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Another World EP
Gawtbass Jan 10, 2019
2019 is full of positive outcomes Unleashing #Gawtbass potential with maximum positive energy and evolution of motivation
Gawtbass Dec 23, 2018
Very excited to #announce #new #Exclusive #Albums and #Singles coming soon which will be for purchase for online download... Also be sure to buy the existing music on my #shop for #great #prices and #special holiday discounts. #IlluminatiConfirmed
Gawtbass Dec 07, 2018
"Bringing 2013 back like WHOO" NEW MUSIC THIS MONTH! This month is about giving, loving, gifts and holiday spirit So I have a LOT of new music coming this month! First song I have ressurected #Twerk and #GawtbassHype because my cover photo shows #1 all over the place on charts so HERE WE GO! #Swish #Twerk #Twerkteam #2013 #Win #Dance #TakeItBack #Swish #Net #Basketball #2018 #UnderArmour #Sponsor #FreeDownload #FreeMusic
Gawtbass Dec 02, 2018
Full support "Wikipedia is a place to learn, not a place for advertising. It unites all of us who love knowledge: contributors, readers and the donors who keep us thriving"
Gawtbass Dec 02, 2018
's cover photo
Gawtbass Nov 25, 2018
Who is ready for some new music?
Gawtbass Sep 24, 2018
#HefnerStyle Out on the cloud HAVE A GOOD DAY
Gawtbass Sep 14, 2018
Something new: Bounce #Bounce#Booty #$
Gawtbass Sep 05, 2018
Support our movement #Incorruptible The money goes to Exalted One to help better the future in his way of the greater good. If you have any questions or interests in helping please read about Incorruptible and listen to his music on SoundCloud or iTunes Thank you for taking the time to read this status
Gawtbass Sep 05, 2018
I am #INDOMITABLE #YEA #Incorruptible
Gawtbass Sep 04, 2018
Gawtbass Sep 04, 2018
Gawtbass Sep 01, 2018
Exalted One - Boundless (EP) out now on digital music stores #SupportIncorruptible
Gawtbass Aug 13, 2018
New song with Petey Levich - Vivid (Produced by Gawtbass)
Gawtbass Aug 07, 2018
"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Winston Churchill
Gawtbass Aug 03, 2018
Just let go and let me guide you there
Gawtbass Jul 27, 2018
Hey everyone I hope you are all doing fantastic. An update on my music, I'm in the process of deciding where to go from here as Gawtbass. As many of you know I have side projects or (more projects) such as Exalted One which I have been spending a lot of time and effort establishing for my main route as more of a "political, spiritual, celestial, type movement" as well as my alias Eruku which is more of my natural tranquil self-disciplined alias that helps me return to the moment when lost in funks. If you have not checked out those pages, be sure to check those out and let me know what you think! I will be answering messages more frequently now. I have some custom services I am working on for producers and fans on my website that I am consistently updating at Besides that I have some tracks from when I first started producing such as "rush" along with some newer songs such as indomitable and happy emoji and see no evil. Also, my good friend Justin Watts is working on building his new label and more awesome projects, if anyone is interested in helping him definitely get in touch with him! have a nice day everyone
Gawtbass Jul 22, 2018
hey everyone that likes me as Gawtbass there is new music out and I made it to make you happy. For real. enjoy
Gawtbass Jul 10, 2018
Shoutout Foreign Beggars for the support, I remember back in the day when I was on the school bus as a kid jamming out to your tunes shoutout Dabbla for the huge rap skills and lyrics. Expect more Gawtbass Graham Gawthorpe doing serious work with these talented UK rappers outshining them charts
Gawtbass Jul 03, 2018
While making this track, I was thinking about how messed up the music industry, for example on SoundCloud (WORLD charts, Trippie Redd piece of trash that makes a song called "I kill people" your a disgrase to the world. So anyways, I am indomitable and I remember back in 2014 or so, a lot of scheming wannabe illuminati kids posting tracks called antidote. Well I am the cure to curing the antidote. New world order is approching. Sorry to BREAK IT (it = non virtuous sellouts and those that sign them) while childish rappers at the top think they run it all, while I have been taking over the industry every hour as yall smoke blunts and have nothing interesting to say, I own yall, you better take a few seconds to realize that because you won't be happy when I take all those top slots and make this world influenced by soulful individuals that deserve those spots. I posted on my "Our Story" section I'll be number 1 on Billboard but now that I realize companies like that are those that I speak of doing most of the garbage to the media, I prefer to run it all. Artwork inspired by when I took number 1 in a fencing championchip as a young man. My name is G, I spit the truth, this is my introduction. Growing up 13, up yeah been a challenge. Now I'm feelin way (boundless advantage)
Gawtbass Jun 27, 2018
Welcome to my game (Part 1)
Gawtbass Jun 23, 2018
Gawtbass Jun 21, 2018
Gawtbass Jun 13, 2018
's cover photo