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Hesitant Alien
Gerard Way Aug 09, 2019
Gerard Way Aug 07, 2019
This was a super fun issue to write. The title, Space Divorce had been in my head for a long time. And there’s a page in this issue involving two very beloved DC characters that was ripped from Mikey Way’s very dreams! Amazing covers for this issue, Nick Derington on the left, and Paul Pope on the right. #doompatrol
Gerard Way Aug 05, 2019
"In the upcoming months, Dark Horse will release the collected volumes and deluxe editions of The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion (September 17), The Umbrella Academy: The Apocalypse Suite (September 24) and The Umbrella Academy: Dallas (November 26). In the meantime, The Beat caught up with Gabriel Bá (who tag-teamed with his brother, Fábio Moon) at Comic-Con to chat about his collaboration with Gerard Way and why normal people are so darned hard to draw (as compared to superheroes)."
Gerard Way Jul 26, 2019
Hi! Thought you might want to know about this signed limited edition (300) with bookplate by Gabriel Ba!
Gerard Way Jul 19, 2019
Limited amount of these back in stock:
Gerard Way Jul 18, 2019
Gerard Way Jul 17, 2019
COLLAPSER ISSUE 1!! Now is the time to get in on this amazing comic. First issue hits the stands today at your local comic shop or digitally, and the response has been incredible. Really proud of everyone involved. And check out Mikey Way and Shaun Simon signing this issue tomorrow, Thursday July 18th at Midtown Comics Downtown. Signing starts at 6pm. This was an interesting development process. Originally developed as a pitch for a completely different hero and character. They decided to switch gears and make the comic about who was originally going to be the villain of the old project— the guy with the black hole inside of him. It’s a really interesting turn and really allows the writers to explore the connective tissue between anxiety, and having an actual black hole living in you. I read a great review that really connected with someone due to their own struggles with anxiety, and the writers were really coming from that place, having struggled with it themselves. Once the team switched gears, I knew it had to be a Young Animal book, and so we made that happen. Thanks to everyone involved. Writers: Mikey Way and Shaun Simon Artist and Cover: Ilias Kyriazis Color: Cris Peter Letters: Simon Bowland Variant Cover: Nick Derington Editors: Jamie Rich and Andy Khouir Assistant Editor: Maggie Howell #collapser #younganimal #dcyounganimal #dccomics #blackholes #comics
Gerard Way Jul 13, 2019
Gerard Way reveals the future of DC's Young Animal
Gerard Way Jul 09, 2019
Always be sure to read the book before the reviews to avoid spoilers! This includes the comments section below, would love to hear what those who have read issue #1 thought of it!
Gerard Way Jul 03, 2019
DOOM PATROL Returns to 'Cosmic Weirdness & Positivity' Courtesy of GERARD WAY & JEREMY LAMBERT
Gerard Way Jul 01, 2019
2 more days!
Gerard Way Jul 01, 2019
2 more days!
Gerard Way Jun 23, 2019
Gerard Way Jun 20, 2019
Exclusive preview!
Gerard Way Jun 14, 2019
It begins. Umbrella Academy Season 2.
Gerard Way Jun 12, 2019
It’s finally here - UA Hotel Oblivion #7 is online and in shops now! Worked hard on this one and looking forward to having it out there for you to check out, it’s a doozy.
Gerard Way Jun 12, 2019
Check out this exclusive preview of Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1, out in July!
Gerard Way Jun 11, 2019
Out this Wednesday!
Gerard Way Jun 02, 2019
‪Well this pretty much rules!
Gerard Way May 22, 2019
Emerge Impact + Music
Gerard Way May 14, 2019
Interview: Artist Gabriel Bá on making and adapting The Umbrella Academy
Gerard Way May 08, 2019
How More Than 200 People Helped Make ‘Umbrella Academy’s’ CGI Ape
Gerard Way Apr 19, 2019
Gerard Way Apr 10, 2019
And last but not least we have Far Sector, a Green Lantern story written by N.K. Jemisin (making her comic book debut!) with art by Jamal Campbell (@pryce14). Cannot wait for you all to read this. When my friend Ian suggested N.K.’s Inheritance Trilogy to me, not only did I love her work, but we both thought she’d write an amazing Green Lantern story. And that is what you are getting, with stunning art by Jamal. So psyched! Debuting Fall 2019! #farsector #dcyounganimal #dccomics
Gerard Way Apr 10, 2019
Next up we have Collapser, penned by my brother @MikeyWay (I think it’s national sibling day too!), and my sometimes writing partner Shaun Simon. We did Killjoys together and you’ll know him from his work on Neverboy, Wizard Beach, and Art Ops. The series is drawn by Ilias Kyriazis (@iliaskyriazis), and looks stunning, and colored by Cris Peter (@coloristdiaries), and lettered by Simon Bowland (@simonbowlandlettering). This is a story about a guy with near crippling anxiety and a black hole struck inside of him, which are kind of the same exact thing. Can’t wait for you all to check out this new concept. Drops July 17th! #collapser #dcyounganimal #dccomics