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The After Party
The After Party
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GHOST TOWN Apr 30, 2019
ghost! we’ve been more active on insta but wanted to let you know its the last time these shirts will ever be available and first 100 get a free wristband 👻 👉
GHOST TOWN Oct 02, 2018
Hey Ghosts, check our Halloween Exclusive Tee!
GHOST TOWN Jul 30, 2018
So what does everyone think of In The Flesh. Should we drop some more music?
GHOST TOWN Jul 03, 2018
In honor of our EP releasing on Friday we have put our wall flags on sale. Very very few remain.
GHOST TOWN Jun 30, 2018
ICYMI: IN THE FLESH is out now on Spotify. Listen to 'Rockstar Killer' below.
GHOST TOWN Jun 29, 2018
GHOST TOWN May 23, 2018
GHOSTS we are having a blow out sale for Memorial Day Weekend! Use code 'GT25' and save 25% off at
GHOST TOWN Jan 28, 2018
The new Ghost Town varsity jackets are back up on the store but they’re limited to 30! I had to get one of my own! 🔥
GHOST TOWN Jan 11, 2018
🔥Limited to 100🔥
GHOST TOWN Jan 10, 2018
Our VIP upgrades for the tour are up! Only limited to 15 per show, so get them before they sell out! 👻
GHOST TOWN Jan 10, 2018
Tag a Ghost who needs to see this!
GHOST TOWN Jan 05, 2018
We’re excited to be back on the road 🤘🏻👻
GHOST TOWN Dec 25, 2017
GHOSTS! Merry Christmas!!🎄Thanks to Alternative Press & Ride or Cry we just dropped our music video for ‘Hell’ as our gift to you!!! 🎁 If you leave a comment on the music video, you are automatically entered into a contest to win a $100 GT gift card as well as the signed shirt that Kevin is wearing in the music video! Directed by Jon Ryan.
GHOST TOWN Dec 22, 2017
The music video for “Hell” is coming soon🔥
GHOST TOWN Dec 16, 2017
NEW SONG!! Tag a Ghost in the comments
GHOST TOWN Dec 16, 2017
Our New Song ‘Hell’ is up on Spotify! Let us know what you think!🔥👻 This is just the beginning. #intheflesh #hell #foreveraghost Spotify link: Photo by: mothmeister
GHOST TOWN Dec 13, 2017
Something is coming this Friday...
GHOST TOWN Nov 16, 2017
To new beginnings and new Music on its way!💥We wouldn’t be here without you! THANK YOU!🙏 You guys ready?! #foreveraghost
GHOST TOWN Sep 26, 2017
GHOST TOWN Sep 06, 2017
GHOST TOWN Jul 28, 2017
Hey Ghosts! We're excited to announce that the New GT Merch store is officially Live! 😝 Go to before these killer designs are gone! Let me know what new shirt is your favorite! -kev 🔥🔥
GHOST TOWN Mar 18, 2017
GHOST TOWN Mar 10, 2017
Love this #GhostArt by Megan 👻🤘
GHOST TOWN Mar 07, 2017
We’re super stoked for the announcement coming to you Ghosts soon 🤘 What is your favorite Ghost Town lyric??!!
GHOST TOWN Mar 02, 2017