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Futurecop! Jun 14, 2019
Here is the track "Only from Mud (Can a Flower Grow)" from the new album Voltrana, created as a soundtrack to a epic film about loss, loneliness and journey back to your strength, courage and faith. Full video on our YouTube channel 🕯️ . . #futurecop #kingdomofheaven #epic #Voltrana #onlyfrommud #soundtrack
Futurecop! Jun 12, 2019
Here is "Shinjinmei" ft Ayumi Sasaki from 葉緑体クラブ - Youryokutai Club | from my new album "Voltrana"🙏 . . . #shinjinmei #futurecop #Voltrana #japanese #spiritual #meditation #taoism #zen #buddha #buddhism #chill #relaxing #meditation #love #alanwatts #shaolin
Futurecop! Jun 12, 2019
Here is the uplifting "Let Go" ft @siameseyouth taking us through the journey of our past, spirits and future. Reminding us to have faith, the impermanence of life, to let go and live in the present moment ❤️🎆🌞 see the whole Video on our YouTube channel ✌️ . . . #letgo #futurecop #Voltrana #mindfulness #meditation #nostalgia #anime #studioghibli #faith #presentmoment
Futurecop! Jun 10, 2019
This is my track "Whispers of Tao" featuring in the new album Voltrana, inspired by my fascination of Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Inner Peace and Meditation 🌌🕯️🧘‍♂️ . . . #futurecop #voltrana #zen #taoism #tao #buddhism #innerpeace #chill #consciousness #yingyang #daoism #dao #chillmusic
Futurecop! Jun 04, 2019
Here's the nostalgic "Forgotten Summer" taken from my new album Voltrana 🌞...who can guess what film I used? #futurecop #synthwave #synth #anime #Onlyyesterday #StudioGhibli #80s #nostalgia #retro #90s
Futurecop! Jun 04, 2019
This is "Leslie Cheung" a fun track dedicated to the late great actor and singer, featuring Parallels on vocals and featured on my new album Voltrana 🎶
Futurecop! May 14, 2019
UPDATE: "Voltrana" Limited Collectors Edition 2LP Vinyls are ahed of schedule and should be ready for shipping mid May to early June. 🦄🎹
Futurecop! May 14, 2019
A perfect blend of complimentary genres, Futurecop!s "Voltrana" is a glossy, ethereal, and ambient masterpiece punctuated by razor-sharp glittering synthpop. (NewRetroWave) #retrowave #dreamwave #synthpop #newretrowave
Futurecop! May 10, 2019
Hi Fans, did you check the full "Voltrana" album teaser on my YouTube channel, released on NewRetroWave. Enjoy! ⚡️❤️🎹🦄
Futurecop! May 09, 2019
Shouts to Magnetic Magazine for the TOP 10 Feature of "Futurecop! - Fade Away feat. NINA", taken from my new album "Voltrana".
Futurecop! Apr 26, 2019
Hi Fans, Happy Friday! You can listen to my band new album "Voltrana" on Apple Music now!
Futurecop! Apr 26, 2019
"Voltrana is a giant album that is such an impressive listen from start to finish." Thanks Retro Synthwave for this great review of my album.
Futurecop! Apr 17, 2019
Big Thanks to the Magnetic Magazine, featuring my Remix for Computer Magic "Perfect Game" in their TOP 15! <3
Futurecop! Apr 09, 2019
BIG SHOUTS to all my Fans for the massive Support so far for my new Album ‚VOLTRANA‘. Enjoy the Week, Love You all! ❤️🎹🦄☯️
Futurecop! Apr 03, 2019
This is "Fade Away" ft. NINA, taken from my new album "VOLTRANA", out on NewRetroWave! Find it on all digital platforms eg. Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc. Hope you enjoy, love you all ! ⚡️❤️
Futurecop! Mar 28, 2019
‘VOLTRANA’ IS Futurecop!’s GRANDEST STATEMENT... <3 to Vehlinggo for this album review!
Futurecop! Mar 27, 2019
THIS IS the FULL ALBUM TEASER of 'VOLTRANA', released on NewRetroWave. Hope you enjoy, love you all ! ⚡️❤️ 🎶Listen & Download Here Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Bandcamp: Voltrana is an album created by Manzur Iqbal / Futurecop! from Manchester, United Kingdom. This uplifting album mixes all its previous albums' sounds into one, while adding a new dimension. Voltrana keeps its roots by collecting Futurecop! signature "feels" of eighties, childhood memories, innocence, dreams and spiritualism. However what sets the album apart is the new additions of influences ranging from Eastern Mysticism, Zen Buddhism, Inner Universe, Meditation, Eastern 80s pop culture, Mindfulness and fundamentally letting go of the past, and living in the present, a direct opposite to previous messages of Futurecop! music, that longed for the past. Musically it features a mix of Futurecop!'s trademark warm and heartfelt synth sounds however this time with a lot of live acoustic instruments, orchestral aspects, a lot of guitar and post-rock influences, eastern instruments with even one of the stand out tracks recorded in a foreign language (Japanese). The whole concept of the album was created from the influence of discovering Ancient Eastern culture and spirituality. Zen and Taoism books such as those by Alan Watts to Chaung Tzu, to name a few. All blended together to create a new way of looking at life. Musically it is influenced by orchestral Soundtrack by Vangelis, Joe Hisaishi to Hans Zimmer and 80s Japanese pop music. Tracklistings: 00:00 Intro 00:30 We Belong feat. Parallels 01:00 Star feat. Computer Magic 01:28 Leslie Cheung feat. Parallels 01:57 Finding Shaolin 02:26 Breeze (Behind Waterfalls) 02:55 Edge of the Universe feat. Parallels 03:24 Forgotten Summer 03:55 Shinjinmei (信心銘) feat. Ayumi Sasaki 04:22 Zen 4040 04:51 This Moment Forever feat. Parallels 05:20 Fade Away feat. NINA 05:49 Let Go feat. Siamese Youth 06:18 Whispers of Tao 06:47 Only From Mud (Can a Flower Bloom)
Futurecop! Mar 25, 2019
You can check the FULL ALBUM TEASER of 'VOLTRANA' on my YouTube channel now... and please don't forget to subscribe! <3 Click here:
Futurecop! Mar 24, 2019
Here's the track Star ft Computer Magic, taken from the new album VOLTRANA 🌟
Futurecop! Mar 22, 2019
"VOLTRANA" the new Futurecop! Album is out now on NewRetroWave! Find it on all digital platforms eg. Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music etc. | The 2 x LP "Limited Edition" Vinyl is also available on Bandcamp: Hope you enjoy, love you all ! ⚡️❤️ #newmusic #futurecop #vinyl #Voltrana #spiritual
Futurecop! Mar 19, 2019
Here's Futurecop! 's latest single "This Moment Forever" | also featured on the new album "VOLTRANA" to be released this Friday 🧙‍♂️✌️
Futurecop! Mar 18, 2019
✨ My next full album "VOLTRANA" is out 22nd March 2019, featuring 15 new tracks 🦄🎹+ a dream team of collaborators including Parallels, NINA, Siamese Youth, Computer Magic + Ayumi Sasaki . Artwork: Ben Redekop Label: NewRetroWave (NRW Records) Booking: [email protected] . Stay Tuned... This is going to be Huge!
Futurecop! Mar 15, 2019
Hi fans, I've made a remix for singer/songwriter Computer Magic, 'Perfect Game', check it everywhere now on Channel 9 Records. #newremix
Futurecop! Mar 14, 2019
✨EXCLUSIVE✨ Will be releasing my next full album "VOLTRANA" Friday 22nd March 2019, featuring 15 new tracks 🦄🎹 . Artwork: Ben Redekop Label: NewRetroWave (NRW Records) Booking: [email protected] . Stay Tuned... This is going to be Huge! 💐
Futurecop! Mar 13, 2019
This Friday Futurecop! releases a new remix for "Perfect Game" by Computer Magic on Channel 9 Records ✨💫🌠