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Hesitant Alien
Gerard Way Feb 21, 2019
“What part of “the future” do you not understand?” Is my favorite line in the series. I laugh every time I hear @aidanrgallagher say it. #umbrellaacademy #netflix #darkhorsecomics #numberfive #ucp
Gerard Way Feb 20, 2019
Hang in there
Gerard Way Feb 15, 2019
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY ON NETFLIX— NOW STREAMING! It has arrived. I hope you all enjoy it! #umbrellaacademy
Gerard Way Feb 14, 2019
Umbrella Academy
Gerard Way Feb 13, 2019
Umbrella Academy
Gerard Way Feb 06, 2019
Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion: Issue 5— online & in shops now. I keep getting excited for these to come out because this series has a lot of big reveals and this issue is no exception. Really curious to see what people make of the new developments. Another big reveal coming up in Issue 6! You can find this at your local comic shop and thanks for the support. I hope you enjoy it. #umbrellaacademy #darkhorsecomics #darkhorse #hoteloblivion #ncbd
Gerard Way Jan 30, 2019
Great night. #ucp #darkhorsecomics #netflix #umbrellaacademy
Gerard Way Jan 29, 2019
SOLD OUT: New store promo soon!!
Gerard Way Jan 26, 2019
"Hazy Shade of Winter" (feat. Ray Toro) is available for download and streaming now!
Gerard Way Jan 24, 2019
This is surreal and exciting and just wild. Getting to cover Hazy Shade of Winter for this with Ray Toro and Jarrod Alexander was so much fun. Can’t wait for you all to see the show when it comes out February 15th on Netflix. The cast and crew and Steve Blackman the showrunner did a spectacular job with our baby. #theumbrellaacademy #darkhorsecomics #ucp #netflix #umbrellaacademy
Gerard Way Jan 23, 2019
#Repost @umbrellaacad with @get_repost ・・・ * grabs umbrella * * tries to keep cool * * freaks out *
Gerard Way Jan 23, 2019
Timeline Photos
Gerard Way Jan 21, 2019
Gerard Way Jan 17, 2019
The collected Shade, The Changing Woman is in shops and available via Comixology now. Congrats to this wonderful team for some of the craziest, coolest, most psychedelic comics I have ever read or had the pleasure of helping put out into the world. #dcyounganimal #dccomics #shadethechangingwoman
Gerard Way Jan 07, 2019
Gerard Way & Gabriel Bá on Long-Term Plans for Netflix’s ‘Umbrella Academy’
Gerard Way Jan 01, 2019
Gerard Way Dec 23, 2018
Happy Holidays! #christmas #playlist #spotify
Gerard Way Dec 23, 2018
Reminder to charge up them crystals!
Gerard Way Dec 19, 2018
Doom Patrol Volume 2 and the complete Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye are both available now in shops or online at Comixology. #dcyounganimal #cavecarson #doompatrol #NCBD #cavecarsonhasaninterstellareye #dccomics
Gerard Way Dec 18, 2018
This is a clip from the brilliant Dasher lyric video by director @aaronhymes. I find this video to be very moving, and I love the direction and the powerful moments that happen in it. Also, some people have been asking about the spoken word part of the song. That was done by Lydia Night from @theregrettesband and it was so wonderful to have her amazing voice in the song. I find her bit to be haunting yet kind and personal. Lyrics are below. #dasher - Dasher Under atmospheric haze Just some stratospheric strays we wait And can we hold on our hearts ‘til the day brings the light? Nice to meet you Marigold I don’t think you’re looking old but “I don’t think you can stay” Said the sea to the night When you go When you go away When you go Can you come this way? ‘Cause I feel safe in your arms And she’s got dashes in her stars I hope you both come around this way She’s a waitress he’s uptown City rain it gets her down enough to waste all her dreams On a paycheck and drown But she needs to laugh sometimes And she dreams you’ll take her with you anywhere ‘Cause these air traffic lanes need you now When you go When you go away When you go Can you come this way? ‘Cause I feel safe in your arms And she’s got dashes in her stars I hope you both come around this way I really can’t tell if I’m dreaming or breathing Could be I’m just meaning to stay on the ground but I’m easing into the dark and lifting off hand in yours And the clouds never look like this down there And the stars make a sound way up here And I never miss the sun when I’m with you I never miss the sea Like I’m never leaving home And I’m never all alone I’m just waiting for the magic Of the diamonds in the trees Here with you Here with us Way up in the air with the birds and the snow and this great big sky ‘Cause I feel safe in your arms And she’s got dashes in her stars Let’s run away fast and far And no matter where you are I hope you know That we can show this world it just can’t bring us down From these clouds When we come this way This way This way Someday Someday This way
Gerard Way Dec 16, 2018
Gerard Way - Dasher (feat. Lydia Night) [Official Lyric Video]
Gerard Way Dec 14, 2018
12 AM local time..... #Dasher
Gerard Way Dec 12, 2018
Hells yes. @unboxindustries #PatMills #KevinOneill #MarshalLaw
Gerard Way Dec 12, 2018
Free domestic shipping through the 15th:
Gerard Way Dec 11, 2018
Umbrella Academy