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Ghost Wave
ghost wave Jan 17, 2019
what's up !!!! happy new year !!!! we left our LP half done cause we needed a break from everything , now we're back at it ! but hey, remember this jam we did last year with the "masters at work" Frank Booker & Julien Dyne .... if not !? Check it out !!!! super summer jam !!!
ghost wave May 03, 2018
ghost wave May 02, 2018
"Word of this cool new coffee and sandwich spot - which was opened by a couple of Auckland muso's (associated with indie-psych band Ghost Wave) six months back - has got around." Hare and the Turtle so delicious.
ghost wave Apr 01, 2018
Nice review from last night at the Basement c/- The 13th Floor
ghost wave Mar 15, 2018
"SET TIMES 4 TONIGHT" // Ghost Wave Release Party w Julien Dyne / Frank Booker / Dbldbl // DOORS @ 945/10PM // 10:30pm Dbldbl // 11:15 Julien Dyne // 12:00 ghost wave // 12:45 Frank Booker . Stay up, do you , come together as one !!!
ghost wave Mar 09, 2018
Check out a few words we have about today's release below. Thanks to
ghost wave Mar 08, 2018
ghost wave Mar 06, 2018
Release week. REPUTATION mini EP out this Friday!
ghost wave Feb 26, 2018
Previews of REPUTATION single/mini EP out 09.03.2018 Mixed by Sonic Boom (SPECTRUM) with remixes from THE VACANT LOTS / Frank Booker & Julien Dyne
ghost wave Feb 19, 2018
ghost wave's cover photo
ghost wave Feb 19, 2018
100% excited to say our new jam REPUTATION is out 09.03.2018 with remixes from THE VACANT LOTS from NYC 🇺🇸 Frank Booker / Julien Dyne from AKL 🇳🇿and our version mixed by Sonic Boom SPECTRUM in PT 🇵🇹. Out on Alien Boogie. Previews coming soon!
ghost wave Jan 20, 2018
New feels soon, talkin bout
ghost wave Jan 16, 2018
As musicians, we seek and find strength and solace in joining the leagues of those who have come before us. We observe traditions and they keep us going. When one of our own passes naturally, we reflect on how lucky we were to have them. When it's an untimely death, that gratitude is coupled with a reminder of the kind of struggle we encounter in our line of work. It's a hard road, and not one we have absolute choice over. It's a calling. Today I want to honor memory of Dolores from the Cranberries, whose songs and sweetly toned voice helped so many people through desperate and sometimes moments of anguish. It's important to listen to these songs as a failsafe against forgetting this, and to remind ourselves that the role of a musician is an honorable one. For me, recently, listening to the Cranberries has been inspiring in many ways, the turns of phrase and the delicacy of the notes have kept me buoyant and connected during confusing times. Times when I would rather have turned away from life and its challenges, but instead choosing solace and pride through what we do and who we are. Thank you Dolores, the footprints you've left behind will linger on.
ghost wave Jan 04, 2018
Wishing everyone a happy 2018, look out for new jams on the way and remember to pick up your digital copy of the HEAVEN mini EP. All profits going towards mental health in New Zealand.
ghost wave Dec 13, 2017
Hare and the Turtle have mastered delicious sandwiches and even better, they're made by a couple members of the GW team + extended family. Making year end lists cause they deserve it... gettin' down with that baloney sandwich and fries all day! They also play quality jams at an acceptable level... all. day. long.
ghost wave Nov 19, 2017
Happy birthday mix master Sonic!
ghost wave Nov 15, 2017
ghost wave Nov 13, 2017
We want to make the world a better, kinder place to live. To play our part, we'll be donating any and all profit from ALL of our upcoming EPs including HEAVEN to organisations making a difference to the lives of people who need it. We'll provide 100% details on where your money goes. We believe togetherness is essential. Please enjoy the music and know that by listening to and supporting us, we're doing something bigger than just tunes. PEACE. #suicideprevention #mentalhealth #equality #love
ghost wave Nov 13, 2017
Thanks gang !
ghost wave Nov 06, 2017
Hunger Magazine premiere of our new jam HEAVEN (Sonic Boom Mix). Thanks for putting us on! <3 one love
ghost wave Nov 06, 2017
"HEAVEN" mini EP OUT NOW... mixes and remixes from Sonic Boom (SPECTRUM) , Shayne P Carter & Power Nap. Get it @
ghost wave Nov 03, 2017
ghost wave Nov 03, 2017
ghost wave
ghost wave Oct 31, 2017
HEAVEN drops this Friday 3rd November. Stay tuned , do you !
ghost wave Oct 25, 2017