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Gemini Mar 30, 2019
Introducing my debut album 'Wanderlust' - Out Now! DOWNLOAD —
Gemini Nov 02, 2018
Introducing my new project Autonomy w/ the incredibly talented violinist Anna Phoebe. Our new song ‘Apollo’ is out now. x
Gemini Jun 16, 2017
Hey guys, Just a little update to say hello from the studio and thanks again to all my amazing fans who supported Wanderlust. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Recently I've been in the studio day and night producing and writing with some extremely talented songwriters and artists. It’s a lot of fun and I hope to be sharing some of this music with you guys soon :) T
Gemini Sep 22, 2016
Thanks to the awesome MrSuicideSheep for uploading 'Trap Door' from Wanderlust. Hope you're enjoying the album.
Gemini Sep 21, 2016
The wait is over. The debut Gemini album is out today and it's a huge deal for me. I am so lucky to have such resilient fans and the fact that you've continued to follow me on this new journey - words cannot describe how happy that makes me feel. In light of the release, I want to take a moment to clarify a few things for you. Truth be told I had written four albums during the time I was inactive. I can't express enough how much I wanted to give you guys new music but I simply wasn't happy with it. It was a time when the electronic dance music landscape was changing in a big way. I didn't want to trend-hop to new genres and I didn't want to repeat myself infinitely. When I first discovered the world of dubstep - I felt strongly that there was an opportunity to do something bold & different and the result of that urge was Blue. I just wasn't inspired by the environment and for that reason, I decided I needed to switch off for a while. Following Mercury, I really struggled to find purpose in life. I didn't enjoy writing music and I couldn't grasp what was missing. Following a state of depression - in 2014 I decided that something had to change. Subsequently, I found love which resulted in frequent travels to Scandinavia. I fell in love with the clean air, healthy outdoor activities, and the sparse population. Upon entering the wilderness for the first time, I felt a very close connection to nature - it was liberating. The more I dared to explore the unknown, the more inspired I became and slowly but surely I started to write music again. Since then I have climbed volcanos, walked across glaciers, watched the sunrise unfold in front of forgotten civilisations, got lost many times, grown a keen passion for photography and film, flown in a helicopter through the arctic circle, driven through deserts, found the northern lights, travelled 250,000 miles across the world, found an incredibly talented songwriting partner and an awesome manager, I've grown a love for the environment and become a vegetarian. The result of all of this - Wanderlust. It represents a journey into the unknown in search of something new. It paints a positive picture of experiences, culture, landscapes and much more. Despite the negative outlook on the world that the media is so keen to portray - I feel the world is mostly good. I'd love this album to act as a source of inspiration for to others to travel, preserve our fragile ecosystem and give a voice to the good in this world. From the bottom of my heart thank you to every single fan out there. You are my inspiration and you are the reason I continue to make music. Emotional thoughts aside - I'd really love to hear what you think of the album ;) Listen here – P.S I will never leave it this long again to release new music :) Tom x
Gemini Sep 15, 2016
To celebrate the release of Wanderlust next week - WeTransfer are giving away 'Trap Door' for FREE. Download —
Gemini Sep 02, 2016
Excited to share a brand new track from the album – 'The Turnaround' is available to download now when pre-ordering Wanderlust! Pre-order —
Gemini Aug 30, 2016
Introducing my debut album 'Wanderlust'. OUT NOW —
Gemini Aug 26, 2016
I'm very excited to announce the tracklisting for my debut album 'Wanderlust'.
Gemini Jul 01, 2016
My new single 'Dancing Clouds' is out NOW! ☁️⚡️☁️⚡️
Gemini Jun 30, 2016
Check out my new song 'Dancing Clouds' over at The Line Of Best Fit. Thanks for the premiere guys <3
Gemini Jun 28, 2016
Tune in this Thursday for the exclusive premiere of 'Dancing Clouds'. Here's a sneak preview ;)
Gemini Jun 24, 2016
Dancing Clouds - 1st July.
Gemini May 14, 2016
This is my new single 'Do It For Love'. I shot this timelapse in the desert during my travels last month :) Thanks to the awesome MrSuicideSheep for uploading it <3
Gemini May 13, 2016
Introducing my new single 'Do It For Love' - the second instalment from Wanderlust.
Gemini May 06, 2016
Do It For Love - May 13th.
Gemini Apr 27, 2016
Out here in Death Valley. Exciting announcement coming soon.
Gemini Mar 24, 2016
I am truly blown away by the amount of love for Time To Share. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the song. Next song coming soon ;) -T
Gemini Mar 05, 2016
Thanks to @wetransfer for featuring Time To Share.
Gemini Feb 16, 2016
Very excited to present the video for 'Time To Share' which I shot in South East Asia.
Gemini Feb 15, 2016
Coming tomorrow...
Gemini Feb 05, 2016
I'm so proud to finally have Time To Share out there. I've put my everything into this. Please <3 and share with all of your friends. Out Now -
Gemini Feb 04, 2016
Gemini Jan 31, 2016
Time to Share - February 5th.
Gemini Jan 21, 2016
I am completely overwhelmed by all of your positivity guys, it means the world to me. The first single will be out 5th February. Feels good to be back :)