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Everyone's Out To Get Me
Best Kind of Mess
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Get Scared Jan 16, 2019 Whats up everyone? Hope you're having an amazing day! We know its been a long time since you've heard anything from us so we wanted to bring you up to date. Johnny (me) Posted a video on his youtube page explaining everything! go check it out. if you have any questions go leave a comment on my page and i will try to get back to all of you! peace and love! Johnny B
Get Scared Nov 23, 2018
Get Scared Nov 03, 2018
Who do you want to see us tour with in 2019?
Get Scared Aug 17, 2018
Get Scared Aug 06, 2018
Where do you want to see us tour next?!
Get Scared Jul 23, 2018
Who is about ready for new music? 😎
Get Scared Mar 18, 2018
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Get Scared Mar 17, 2018
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Get Scared Mar 16, 2018
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Get Scared Jan 17, 2018
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Get Scared Jan 13, 2018
We forgot to get groceries on our first day in the studio so here is an improvised dinner with Lloyd and Dan eating Pad Thai on potato chips 😂 enjoy! #getscared #newalbum #thanks #kriscrummett
Get Scared Jan 12, 2018
Throwing it WAY back! Who's still jamming this?
Get Scared Jan 01, 2018
Who's ready for new music this year?
Get Scared Dec 22, 2017
Get Scared Dec 14, 2017
Get Scared Dec 03, 2017
Drums are officially done for our new album! 20 days left in the studio 😈
Get Scared Nov 27, 2017
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Get Scared Nov 24, 2017
Hey everyone! We have been very busy writing a new record for you all! In the meantime, take advantage of 30% off on our ENTIRE STORE Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Sizes are running low, so don’t wait around.
Get Scared Nov 21, 2017
Hey what’s Get Scared up to? Ohhhh they just got into the studio today to start tracking for their 4th full length album 😈
Get Scared Sep 28, 2017
😛🤘🏻 Photo: Eric Pefley
Get Scared Sep 26, 2017
Second Guessing
Get Scared Sep 21, 2017
Relax, Relapse
Get Scared Sep 21, 2017
Photo: Eric Pefley
Get Scared Sep 19, 2017
Take A Bow
Get Scared Sep 14, 2017
Photo: Eric Pefley