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Painting of a Panic Attack
Painting of a Panic Attack (Deluxe)
Pedestrian Verse
The Winter of Mixed Drinks
The Midnight Organ Fight
Quietly Now ! - Midnight Organ Fight Live and Acoustic At the Captain's Rest
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EMusic Sessions: Live At Urban Outfitters - SXSW 2007
Frightened Rabbit Oct 09, 2018
Don’t steal other people’s intellectual property. After seeing ads for t shirts being sold using an image of Scott designed by Becky Glass we were glad to see a shared feeling of outrage from fans and people in the arts. This t shirt was being sold for profit whereas Becky was selling prints with money going to charity. We felt it was important to highlight this pretty shameful act of stealing art and selling it without the permission of the band, the family or Becky. BBC The Social agreed and made this short video to spread the word further.
Frightened Rabbit Sep 14, 2018
On December 8th this year myself, Billy and Andy will be taking part in Sleep In The Park, a very special event in Glasgow. FR were asked by Social Bite Bite earlier this year and agreed that after the success of last year and the fact this year was going to be even more ambitious we should definitely take part. The difference that this event and Social Bite as an organisation has made to the problem of homelessness in Scotland is truly incredible and inspirational. After taking part in the actual sleep out last year I witnessed a tiny glimpse in to what sleeping rough in this country is like and it changed me forever. I was lucky enough to be able to get back in my car and drive home to my flat after just one night but those 8 hours left a lasting impression on me. This year across 4 cities and hosting dozens of great bands Sleep In The Park and Social Bite will attempt to have that same impact on many more people and raise enough money and awareness to one day eradicate homelessness in Scotland. Sign up to sleep out this year in your city and believe me you'll feel differently on December 9th about sleeping rough in Scotland. We decided that we should still perform at the event after Scott's death because Scott helped so many people while he was alive and through the music he wrote we wish to do the same. We will be joined on stage by James and Andy from The Twilight Sad (Official), Kathryn Joseph, and more to perform Frightened Rabbit songs and a couple of Scott's favourite covers. Come join us and make noise and make change. Love FR
Frightened Rabbit Jul 02, 2018
Grant spoke to Forth 1 recently about the importance of continued awareness and support surrounding mental health. Watch the interview on NME here:
Frightened Rabbit Jun 06, 2018
The response we’ve had to the books we left in King Tut's Wah Wah Hut for Scott has been incredible. We are going to have them bound so they will be in Tuts until Monday if you still want to go have a read or write a message. Thank you so much. FR x
Frightened Rabbit May 24, 2018
As most of you will now be aware we have made the decision to cancel The First Incident on June 1st. Some people have expressed that they would like to donate their refunded ticket cost to a charity. If this is something you would like to do we would ask that you donate to SAMH in Scott’s memory. You can visit their website here for details: Grant & FR
Frightened Rabbit May 21, 2018
We’ve left a wee book in King Tut's Wah Wah Hut for people to share stories, pictures, whatever you like about Scott. Sharpies provided… FR x
Frightened Rabbit May 11, 2018
Frightened Rabbit May 10, 2018
If you see this Scott, please call this confidential number (116 000) to talk to someone. We just want you to feel better and safe and fully understand if you need time to yourself right now. We are worried and we love you so so much. For everyone else seeing this, please share this and any other images of Scott you feel may be useful in the search. Feel free to print these and hand them out and pass them round your local area.
Frightened Rabbit May 09, 2018
We are worried about Scott, who has been missing for a little while now. He may be in a fragile state and may not be making the best decisions for himself right now. Please could Scott or anyone with any information on his whereabouts please contact Police Scotland (101). We will post updates as and when we receive information.
Frightened Rabbit May 08, 2018
Scott recently ranked Frightened Rabbit's LPs for Noisey! Check it out below.
Frightened Rabbit May 04, 2018
Here’s another one from our recent session at Chicago's The A.V. Club on the #TMOF10 North American tour. Watch 'Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms' live below.
Frightened Rabbit May 01, 2018
We stopped by The A.V. Club in Chicago for a session on our last N. American tour. Watch 'The Modern Leper' in celebration of #TMOF10 here!
Frightened Rabbit May 01, 2018
Scott had a chat with Ticketmaster United Kingdom about FR’s biggest headline show to date, Thefirstincident festival at SWG3 in Glasgow. June 1st, get it in the diary and come to eat, drink and be miserable!
Frightened Rabbit Apr 18, 2018
Tickets for Thefirstincident here: Remaining 2018 tour dates on sale here: 'Recorded Songs' EP out now: Follow Frightened Rabbit here: Twitter: Instagram: Google +: YouTube: Soundcloud: Website:
Frightened Rabbit Apr 18, 2018
We are excited to tell you we've finalised the lineup for our very own summer festival - Thefirstincident in Glasgow on 1st June. It’s shaping up to be a lovely day out, featuring a selection of acts that we love like Hookworms, Be Charlotte and Dama Scout and delicious food and drinks from some of our favourite local foodies/drinks purveyors. The second stage is curated by the excellent GoldFlakePaint with Martha Ffion, The Spook School and Martha. The day kicks off at 4pm and it finishes with our biggest headline show to date. Bring your friends, relatives, therapists. #TheFirstIncident Tickets on sale here:
Frightened Rabbit Apr 16, 2018
Not that we are spoon feeding this but The Midnight Organ Fight just turned 10 yesterday. So its official now... #TMOF10 @Stereogum
Frightened Rabbit Apr 07, 2018
One more bit of Mastersystem biznizz to attend to. There’s a UK tour on sale NOW, so if you’d like to hear these songs played at a very high volume, this is the thing for you. We’ve got your ticket links in the shows section right here...
Frightened Rabbit Apr 07, 2018
Did ya listen to the Mastersystem album then? Did ya? If you liked what you heard, maybe you’d care to ankle down to one of the three pre-tour instores. Check ‘em... Rough Trade & Resident & Monorail
Frightened Rabbit Apr 06, 2018
The debut album from Mastersystem featuring Scott and Grant is out TODAY! If you can’t make it down to your local record shop this weekend then you can order a physical copy via the link below or stream/download the heck out of it in all the usual places.
Frightened Rabbit Mar 29, 2018
We have enjoyed seeing all your #TMOF10 posts and now also set up an email address specifically to gather old old pics, footage or even stories from way back in the day when we first released MOF. If you’ve got anything you’d like to share, email us at [email protected] and see these surface in the future in a meaningful way. Add your details for any accreditation online!
Frightened Rabbit Mar 26, 2018
Our TMOF tour may have come to an end, but for those of you who weren’t able to grab some of the fancy new merch, it’s all up on our store now! If you’d like any Liver Lung or Midnight Organ Fight designs, then you know where to go:
Frightened Rabbit Mar 23, 2018
Frightened Rabbit Mar 22, 2018
Grant and Scott's new band mastersystem band have just released a new track called 'The Enlightenment', and you can watch the video for the track below. You can pre-order their record here:
Frightened Rabbit Mar 21, 2018
Thanks to NME and Andrew Trendell for these excellent features on the past, present and future of FR. Two of Andrew’s recent interviews with Scott linked below.
Frightened Rabbit Mar 20, 2018
It’s taken me until today to process what happened over the past month at these MOF anniversary shows. The high I have come down from isn’t something I can really describe, and all I can really say is thank you. Thank you to everyone involved in these shows, from the venues to the people working with us, to the wonderful bandmates I get to share this shit with. But as Scott said at every show we played, the reason we even contemplated the possibility of doing this is because of everyone who has ever listened to and loved The Midnight Organ Fight. We might all be 10 years older and feel 20 years older, but you made us feel like another 10 years would be the most special thing in the world! Here are a few of our favourite #TMOF10 snaps from the past months. Thanks for being miserable with us. Grant