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Fly Yellow Moon
Fyfe Dangerfield Aug 15, 2019
Heyaa, so that was you watching a live stream of a somewhat bewildered me doing a few filmed takes of song at a piano and trying to work out where the camera was and stuff ! I think there’s going to be a State 51 video up in a few days so I’ll post a link when it exists .. Oh and the song is called Birdwatcher, and you can hear it in Episode 1 of the series of the same name, available to stream & download for free at True facts!! Anyway, will be back really soon with allsorts .. love ! Xx
Fyfe Dangerfield Aug 15, 2019
Fyfe Dangerfield Aug 15, 2019
In classic FASHION there seem to be some kind of technical hoops wobbling around here .. but I will report back when the piano in the room is visible to ye
Fyfe Dangerfield Aug 15, 2019
GOOD, GOOD MORNING - here is the The state51 Conspiracy stream .. it goes liiive at 11 - Boom !
Fyfe Dangerfield Aug 14, 2019
Hellooo “facewwworld” - last time I was here it was January - what? - hashtag life - anyway, so much more to say & show soon but in the meantime, just to say I’ll be playing a song on The state51 Conspiracy piano tomorrow morning & it’ll be live streaming, 10-12ish UK time .. so maybe see-you-see-me there .. will post link in the morning Oh and also I’ve gingerly starting “tickling the arrows of instah” if you’re so inclined - you can find us there at “channelsmaychange” Okay - more soon, all loves to ye Xx 🧙‍♂️🧜🏼‍♀️🌱🌈
Fyfe Dangerfield Jan 14, 2019
Hey Ya Yo. Just a little 2019 note on here to say thanks to everyone who tuned in each week to hear Birdwatcher make its path from September to December. This was all just the start of something much bigger .. and the "so what now?" plans are being hatched as i type .. but it was lovely to have your ears there as we opened up the Casual Doors at Channels May Change. Back soon with some sort of news I'm sure. Loads of love until then Xx Fyfflé
Fyfe Dangerfield Dec 24, 2018
Say something about this photo. OKAY. Okay I will. This is the cover for Birdwatcher Episode 12 , the final episode of this series .. and it is now live on Christmas Eve — TODAY !! — NOW! — at Thank you so much to anyone that’s been tuning in. This is just the start yayaya! Anyway, now .. a break. Happy Christmas to all yeeeeee !🦁🌈
Fyfe Dangerfield Dec 16, 2018
Hoiyaa from the eye of GMT night - Birdwatcher Episode Eleven is ready for you, LIVE! - and kicking like a doodoo at
Fyfe Dangerfield Dec 11, 2018
a tiny detail note for detail-lovers .. if you've been downloading the Birdwatcher Episodes, the Waiter highly recommends you re-download Episode 10, as we just noticed it had no artwork when you did so. An episode without artwork is like __INSERT ANALOGY __ Anyway .. this has been amended now should, you want to correct such infernal affairs. OKAY!
Fyfe Dangerfield Dec 09, 2018
Hola hola !! Birdwatcher Episode Ten now LIVE at .. BOOM yes! Xx 🦁🌈
Fyfe Dangerfield Dec 03, 2018
Late to supper it may be, but here at last is Birdwatcher Episode 9 .. swinging its legs under the table in anticipation of your ears. Hmm. I could maybe write a more coherent analogy. But who cares? boom Thankings! x 🌈
Fyfe Dangerfield Nov 24, 2018
Happy Saturday evening all .. and here is a Saturday Evening Broadcast .. Birdwatcher Episode Eight now live at 🐶🍭🦁🌈
Fyfe Dangerfield Nov 18, 2018
Okay Facebooks - we are LIVE. Birdwatcher Episode Seven - Waiter’s Choice: available and beaming for you at X
Fyfe Dangerfield Nov 07, 2018
Hello bookface peoples - just a little note for anyone folllwing the Birdwatcher to say .. this week is our much needed half-way falllow week, so there is no Episode .. we resume next Friday and meanwhile I do as little as possible for a week before the beautiful frenzy resumes ! But I am chatting to Chris Hawkins on 6 Music tomorrow on the Radmac show So you can pootle your ears along there if you fancy it. And also just to say a big big thank you to any of you who are tuning in weekly - I am so happy to be sharing this with you. So so so so! Alright. Have lovely Wednesdays wherever ye be x
Fyfe Dangerfield Nov 04, 2018
It may have encountered delays on the way but Birdwatcher Episode Six is now HERE and it’s giddily awaiting you at
Fyfe Dangerfield Oct 27, 2018
Oh and a double post because also - if you’re up early tomorrow .. this big excitement for me is happening on 6 music !
Fyfe Dangerfield Oct 27, 2018
Fyfe Dangerfield Oct 20, 2018
Goooood morning good Saturday Birdwatcher Episode 4 now happily at .. have lovely weekends 🦁🌈🦊✨
Fyfe Dangerfield Oct 13, 2018
GOOD MORNING FACE SATURDAYS So Birdwatcher Episode 3 eventually sauntered to at 00.42 this morning . Just when it felt like it. So here it is, yeah ?! Thank you !!
Fyfe Dangerfield Oct 05, 2018
Birdwatcher Episode Two now available for everythingness at 🦁
Fyfe Dangerfield Sep 28, 2018
Fyfe Dangerfield Sep 21, 2018
Fyfe Dangerfield Sep 21, 2018
Fyfe Dangerfield Mar 09, 2018
Fyfe Dangerfield
Fyfe Dangerfield Mar 09, 2018
Fyfe Dangerfield's cover photo