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Desolation Sounds
Grey Britain
Grey Britain (Deluxe Music Video Version)
Orchestra of Wolves
Slam Dunk Festival Slam Dunk Festival 2019
Venue: Temple Newsam Park (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
Slam Dunk Festival South Slam Dunk Festival South 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Hatfield, UK) Find tickets
Gallows Nov 23, 2018
Our label Venn Records has some serious deals happening right now 🖤
Gallows Oct 27, 2018
Thanks for showing the love Papa Het & Metallica!
Gallows Oct 19, 2018
Tickets for Slam Dunk Festival are on sale now! Get yours including after party tickets from #SDF19 #DeathIsBirth
Gallows Oct 17, 2018
It's about time, right? #SDF19 Tickets on sale 19/10 @ 9am from
Gallows Oct 17, 2018
WE'RE NOT DEAD YET... #SDF19 Tickets available from 19/10 @ 9am from
Gallows Oct 16, 2018
Gallows Jun 18, 2018
Lags' other band Gold Key have just released a brand new song, check it out below! Catch them at 2000 Trees Festival and on tour with Black Peaks and Bossk this October💥💥💥
Gallows May 04, 2018
Grey Britain is 9 years old today🖤
Gallows Apr 13, 2018
A record we're extremely proud of - Desolation Sounds was released 3 years ago today!
Gallows Apr 07, 2018
Our drummer Lee's other band Funeral Shakes are out on tour at the moment in the UK. Make sure you check out one of the remaining shows. Glasgow, Doncaster and London are all FREE! 👊
Gallows Apr 06, 2018
Our guitar player Lags discusses the history of Gallows with That's Not Metal. It's split into two parts, totalling around three hours. Details on how you can listen are below 👇
Gallows Mar 06, 2018
Our friends in Silent Front were recently in a serious van crash whilst touring in France and are lucky to be alive. To make matters worse all the equipment in the van has since been stolen. If anyone in France sees any of the following appear on any musical instrument *For Sale* listings etc then please get in touch with the band. ‡ GUITARS - Gibson Grabber - natural wood finish, heavily worn - DeAramond JetStar - black, jazzmaster pick up in bridge, big chip on body by jack AMPLIFIERS - Marshall JMP 100W (1979), no badge, ripped tolex, "SILENT FRONT" sprayed in massive letters on back. - Peavey Session Bass and flight case, "SILENT FRONT" sprayed in massive letters on side of case. SPEAKER CABS Marhsall 4x12 with much ripped tolex and no badge Marshall 8x10 with much ripped tolex DRUMS - Pearl Masters MMX drum shells (22" kick, 12" rack tom, 16" floor tom) - Pearl tico torres signature 14" snare CYMBALS - SABIAN HHX 14" EVOLUTION HI-HATS CYMBALS - Zildjian A Custom 20" Medium Ride Cymbal, Brilliant Finish - Zildjian 22" K Crash Ride Brilliant HARDWARE - Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand - DW Cymbal Boom Stand - Ludwig Boom Cymbal Stand - Pearl Eliminator Kick Pedal, P 2000B - Tama HS800W RoadPro Snare Stand - Pearl D-1000N Roadster Drum Throne, Velvet Seat CASES - Pearl DBS01 Padded Drum Bags Rock Sizes - Hardcase 14" Snare Case - Hardcase HN9CYM22 22" Cymbal Case - Hardcase HN36W Hardware Case OTHER DRUM BITS - Pearl PPBKCP5 Professional Drum Rug, 168cm x 137cm - Baskey Large Long Drum Mat 2.4m x 1.66m
Gallows Jan 21, 2018
💥GUITAR PRIZE DRAW💥 Lags's Les Paul from the early days of Gallows is in a prize draw to help cover his kitten Frida's medical bills. The all black Gibson Less Paul Studio was used to record Orchestra of Wolves and can be seen in the video for Abandon Ship and numerous television appearances. "Frida is in desperate need of an MRI scan, X-Rays and a spinal tap. On New Years Eve, Frida unexplainably began to lose the use of her back legs. After visits to two separate veterinary practices and numerous toxicology tests (that all came back clear) an appointment with a neurologist was booked at Davies Veterinary Specialists. Once again they couldn't detect any cause for Frida's condition. We then had her checked by an Orthopaedic surgeon who couldn't find any signs of limb deformity or trauma. Frida is still the same affectionate, playful kitten but after 3 weeks there's no sign of her improving and she is rapidly losing muscle tissue in her back legs as they're not getting the exercise she needs. Frida has issues passing solids and her lack of mobility will surely wear her down over time. We've tried changing her diet, performing physiotherapy, but these home remedies aren't getting the results she needs." By donating £5 you will be entered into a draw to win this guitar. Be sure to leave a comment along with your donation saying GALLOWS and we will pick the winner at random in a few weeks time. The more you give, the better your chances of winning. There are also Tattoo giveaways from some of the UK's best and most sought after tattoo artists so please take the time to check out the GoFundMe. Thanks for reading!
Gallows Jan 15, 2018
Lags and Lee's new bands Gold Key & Funeral Shakes are playing together on Saturday in support of Cancer Research UK. Come down to Bedford Esquires to support the charity and new music!
Gallows Dec 19, 2017
Our drummer Lee has a new band called Funeral Shakes and they just released a new video. Take a look, share and keep an eye out for live shows in 2018!
Gallows Dec 16, 2017
Venn Records 'AdVENN' Calendar continues and today get a Gallows shirt for £5 postage paid in the UK!
Gallows Dec 06, 2017
Venn Records AdVenn Calendar deals continue with a sprinkle of Gallows for Day 6
Gallows Dec 02, 2017
Our label Venn Records have a different deal everyday until Christmas. Yesterday it was free pin badges, today is a special Grove Street Families bundle, look out for some Gallows related deals soon...
Gallows Nov 23, 2017
Our very own Laurent Barnard is taking part in this exclusive Guitar Workshop at the Vans Store in Camden on Thursday 30th November. There will be free beer and pizza plus a 20% in store discount. You need to sign up for entry though!
Gallows Nov 03, 2017
Taking it back 5 years to the Euro tour. We've just found a couple extra screenprints designed by WeThreeClub and they're in the store now! Signed and numbered by the artist.
Gallows Oct 31, 2017
Check out the new video for 'Over You' by Funeral Shakes, featuring our very own Lee Barratt on the sticks!
Gallows Oct 30, 2017
Want to know more about Gallows roots? The Independent spoke to our guitarist Laurent Barnard about the Watford DIY scene and releasing new music with Gold Key.
Gallows Oct 29, 2017
Our drummer Lee has an amazing new band and you can hear their new single on the Radio One Rock Show tonight from 7pm!
Gallows Oct 26, 2017
Our label Venn Records is going through some changes. Check out the new website
Gallows Oct 23, 2017
Our friend The Bloody Beetroots has a brand new record out featuring a collaboration we recorded two years ago! Expect the unexpected...