr 29, 2019
Good evening flower people! May 24 we will release our fifth album 'Tall Sun Crooked Moon' via Kozmik Artifactz. Spread the word!
Gin Lady Apr 29, 2019
's cover photo
Gin Lady Apr 28, 2019
Gin Lady
Gin Lady Apr 28, 2019
We’d like to thank our hometown and all our friends for showing up at the gig at Folkparken last night. We never got to talk to all of you but know that you are loved! It was such an amazing evening. Light and love/ Gin Lady
Gin Lady Apr 27, 2019
We had such a great night at Liljan in Borlänge. Thanks to Graveyard and the awesome crowd!
Gin Lady Apr 26, 2019
Today we play at Liljan in Borlänge and we celibrate this weeks touring with an Instagram account! Join us there for live photos and videos. Light and love/ Gin Lady
Gin Lady Apr 26, 2019
We had a great time last night at Katalin, Uppsala and we want to thank Graveyard for the oppertunity to do a string of shows with them!
Gin Lady Apr 22, 2019
Here’s the video for Sweet Country Livin’! You get a sneak peak of the front and foldout artwork. Hope you like it✌️