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IV: One with the Storm
Until Fear No Longer Defines Us
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Ghost Brigade Jun 20, 2019
WANHA (Joni V.) just released a new "The Seal Is To Be Broken" EP and video!
Ghost Brigade Jan 10, 2019
New solo project from Joni S.
Ghost Brigade Dec 14, 2018
Joni V. just released a video of his new single as WANHA
Ghost Brigade Mar 07, 2017
Collection of tunes provided by Season of Mist
Ghost Brigade Aug 24, 2016
Joni V. (as WANHA) made a soundtrack to a skateboard movie. And it's available as vinyl also! Check the movie, vinyl and a link to spotify here:
Ghost Brigade Feb 29, 2016
Joni S. will be joining forces with the almighty Alghazanth and will be handling bass duties from now on! Check them out NOW! First live show will take place on: Fri, April 1st. / 22-04 / Tickets 18/22€ / K-18 MOONSORROW ALGHAZANTH
Ghost Brigade Dec 09, 2015
Dear all, this is an announcement. After ten years as a band, we are putting Ghost Brigade on hiatus for indefinite period of time. When we formed this band in 2005, we decided already then that we would do this just as long as we enjoy it. If it ever changes from being something you're privileged to do to something you have to do, it's time to take a break. We have reached that point. Motivation issues combined with our hectic lives have simply made it impossible to keep going and give the band the dedication it needs. We would collectively like to thank you all for your support so far, and your understanding from now on. Peace, Joni, Joni, Veli-Matti, Wille, Tommi, Manne
Ghost Brigade Dec 09, 2015
Ghost Brigade's cover photo
Ghost Brigade Aug 16, 2015
Summer Breeze 2015 people. Thank you all.
Ghost Brigade Aug 13, 2015
Hey two festivals this weekend; Dark River Festival on Friday and Summer Breeze on Saturday. See you there, friends!
Ghost Brigade Aug 10, 2015
So what kind of songs do we pick for the setlist when we play a festival concentrating on brutal extreme metal? Ones like this of course! ;) Thanks again PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR SCHLOTHEIM and their super friendly staff for having us, we had so much fun!
Ghost Brigade Aug 08, 2015
Party Sans! #ghostbrigade #partysan
Ghost Brigade Aug 07, 2015
Berlin crowd last night. Photo by M. Kynsijärvi. see you folks tomorrow at Party san festival!
Ghost Brigade Aug 07, 2015
The show was so intense (and incredibly hot for a human being) that we forgot to take a picture of a wonderful crowd. So let's keep this one as our own special moment then. Thanks Berlin people! - Moist Brigade
Ghost Brigade Jul 26, 2015
Olikkonää qstockissa? #ghostbrigade #qstock2015
Ghost Brigade Jul 24, 2015
Tultais huomenna taas sinne Ouluun esiintymään teille. Myöhäiset soitot tällä kertaa, yrittäkäähän pysyä hereillä. ;)
Ghost Brigade Jul 20, 2015
Ilosaaren festarieläimet. GB kiittää!
Ghost Brigade Jul 15, 2015
Earthship confirmed as the support on our upcoming Berlin show! See you there, will be a fun night!
Ghost Brigade Jul 13, 2015
Viime Ilosaaren keikalta 2010 jäi hienot muistot, on edelleen yks meidän suosikkikeikoista. Sunnuntaina taas nähdään!
Ghost Brigade Jul 12, 2015
Shitty picture, great crowd. Had lots of fun! Thanks Rockharz #ghostbrigade #rockharz #rockharz2015
Ghost Brigade Jul 06, 2015
Back to Germany this week <3
Ghost Brigade Jun 26, 2015
Ihmiset tuskissaan. Kitooos!
Ghost Brigade Jun 20, 2015
Hellfest, thanks! ✌️ #ghostbrigade #hellfest2015
Ghost Brigade Jun 10, 2015
Time to put the setlist together for summer festivals! Any requests?
Ghost Brigade Jun 05, 2015
Who's coming to Hellfest?! We can't believe we're sharing the stage with mighty L7 and Killing Joke! Too good!!