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FVK Feb 10, 2019
Rediscovered this stripped back live session we did for Over Exposed the other day and was pleasantly surprised. We used to get super nervous and quite uncomfortable with acoustic shows but watching this back I'm really pleased with how it all came out. Hope you guys enjoy them! Drew ;;
FVK Nov 03, 2018
FVK Oct 31, 2018
And should you wish to have a seasonal boogie, you could do worse than shove beastly behemoth on repeat 😈🤯👻
FVK Oct 31, 2018
HAPPY HALLOWEEN LOST HEARTS!!! I've trawled through the Fearless Vampire Killers archives and pulled together all the old Halloween blogs (twas an FVK tradition back in the early days, don't ya know). I hope you enjoy them and they give you some ideas for ways to spend your night in seriously spooky style: Stay beautiful, Drew ;; xxx
FVK Sep 25, 2018
ON THIS DAY (WITH FVK): We unleashed 'Like Bruises'. Big dirty riff. Sweet, silky chorus. Cheap-chic monotone clobber. Grandomina may have been put on the back-burner, but some things never change...
FVK Sep 11, 2018
On this day in four years ago we premiered 'In Wondrous Rage' on the Obsidian Bond. Probably the closest we came to writing a full-on summertime, bop-tastic anthem. ;;
FVK Jul 02, 2018
We've made everything stupidly cheap on the store to move old stock. So fan or not. If you want some cheap, cool AF threads, get them here:
FVK Mar 09, 2017
JUST ADDED TO Obsidian Bond! A triple re-work of City Falls To Dust's climax. One acapella, one orchestral and one that combines the two, enjoy! ;;
FVK Mar 05, 2017
Final reductions on all merch items HERE: Grab a memento. It all needs to go.
FVK Mar 01, 2017
Final reductions on all merch items HERE: Grab a memento. It all needs to go.
FVK Jan 30, 2017
FVK Jan 22, 2017
NEW TO Obsidian Bond!!! The 'Always Forgive (Demo)' is now available for y'all to listen to. It was a banger right from the start so I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
FVK Jan 08, 2017
Just added, 'Taste the Iron on Your Lips' - Acapella! Hope you guys enjoy ;;
FVK Jan 05, 2017
Everything on here still criminally cheap:
FVK Dec 17, 2016
In case you missed it earlier let me present you to... The FVKristmas FVKollection: The Complete Christmas Countdown Blogs! May it warm the cockles of your hearts and get you in the festive spirit ;;
FVK Dec 12, 2016
More added to OB, more coming soon - have at it!
FVK Dec 04, 2016
NEW TO O.B.! Over the past couple of weeks we've started new stuff to Obsidian Bond including the demo for 'Priceless' (plus a detailed dissection of how it was written) and the acapella version of 'Lucifer's Shroud'! More will be coming soon, check them out now! PRICELESS (DEMO) LUCIFER'S SHROUD (ACAPELLA) ;; xxxxx
FVK Nov 21, 2016
FVK Oct 28, 2016
Now that they're both out there, which one do you prefer? ALWAYS FORGIVE Or PRICELESS Or are they just both equally awesome (that's my Derek Smalls-esque position, at least)? ;;
FVK Oct 27, 2016
Remember folks, our final two songs PRICELESS and ALWAYS FORGIVE are officially released tomorrow! Here's just a few places you can pre-order them: Happy listening! ;;
FVK Oct 25, 2016
PRICELESS and ALWAYS FORGIVE are now previewable on The Obsidian Bond, sorry for the delay folks!
FVK Oct 24, 2016
Only a couple of days if you want to pre-order this! *There will also be a limited number available at the show but pre-order to avoid disappointment and to reserve your size.
FVK Oct 23, 2016
As some of you will have already guessed, we'll be previewing our final recordings 'ALWAYS FORGIVE' and 'PRICELESS' tomorrow for The Obsidian Bond members ahead of their official release. We'll let you know what time to expect them tomorrow (it depends on how it long it takes to get the lyric videos bloomin' finished!) ;;
FVK Oct 21, 2016
Something new and exciting coming to The Obsidian Bond this Monday! I'll give you a hint - a preview, if you will: It's not just another old demo or a load of old footage of us mucking about (as great as all that obviously is)... ;; xxxxx
FVK Oct 20, 2016
Get ahead by pre-ordering our last ever shirt and collecting at the show! *There will also be a limited number available at the show but pre-order to avoid disappointment and to reserve your size.