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Gavin Rayna Russom Dec 05, 2018
's cover photo
Gavin Rayna Russom Dec 01, 2018
The National Sawdust Hildegard Competition (for which I am one of the mentors) has extended the application deadline to December 7th! See more info below: “The Hildegard Competition is National Sawdust’s premiere competition for emerging female, trans, and nonbinary composers. After a successful inaugural year in the 2017–18 season, the second year of the competition digs deeper into its purpose: Uncovering how gender affects the lens through which music is perceived by providing a platform for composers whose voices are often underrepresented in the conversation. In addition to a $7,000 cash prize and a professional performance and recording with the National Sawdust Ensemble, the winners will receive one-on-one mentorship with the established figures in the field who also serve as judges for the competition: Paola Prestini (National Sawdust’s Co-Founder and Artistic Director), Angélica Negrón, Du Yun, Tania León, and Gavin Rayna Russom.”
Gavin Rayna Russom Nov 21, 2018
November 27th, killer lineup and all to benefit the critical and incredible work being done by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP). Don’t miss it!
Gavin Rayna Russom Nov 07, 2018
's cover photo
Gavin Rayna Russom Nov 03, 2018
This is sweet. Proud to be in such good company.
Gavin Rayna Russom Nov 02, 2018
I made this to DJ on Halloween night. Free download at my Soundcloud page in case you want to play it next year:
Gavin Rayna Russom Oct 27, 2018
's cover photo
Gavin Rayna Russom Oct 27, 2018
I'm very honored to have been one of the final guests for NOISE IN MY HEAD and to present this "Dance Excursions" mix. Thanks Michael for the support and these kind words: "My tiny mind was fractured by her collaborative epic with Delia Gonzales - Days of Mars - in 2006 and I’ve intently followed every chapter of the synthesist/visual artist/dancer’s journey since. This one brings back fond memories of the Toff + Bamboo Musik dancefloors, 3RRR studio hijinx + our 5th anniversary group art show. Thanks for always sharing Rayna!"
Gavin Rayna Russom Oct 24, 2018
Tune in on Facebook and Twitter today (Oct. 24). I’ll be part of a live discussion hosted by Billboard Pride, moderated by Pose star Indya Adrianna Moore with a panel of transgender musicians: Me, Jaimie Wilson, Mila Jam and Morgin DuPont. We will discuss the recent New York Times article and the political moves that prompted it.
Gavin Rayna Russom Oct 23, 2018
Looking forward to hitting Miami, as well as Detroit and Athens, GA this weekend as the Ladies of LCD Soundsystem tour continues.
Gavin Rayna Russom Oct 15, 2018
UK/EU Black Meteoric Star heads, there are currently a few copies of both the “3 Love Songs” pink vinyl EP and the “No More White Presidents” cassette at Piccadilly Records. These have previously been pretty hard to get over there so get at ‘em!
Gavin Rayna Russom Oct 13, 2018
Sharing this picture of/by Hildegard Von Bingen from my image file because the deadline for National Sawdust’s Hildegard Competition is coming up soon! The competition is for emerging femme, trans and gender non conforming composers and the prize is $7,000.00! I am super honored to be one of this year’s judges and mentors so if this looks like it could be for you please head over here: for more details and let’s make music!
Gavin Rayna Russom Oct 11, 2018
One week from today Nancy Whang and I kick off our Ladies of LCD Soundsystem DJ Tour!!!! Our first run will take us to Urban Lounge SLC, Eden Seattle and Bang Bang San Diego, Can't wait!! All tour dates listed below, see you there! 10/18 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge 10/19 - Seattle, WA - Eden 10/20 - San Diego, CA - Bang Bang 10/25 - Ferndale, MI - Grasshopper Underground 10/26 - Miami, FL - Floyd 10/27 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre 10/31 - Chicago, IL - Sleeping Village 11/01 - Louisville, KY - Gravely Brewing Co. 11/02 - Dallas, TX - It’ll Do 11/03 - St. Charles, MO - RYSE 11/08 - Denver, CO - Ophelia's Electric Soapbox 11/09 - San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine 11/10 - Austin, TX - Cheer Up Charlie’s 11/17 - Portsmouth, NH - 3S Artspace 11/29 - Brooklyn, NY - Good Room 11/30 - Los Angeles, CA - 1720
Gavin Rayna Russom Oct 10, 2018
A truly epic release, out today by the relentless Mutant Beat Dance. All top quality material. Look for my guest vocal as Black Meteoric Star on “Geometrical Disease”. Available via Rush Hour:
Gavin Rayna Russom Sep 12, 2018
As long as the Israeli government continues its brutal and sustained oppression of the Palestinian people we respect their call for a boycott of Israel as a means of peaceful protest against the occupation. #DJsForPalestine
Gavin Rayna Russom Sep 03, 2018
Thanks Esteban Adame for supplying the perfect Labor Day soundtrack #DayLabor #SpicyBBQ 💗💗💗:
Gavin Rayna Russom Aug 29, 2018
So very much looking forward to this collaboration with Terry Riley and Gyan Riley at National Sawdust September 15th!
Gavin Rayna Russom Aug 23, 2018
JUST ANNOUNCED: Ladies of LCD Soundsystem DJ Tour w/ Nancy Whang and Gavin Rayna Russom Enter to win tickets below:
Gavin Rayna Russom Jun 28, 2018
Women in electronic music: Me and Ellen Allien from the BlackBook Magazine Moogfest Portraits feature: Photo by Jeffrey Delannoy
Gavin Rayna Russom Jun 27, 2018
Awesome piece on Chelsea Manning’s electronic music roots by Michelle Lhooq, with a cute cameo by your girl Rayna
Gavin Rayna Russom Jun 21, 2018
Honored to have been invited by Dance With Pride to speak on this panel with Ari Robey-Lawrence and Luis-Manuel Garcia. Very happy too that it’s now available for wider listening.
Gavin Rayna Russom Jun 12, 2018
A close friend recently asked me to explain this. Which made me realize that it could also be helpful to explain it in a wider forum. About names... I currently continue to professionally go by Gavin Rayna Russom when a full name is used. But when interacting one on one or in any situation where only a first name is used I go by Rayna. I made the choice to do this for several reasons. 1. Some people are only recently finding out about my work. Perhaps because of my rather public transitioning, my being part of LCD Soundsystem or maybe something else. I wanted these folks to be able to easily find all my past works, mostly because many of the things I’ve now developed the ability (and permission) to express in language are things I’ve been talking about for a long time through my art and music and in the way I’ve worked within and without those disciplines. I didn’t want that creative output to get lost through a complete change of name that happened “right away”. 2. The experience of “transition” has been complex for me. Fluid, layered, organic and at times elusive. While a more media based approach might identify my transition as beginning when I publicly announced it, for me it began as soon as I was born and did not progress along any kind of linear track, nor do I expect it to going forward. People who have known or witnessed me for a long time can certainly see many instances in which I attempted to establish my public identity as femme, and then retreated in search of deeper support, strength and a bigger god. And so my relationship to the name my parents gave me is complex, and while it no longer fits that who I am on the way to becoming, and sometimes even hurts to hear, I have given myself permission, let’s say in the interests of self care, to continue to dance with it a bit. Because, really, grief is in my experience not to be trifled with. 3. Historically, we trans women have had to go to great lengths to be seen at all by health professionals, our families, our friends, our partners or those who we might hope might one day be our partners. This has often required us to make solemn assurances that we will “play by the rules” if folks agree to accept us as women and give us the care we need, medical or otherwise. This often means subscribing to conventional notions of femininity that may be very far from where our hearts are or what our bodies are telegraphing us, just to avoid one or another form of brutality. I did not come this far, didn’t navigate the things I navigated (and I don’t just mean personally I mean ancestrally too) in terms of gender, to subscribe to someone else’s notion of what a woman is supposed to be or how she’s supposed to act. I’m here to learn, be present, listen... and that means listening inside as well as to all the incredible self actualizing femmes that came before me and surround me. It helps me to take things slow. As a white woman with a certain amount of visibility I have a level of privilege that many of my trans sisters and fellow gnc folks do not. So my hope is I get to use that privilege to challenge some of these “requirements” to being taken seriously, by publicly working through this shit and trying to deal with reality in its complexity. So yessssssssss..... Here I am and that’s the favor I’m asking of y’all. For now full professional name Gavin Rayna Russom, single name, “first” name, talkin to me, emailing me... Rayna. Oh and She/Her/Hers pronouns please, it makes a girl feel amazing when people do it without thinking about it but if you can’t just do your best and hey I love it when someome messes up and then genuinely apologizes and then does a little better the next time. We all struggle with change. 🌈💗🧙🏻‍♀️🔊 Rayna
Gavin Rayna Russom Jun 09, 2018
Tix now on sale, this is gonna be incredible. Can’t wait, see you there!