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Hesitant Alien
Gerard Way Apr 19, 2019
Gerard Way Apr 10, 2019
And last but not least we have Far Sector, a Green Lantern story written by N.K. Jemisin (making her comic book debut!) with art by Jamal Campbell (@pryce14). Cannot wait for you all to read this. When my friend Ian suggested N.K.’s Inheritance Trilogy to me, not only did I love her work, but we both thought she’d write an amazing Green Lantern story. And that is what you are getting, with stunning art by Jamal. So psyched! Debuting Fall 2019! #farsector #dcyounganimal #dccomics
Gerard Way Apr 10, 2019
Next up we have Collapser, penned by my brother @MikeyWay (I think it’s national sibling day too!), and my sometimes writing partner Shaun Simon. We did Killjoys together and you’ll know him from his work on Neverboy, Wizard Beach, and Art Ops. The series is drawn by Ilias Kyriazis (@iliaskyriazis), and looks stunning, and colored by Cris Peter (@coloristdiaries), and lettered by Simon Bowland (@simonbowlandlettering). This is a story about a guy with near crippling anxiety and a black hole struck inside of him, which are kind of the same exact thing. Can’t wait for you all to check out this new concept. Drops July 17th! #collapser #dcyounganimal #dccomics
Gerard Way Apr 10, 2019
So excited Young Animal is coming back! We’ve been working tirelessly in the background for a while to bring you more Doom Patrol, and two new books— Collapser and Far Sector. I’m going to give you a glimpse of each one in the next few posts, starting with Doom Patrol. Many people will be working on this next incarnation of the World’s Strangest Heroes. I’d like to welcome my co-writer Jeremy Lambert (@jeremyfranklambert) as well as the following artists and collaborators— James Harvey (@harveyjamz), Doc Shaner (@doc_shaner), Nick Pitarra (@nickpitarra), Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan) and welcome back Tamra Bonvillain on the issues not colored by the line artists. And Todd Klein on letters. And of course, the amazing Nick Derington (@nickderington) on covers. So a lot of the old gang is still here. Drops July 3rd! #DCYoungAnimal #DCComics #DoomPatrol
Gerard Way Apr 02, 2019
So psyched. #Regram: @umbrellaacad Hello. Season 2. Goodbye.
Gerard Way Mar 28, 2019
The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion # 6 is available online and in shops now! Very excited to get this out there, some big things happen in this issue. I hope you enjoy it. #umbrellaacademy #variantcover #darkhorsecomics #darkhorse #hoteloblivion #theumbrellaacademy
Gerard Way Mar 26, 2019
Timeline Photos
Gerard Way Mar 25, 2019
Umbrella Academy
Gerard Way Mar 21, 2019
Umbrella Academy
Gerard Way Mar 20, 2019
Hey all! My good friend @frankieromustdie has a new album coming out on March 31st through UNFD. He put together another amazing group of people for this go and I have heard Young And Doomed and love it. Check out the song tomorrow on BBC Radio 1 with Annie Mac, and I’m sure Frank has a ton of other fun stuff planned for the weeks ahead leading up to the release. Umbrella Academy Allison character exploration coming soon, I promise. I’m trying to finish all these comics! #FIATFV #Barriers #Iamafutureviolent
Gerard Way Mar 18, 2019
Timeline Photos
Gerard Way Mar 11, 2019
:: Contains Spoilers ::
Gerard Way Mar 10, 2019
sheep flashback
Gerard Way Mar 06, 2019
f/avorite cosplay
Gerard Way Mar 04, 2019
I just received some very sad news. One of my dear friends, Anita, just passed away. I loved her very much and I will miss her. Anita and I became friends during the time when I had done an art contest on twitter, and she had tracked down the winners and gotten all of the addresses together so I could send out the awards, as she could see I got overwhelmed. But it was not long after that we met in person, at my solo show in San Fransisco, and we became friends, and grew close over the years. She was an amazing person, and we shared a love of Magic The Gathering and Star Wars. She had such a warmth and a light, and her job was helping veterans, helping people. We stayed in touch and talked about which new star wars toy we were tracking down, magic cards, life. She always sent me love on the holidays, and I sent it back. She would make me special magic decks, and we always promised each other we would finally sit down together and have a proper game of magic, a real wizards duel. We never got to do that, and it makes me very sad, because it would have been wonderful to just be in her presence for even a moment more. Godspeed Anita, and Rest In Peace.
Gerard Way Mar 04, 2019
I just found out that beets are particularly good for me.
Gerard Way Mar 01, 2019
Number 2 AKA Diego Hargreeves AKA The Kraken OK, here’s the next character exploration. Firstly, I LOVE what they did with Diego in the show. His relationship with Mom is wonderful, and is one of the beating hearts of the series. It’s an improvement I welcomed gladly. So Diego, he’s got it tough. He has to be Number 2. In the comic, he can just hold his breath as long as he wants, but in the show, he can throw knives in an unnatural way. I do hope they will explore his power of being able to hold his breath as long as he wants, and I know David Casteneda, the amazing actor that plays him, would like to explore that. It kind of turns him into a gritty, knife-throwing Aquaman, which I think is fun. Now, let’s go deeper. His relationship to Luther— they are important to each other. Hargreeves numbered Diego Number 2 because one of the things that drives Number one is the tension between him and Diego. I could see one of Hargreeves’ notes being “Number 2 hates Number 1. Let’s explore this.”. Diego’s obvious resentment and competition toward Luther pushed them both to be better. This is important— Sometimes the people that challenge us the most provide the opportunity for the most growth, and become out greatest teachers. But it isn’t all about Luther. Diego is on a journey of his own. Diego had to leave the house so he could be Diego and not just “Number 2”. And the only place being Number One got Luther at the end of the day was living alone on the moon. Maybe they’ll learn the numbers don’t matter, as Five did, which is why I feel he embraced his number as a name instead of a rank, and rejected an actual name (which I hope we see one day!). Diego is relentless. His sense of duty and his dedication to justice is unparalleled in the academy. He’s a beast. He is played wonderfully by @castenedawong, who has talked to me about how he wants to further embody the character, and my favorite moment of his is when he is outside the academy with Klaus after “something happens to Mom” (no spoilers) and he starts to stutter. My heart broke. Lots of love. #umbrellaacademy #darkhorsecomics #netflix #numbertwo #diegohargreeves #thekraken #ucp
Gerard Way Feb 26, 2019
I’d like to try and do series of posts where I discuss each of the main characters of The Umbrella Academy, since so many of you are watching it now. It seems fitting to go through them in numerical order so I’ll start with Number 1 AKA Luther Hargreeves AKA Spaceboy (these characters have so many names, and it’s great fun to try and watch everyone, including the press, keep them straight). I feel like there is a real sadness to Luther that the show captures wonderfully. To me he represents isolation and innocence. There are bits of other people and me in him, sometimes finding myself in a leadership role, sometimes unsuited for the role, and always making tough and sometimes unpopular decisions. Trying to do what’s best not for a single individual but for the whole. I failed at this many times, and it’s not an easy gig. One of the things the show tackled more than the comic was body horror, and I think they did a great job with that. Also a feeling that I have had and I know some of us have had where we aren’t comfortable in your own skin, or you are unhappy with your body or how it will be judged, or finding yourself covering up (I spent years doing this). But I’ve learned to let go of that over the years, and got more comfortable in my body. I think, with people in Luther’s role, the wish is that you can make everyone happy, but unfortunately the way you feel you can achieve that is if everyone does what you say, and that doesn’t always work out. I think a good leader knows when to listen, and how to inspire, not manipulate. @tom.hopperhops did an amazing job with Luther, and like the others, added a lot to the character. I think my favorite scene with Luther is the surreal out of body dance he shares with Allison (the amazing @emmyraver) Choreographed by the incredible @emmaportner! #numberone #lutherhargreeves #spaceboy #umbrellaacademy #darkhorsecomics #ucp #netflix
Gerard Way Feb 26, 2019
Gerard Way's guide to the world's best comic books
Gerard Way Feb 24, 2019
So grateful to see so many people loving and binging the show, some of you on 2nd or 3rd viewing. I am floored. Thank you. #umbrellaacademy #netflix #darkhorsecomics
Gerard Way Feb 21, 2019
“What part of “the future” do you not understand?” Is my favorite line in the series. I laugh every time I hear @aidanrgallagher say it. #umbrellaacademy #netflix #darkhorsecomics #numberfive #ucp
Gerard Way Feb 20, 2019
Hang in there
Gerard Way Feb 15, 2019
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY ON NETFLIX— NOW STREAMING! It has arrived. I hope you all enjoy it! #umbrellaacademy
Gerard Way Feb 14, 2019
Umbrella Academy