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False Light
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Eye Contact
Neural Block
Jon Gaiser Oct 01, 2018
Jon Gaiser Sep 20, 2018
Jon Gaiser Aug 05, 2018
Jon Gaiser Jul 21, 2018
Jon Gaiser Jun 29, 2018
I’ve been struck by travel lightning again. Sever weather in Atlanta has caused my flights to Argentina to be canceled. ATL wasn’t letting any planes land for almost the entire day. Now the only possibility for me to arrive in Buenos Aires is 1 day too late for me to make it in time for Crobar Club & Club Berlín in Córdoba. I was really looking forward to it and now I’m seriously disappointed. I will do my best to make it back soon…
Jon Gaiser Jun 21, 2018
For those who were not there - here is 1 hour from an extended 3 hour LIVE set in Vienna.
Jon Gaiser May 27, 2018
Catching the first flight out of Detroit to Mexico City for Resistance at Ultra Music Festival with Christian Smith
Jon Gaiser May 26, 2018
#MovementDetroit #DetroitLove
Jon Gaiser Apr 07, 2018
Looking forward to return to LA w/ AMFAMFAMF at Globe Theatre! Tix & info here:"
Jon Gaiser Apr 01, 2018
Zürich. 🔥
Jon Gaiser Mar 09, 2018
Jon Gaiser Feb 05, 2018
Jon Gaiser
Jon Gaiser Jan 25, 2018
Movement Festival 2018!
Jon Gaiser Jan 11, 2018
On Saturday 21st October 2017, PLAYdifferently hosted a marathon event at FABRIK, Madrid with all artists performing on the MODEL 1 mixer: CESAR ALMENA, Fabio Florido, Jon Gaiser (Live), Hito, Lee K, Matador(Live), Nastia, Nicole Moudaber, Nuke & Richie Hawtin. #PLAYdifferently #MODEL1 #FABRIKMadrid
Jon Gaiser Dec 31, 2017
Budapest. You guys ready to party?
Jon Gaiser Dec 15, 2017
Aftermovie from last Friday - SIGHT @ Zig Zag Club Paris
Jon Gaiser Dec 13, 2017
Saturday, December 16th - BELOW 83, Zurich
Jon Gaiser Dec 13, 2017
Paris last Saturday with live visuals by Ahmet Said Kaplan
Jon Gaiser Dec 12, 2017
Jon Gaiser Dec 08, 2017
On the way to Paris for Zig Zag Club tonight. Here is an interview I did for Trax France last week...
Jon Gaiser Oct 23, 2017
Jon Gaiser Sep 12, 2017
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Jon Gaiser Aug 27, 2017
Electric Zoo Festival
Jon Gaiser Aug 18, 2017
's cover photo
Jon Gaiser Aug 18, 2017
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