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Gareth Dickson Mar 12, 2019
Portugal. April 2019. Come. Pinuts Music Agency 12k discolexique
Gareth Dickson Feb 01, 2019
Thanks to Matteo at ConcreteShelves blog for the invite to his site... and sorry for the mess : )
Gareth Dickson Jan 07, 2019
Atmosphere (Joy Division cover) and The Big Lie, filmed last year in Angers for French television...
Gareth Dickson Dec 17, 2018
"Adrenaline" filmed earlier this year for French television...
Gareth Dickson Dec 08, 2018
"Happy Easters" filmed earlier this year in Angers for French television...
Gareth Dickson Nov 22, 2018
Great time at Le Guess Who Festival last week in Utrecht with Vashti Bunyan, next week Leeds and London. Photo by Dimly lit stages
Gareth Dickson Nov 22, 2018
Gareth Dickson's cover photo
Gareth Dickson Oct 30, 2018
Very much looking forward to this one... Milan on 16th November with Pan•American. Thanks to Teho Teardo for the invite.
Gareth Dickson Aug 29, 2018
France, soon...
Gareth Dickson Jun 20, 2018
I recorded a session and interview with Irene Trudel for WFMU in New York recently, it goes out tonight at 7pm ET but will be available on catch up after that...
Gareth Dickson May 28, 2018
Heading south... Buryfields festival in Chesham, 16th of June...
Gareth Dickson Apr 10, 2018
New York, New York. Playing at Wonders of Nature in Brooklyn on May 1st. Come! 12k discolexique
Gareth Dickson Apr 04, 2018
Looking forward to these two shows in France in a couple of weeks. The first one is free, so no excuse unless the TV is particularly good that night. Info in the links below... 19th April - TOULON - Hôtel Départemental des Arts du Var 21st April - BORDEAUX - L'Astroshøw L'Astrodøme Another Motherfolker 12k discolexique Tandem Smac
Gareth Dickson Feb 03, 2018
Recent interview for French website Soul Kitchen ahead of the upcoming tour...
Gareth Dickson Jan 18, 2018
Four shows in France in Feb... I'll be joined by House of Wolves for the last two. Come! discolexique Addict-Culture POPnews Benzine Magazine Sound Of Violence Magic, Revue Pop Moderne Soul Kitchen
Gareth Dickson Jan 08, 2018
Me and the boss hit Paris with La Blogothèque... I'll be back in France in Feb with my good pal House of Wolves, dates coming soon. discolexique, 12k
Gareth Dickson Nov 21, 2017
Some pictures from Poland, courtesy of Radosław Kaźmierczak Fotografia, thanks again to everyone at Ars Cameralis Festival !!!
Gareth Dickson Oct 04, 2017
Playing at "Ars Cameralis" festival in Katowice, Poland on 12th of November. Looks great...
Gareth Dickson Sep 22, 2017
Thank You Japan (and Seoul) 🇯🇵️♥️
Gareth Dickson Aug 31, 2017
土曜日からの日本のコンサート Japan/South Korea tour starting on Saturday (no dates in North Korea as yet, suggestions welcome)... September 2 – Tokyo – THINK OF THINGS September 4 - Seoul - Strange Fruit September 6 - Kanagawa - Cinema Amigo September 7 – Toyama – nowhere September 9 – Kyoto – bar OIL September 10 – Tokyo – 7th FLOOR
Gareth Dickson Aug 15, 2017
서울, 9 월 4 일 !!! Seoul, 4th of September!!!
Gareth Dickson Jul 29, 2017
日本ツアー2017、9月。そこにお会いしましょう! JAPANESE TOUR, SEPTEMBER 2017, COME!!!!!!!
Gareth Dickson Jun 10, 2017
"Red Road" featured on Slowdive's playlist for NTS radio... great band, quite an honour.
Gareth Dickson May 30, 2017
Porto on the 16th of June, Gaia Festival, come!
Gareth Dickson May 03, 2017
Brighton Fringe, 24th of May! Off to the seaside...