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Hesitant Alien
Gerard Way Dec 16, 2018
Gerard Way - Dasher (feat. Lydia Night) [Official Lyric Video]
Gerard Way Dec 14, 2018
12 AM local time..... #Dasher
Gerard Way Dec 12, 2018
Hells yes. @unboxindustries #PatMills #KevinOneill #MarshalLaw
Gerard Way Dec 12, 2018
Free domestic shipping through the 15th:
Gerard Way Dec 11, 2018
Umbrella Academy
Gerard Way Dec 09, 2018
February 15th. Get ready! #umbrellaacademy @umbrellaacad #darkhorsecomics #ucp #netflix
Gerard Way Dec 09, 2018
When it rains it pours...
Gerard Way Dec 08, 2018
Giant cat. São Paulo. Good morning!
Gerard Way Dec 07, 2018
Gerard Way Dec 05, 2018
The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion: Issue 3 ⠀ In stores now!⠀ ⠀ I’ve been eagerly waiting for this issue to come out so you guys can check it out. ⠀ ⠀ I distinctly remember being in a hotel in Europe on tour, and breaking this issue down, hand writing it on a legal pad very quickly as the ideas came rolling out. It has my favorite scene and my favorite moment of the series. One of the things I love about Umbrella Academy is that over time, we really see what some of the characters are made of. How they react to things and the choices they make always surprises me, and I feel like I’m learning more about them all the time. Some of our characters have very nasty things about them, and I feel like that makes them more flesh and blood. The good and the bad. It is without a doubt the most rewarding experience I have writing comics.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Apologies for the years long wait for this series, but we wanted to get it just right, and I think we accomplished that. My favorite UA series since the first. I love Dallas but time travel is a headache.
Gerard Way Dec 04, 2018
New items available in the store!
Gerard Way Nov 28, 2018
ETERNITY GIRL THE COLLECTED VOLUME OUT NOW ⠀ Today, Young Animal and DC Comics released what is in my opinion one of the best graphic novels of 2018. Written by Magdalene Visaggio, Art by Sonny Liew, colors by Chris Chuckry and letters by Todd Klein. You’re not going to find much out there quite like it. A very special book about life, death, and identity. #eternitygirl #dcyounganimal #dccomics
Gerard Way Nov 23, 2018
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Gerard Way Nov 19, 2018
Another great lyric video working with brilliant director Claire Vogel and WBR’s Devin Sarno. Claire and I talked about what it could be and she had some great ideas, a real vision for this thing. I like working with talented people. Hope you enjoyed this. Look at them go! You can check out the video via the link in my bio. #gettingdownthegerms
Gerard Way Nov 16, 2018
Getting Down The Germs ⠀ Hey all, I released a new song today called Getting Down The Germs. It’s about a few different things. Grey lights, squirmy worming wiggly worms. Germs. It has flute. I love the flute. I have always wanted a song with flute in it. And so this exists. ⠀ With these songs I’m releasing, I’m trying to see how many months I can go with putting one out, but there might be skip months if we miss deadlines, I dunno, I just want to keep going. The idea behind all of these songs is to not overthink it. Just go with the first instincts, lead with the art. Keeping a steady flow of creativity going, so you’ll hear more experiments. This one is a bit different than anything I’ve done so I was really looking forward to getting it out. I really want to share. ⠀ I wrote this song on guitar. I played a Fender Telecaster Deluxe. It was springy. It was a good friend. It has a ghost sticker on it now. I laid down the vocals and guitar with Doug at our studio, Milk Friends. Then my good buddy Ray Toro came over to hang out and jam and laid down some sweet bass and drums. Then, our new friend Sara Andon came in and absolutely shredded it on the flute. And last but not least, my lovely and talented wife, Lindsey Way, made some amazing art for it. I hope you dig it. Crank up that flute! #gettingdownthegerms #flute
Gerard Way Nov 16, 2018
New song “Getting Down The Germs” available now!
Gerard Way Nov 14, 2018
Haunting it up at #nccomicon2018 Photos by Melissa Edwards #byahh
Gerard Way Nov 13, 2018
One of the highlights of this weekend was learning about this really cool charity called @magicwheelchair. They transform wheelchairs into vessels of awesomeness at no cost to families. Here are a couple shots from their unveiling ceremony and you can learn more about them at #magicwheelchair #nccomicon2018
Gerard Way Nov 12, 2018
For all the true believers...RIP Stan Lee
Gerard Way Nov 06, 2018
Fuggin Vote! #vote
Gerard Way Nov 05, 2018
What a trip! Into Gotham! The relationship I have shared with @dccomics has been nothing short of amazing, and today it hit a new height. When I was drawing the reimagined Batman characters as model sheets, I never dreamed they’d be turned into statues. Every day I think about how lucky and blessed I am to be able to make art that people support, and every day there is something (well, multiple things) to remind me of that. Today, it’s these Batman and Joker statues produced by DC Collectibles, whose amazing and talented artists it was a pleasure to work with. I believe this means they are available now! They are stunning in person. For those that don’t know, I reimagined Batman, Robin, and their villains for a series I was working on called Kingdom of The Mad. It never seemed the right time in my life to write the book, as I feel you need to be in a very specific headspace to write Batman, but I am warming up to it again, and seeing these drawings brought to life as statues definitely inspired and helped. Maybe this can happen soon? It’s definitely on my bucket list. I hope you enjoy these. They were fun to unbox and I had the perfect place for them on my shelf in the office. Special thanks to DC and the collectibles team for making this happen. Take care and talk soon. #batman #joker #dccollectibles #dccomics #gotham #batmanblackandwhite #KingdomofTheMad #batmanandrobin #Gotham
Gerard Way Oct 31, 2018
DOOM PATROL ISSUE 12— In Stores now!⠀ ⠀ We’ve got a Halloween double-header today. Doom Patrol returns, this time with a very special issue. This issue centers around everybody’s favorite family from Doom Patrol, the Reynolds. And we learn more about Lucius and the power inside of him. We also see what they were up to right as Milk Wars was about to kick off. Hope you enjoy, we had a lot of fun with this one and I’d like to officially welcome @jeremyfranklambert to the fold! Making a special guest appearance, @danmcdaidart handled the gorgeous interiors, Tamra Bonvillain handled her always gorgeous colors (love the use of magenta in this issue), Todd Klein took care of the fantastical lettering, and @nickderington not only provided the standard “module” cover, but plotted and helped write some of the issue. Variant by Dan McDaid. ⠀ While we close the chapter on the first big 12 issue arc of Doom Patrol. We will return with an all new vibe. Working away on it as we speak. Stay tuned. ⠀ #thefamilythatslaystogether #intothedaemonscape #doompatrol #younganimal #dcyounganimal #dccomics #dungeonsanddragons #GaryGygax #penandpaperrpgs #rpgs #DnD @dccomics
Gerard Way Oct 31, 2018
Back in time for Halloween! The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion Issue 2— IN STORES NOW. ⠀ People have been wondering where Klaus has been since he didn’t appear in the first issue. As you can see he’s doing pretty well. @gabriel_ba draws the absolute best double-page spreads. @nick_filardi kills it on colors. And @natepiekos shreds it with the lettering. ⠀ Anyone dressing up as their favorite Umbrella Academy character for Halloween? Maybe we can use the hashtag #uahalloween so we can see some of your awesome costumes. Super amped this book is out there in the world and continuing to unfold. Enjoy! ⠀ #darkhorsecomics #umbrellaacademy #hoteloblivion #ncbd
Gerard Way Oct 30, 2018
Baby You’re A Haunted House— The lyric video. We hit over one million views so I wanted to take this chance to talk about the lyric video for the song. We wanted to do something a little more special than a standard lyric video for this, so I wrote a brief treatment and sent it over to Devin Sarno (@devinsarno) at Warner Bros Records. Devin has been helping me make videos since I’m Not Ok, when we collaborated with Marc Webb, and has always been so great about making the artist’s vision the most important thing, really helping bring it to life. And I knew I wanted Claire Vogel (@oclaire) to shoot it, as she is a brilliant director. Claire is someone who worked with MCR on the Danger Days videos and I was eager for another chance to work with her. So we sent her the treatment and she went and made it! Gathering all the costumes,  and some friends who knew how to play instruments, she shot the whole thing. It came out even better than it was in my head when Mikey Way gave me the idea. When he was recording bass for the song, he said that he could picture a video like one of those old monster cartoons from the 60’s of musicians toe tapping and Beatle-bopping to the song. And I thought we should make that happen! Albeit, less of a black and white 60’s tv show and more of an old Russian tv show. So there you go. Hope you enjoyed it! #byahh
Gerard Way Oct 26, 2018
So glad that people are enjoying the song, here is a bit about it. #byahh