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Another World EP
Gawtbass Aug 17, 2019
"The Biggest Risk Is Not To Take A Risk" - Fortune Cookie
Gawtbass Aug 17, 2019
Gawtbass Jul 12, 2019
Check out my new Eruku single Samurai II :) @Eruku on soundcloud out now!
Gawtbass Jun 28, 2019 Updated with Exclusive content & Official Artwork available on The Online Store! Also Featured New Releases, Stream Or Check Out My Music Videos And Live Show AfterMovies Bookings page and more! Thanks for supporting me #Gawtbass and have a beautiful day!!
Gawtbass Jun 13, 2019
New Bass music! I have been following this guy #Swifty (Swifty Gaming Fans) for years. He is a professional gamer and plays most of my favorite videogames so after making the #Reckful theme song... I was watching his stream last night and he was talking about how he loves #Dubstep #Bass music, so I decided to make this song #Swifty Subscribe to his stream on sponsoring NVIDIA GeForce Enjoy!!
Gawtbass May 30, 2019
Hey everyone I have released a few new songs on my soundcloud page @Gawtbass #SacredFlamingo #Tease and #Hallelujah Sacred Flamingo I tried some new style and it turned out pretty cool. #Tease (definitely a college party anthem) and #Hallelujah is one of my first (Festival Bounce) tracks and I am happy how it turned out and most likely be making more!
Gawtbass May 11, 2019
Good morning social media! I am proud to present to you lovely people my latest top & up to date music 4 Solid Single Releases By Myself #Gawtbass #1 #Recuperate #2 #ImOnTopOfTheWorld #3 #GetBetter #4 #Architect You can listen to these songs on my soundcloud @ Gawtbass Have a fantastical ecstatic day and stay positive
Gawtbass May 03, 2019
Hey everyone! How's things going for you all? I would love to hear from some of my fans :) I usually just post my new songs without anything else which I could see as being boring... so I've been doing a lot of balancing as far as #Gawtbass work. I am also doing a lot of gaming which is one of my favorite hobbies to get inspiration from. SO as far as my music and release dates... I have so many songs I am working on... like over 20 songs. Anyways, enough about me... what is some of your favorite hobbies? What Inspires you? I am always looking for new ways to motivate. Also if there are any producers that value my opinion feel free to message me on this page Have a wonderful day Hashtag for the day is... #NeverSellYourSoul
Gawtbass Apr 05, 2019
I am 27 years young as of today :) I have some really fresh new music coming soon! I am excited
Gawtbass Mar 23, 2019
Gawtbass Mar 23, 2019
Feeling generous? I am Gawtbass and have completely ditched all software that was from pirating. To all producers of #EDM that use those pirated VST's and effects, I strongly suggest to support #AntiPiracy for a few reasons. My personal remedy was to boost my effort to self discipline when I could easily do a 10 minute get free software that costs over $1,000, but instead I have a unique License per software and that has made me appreciate and built sense of accomplishing something great that was challenging. Anyways, with that being said I am now putting my tip bucket into parenthesis to help me keep building my music software and hardware to get better (
Gawtbass Mar 22, 2019
What do you guys think of when you see the name or hear the name Gawtbass?
Gawtbass Mar 04, 2019
Fresh NEW Remix out now!!! Anyone remember the huge pop single of Alexandra Stan #SaxoBeat? I had a sudden urge to listen to the song on #youtube and felt inspired to do a Gawtbass Remix of the popular hit! My remix is freshly pressed on #Soundcloud soundcloud @gawtbass1 :)
Gawtbass Mar 01, 2019
I INTRODUCE TO ALL BEAUTIFUL FANS OF MINE MY NEW OFFICIAL #Gawtbass #Logo 2019 is just getting started #IncorruptibleMagic
Gawtbass Mar 01, 2019
Gawtbass's cover photo
Gawtbass Feb 27, 2019
Lots of big news on the way to the Gawtbass Social media very soon! I'm really excited to change things up and tackle 2019 like #McGregor would if he made music. While #Quality & #Quantity like #Gawtbass2013 is. Quality is the theme for 2019 and the goal is to be the artist that is quoted as "The Next Artist to keep your eye on" in other words Get famous and Receive appreciation. I've met some really cool people since I was in a fog of being lost. But now I am enhancing myself to be found and appreciated musically, not just on soundcloud but all music platforms and blogs and things are looking great. I have been uploading songs to soundcloud for you to check out as well before the big return of G A W T B A S S Gawtbass on soundcloud
Gawtbass Feb 27, 2019
Gawtbass's cover photo
Gawtbass Feb 27, 2019
Gawtbass Jan 10, 2019
2019 is full of positive outcomes Unleashing #Gawtbass potential with maximum positive energy and evolution of motivation
Gawtbass Dec 23, 2018
Very excited to #announce #new #Exclusive #Albums and #Singles coming soon which will be for purchase for online download... Also be sure to buy the existing music on my #shop for #great #prices and #special holiday discounts. #IlluminatiConfirmed
Gawtbass Dec 07, 2018
"Bringing 2013 back like WHOO" NEW MUSIC THIS MONTH! This month is about giving, loving, gifts and holiday spirit So I have a LOT of new music coming this month! First song I have ressurected #Twerk and #GawtbassHype because my cover photo shows #1 all over the place on charts so HERE WE GO! #Swish #Twerk #Twerkteam #2013 #Win #Dance #TakeItBack #Swish #Net #Basketball #2018 #UnderArmour #Sponsor #FreeDownload #FreeMusic
Gawtbass Dec 02, 2018
Full support "Wikipedia is a place to learn, not a place for advertising. It unites all of us who love knowledge: contributors, readers and the donors who keep us thriving"
Gawtbass Dec 02, 2018
Gawtbass's cover photo
Gawtbass Nov 25, 2018
Who is ready for some new music?
Gawtbass Sep 24, 2018
#HefnerStyle Out on the cloud HAVE A GOOD DAY