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Gold Youth
French Cassettes Dec 07, 2018
Truly a wonderful thing every time we get to come back to Santa Cruz. We're playing The Crepe Place this Saturday with Joe Kaplow. Lovin everything about this. Photo by @huddaddy
French Cassettes Nov 24, 2018
Nothin like comin home for thanksgiving and getting a text from your aunt saying you still have a box of old stuff at her house, and in it a DVD that's not only the footage your parents took of your first show ever in high school, but a reminder of when your local drug store was also your label.
French Cassettes Nov 22, 2018
Truly amazing time playing for everyone who made it out to The Chapel the other day. Great GREAT sets by Spooky Mansion n Lapel and Ry Pieri Art Boss. Everyone who took time to chat during the night, loved that. We'll be in Santa Cruz next at The Crepe Place on Dec. 8th. These nice pics by @nkknmnn
French Cassettes Nov 15, 2018
Got another new song for everyone! "Sunday Soda". We tried some things I've always wanted to do musically on this one. Thank you Adrian Spinelli for the nice words here in Everything Ecstatic. Streaming on all your favorite apps as well 🤙
French Cassettes Nov 09, 2018
Lil tour of the good guys starts today
French Cassettes Oct 11, 2018
Someone decided to just go for it and now "City Kitty" is on the 'Fresh Finds' playlist. A nice list with or w/o our mugs on there
French Cassettes Sep 29, 2018
Pushed some buttons at practice the other day and we're starting to sound like a real band's band. No foolin! See y'all at the @elriosf patio party tmrw. Of all our shows, people are already predicting it to be "the most outside". $8 before 3:30pm
French Cassettes Sep 22, 2018
Here's EARMILK talkin real about our new single "City Kitty" we just put out. If you're tryna pre-order the 7" of it w/ that sneaky B side I'll link yuh right here, you go on and have a good day
French Cassettes Sep 20, 2018
The records made it and, well, we just love'm. Got 100 available for pre-order here. Two new songs on there, one of which you can only hear with the vinyl. Plus these babies'll last forever. And we'll have them at our day party show at El Rio this Saturday, Sept. 29 2-7pm! ~ French Cassettes 7" Release with Dante Elephante & Juan Wayne!
French Cassettes Sep 15, 2018
Dealer asked us if we wana hit on a 6. asked him if we could have 5 min in the bathroom before betting.
French Cassettes Sep 05, 2018
Worth thinkin about at least
French Cassettes May 06, 2018
Seriously ripped my pants celebrating landing this trick. Childhood friend surprised me today with a homemade quarter pipe for my @techdeck handboard. This vid heavily inspired by @jasonlytle shred posts. It's a great day. Vid+ramp cred @lunchable_connoisseur
French Cassettes May 04, 2018
Thanks @rickshawstop . @suresuremusic you were freakin great. Wanted to type out a long gushy caption of how the show made me feel but decided to just let you enjoy your weekend. Everyone at the show last night, y'all warmed my heart, thanks. Lil vid from @loscharlos
French Cassettes May 03, 2018
Tired of everybody looking at us and just seeing a bunch of tough guys. Honestly just trying to offer one of the best Frenchy performances for anyone that goes to Rickshaw Stop tmrw w Sure Sure. Forgot to mention all ages. We play 9pm
French Cassettes Apr 24, 2018
Had a great time hanging with my brother this weekend. Everyone please tag my dad to show him that a degree isn't everything
French Cassettes Sep 21, 2017
Civic Center Block Party tomorrow with faves Duckwrth and many others ~~ doin a lil free show at 6pm. I'm just gonna start listing some of the attractions and pls don't stop me. Whaddya say to some skeeball,food,knitting station,bocce,roller skating,booze,art,food,knitting. Probably more, I don't really know
French Cassettes Sep 04, 2017
If you don't make it to our set in 30 min, thomas makes 2 promises. 1) to piledrive your ass. 2)make a fake ass speech at your funeral
French Cassettes Aug 28, 2017
Come get your dose from Mac Money himself. this Sun Sept. 3, Elbo Room ~ French Cassettes/Dirty Denim/Half Stack- Birthday Bash! ~
French Cassettes Jun 23, 2017
Being a man drenched in undeniable charm, can tell yuh I've made most friends by just staring for a while.(Reminding only way in to show tonight is to RSVP in the bio link for free entry 7-9pm at Hotel Zetta in SF. Open bar with @tinodrima)
French Cassettes Jun 20, 2017
Doin a lil special somethin this Friday in SF. A very naked FC experience people are calling it. Me mac and a couple guitars. I think you're gettin the picture. RSVP immediately:
French Cassettes May 28, 2017
Best shirt in a 3 mile radius
French Cassettes May 27, 2017
Dusting off our wranglers for the rodeo in Davis tomorrow! Very stoked to be sharing the stage with these gr8 bands. We play at 6pm. 🤘
French Cassettes May 24, 2017
We're playing a Davis music fest at Sudwerk Brewing Co. this Sat. 27th for KDVS Presents: Operation Restore Maximum Freedom XVII. Whole thing noon-10pm(we play round dinnertime). Cash only at gate($20),there're presales online($17). Buncha wild bands if you'll hava look. Here's a pic of our BBQ angels at the show other day
French Cassettes May 20, 2017
On our way to Thee Parkside, taking this time to get all my deepest and dark thoughts out of the way so I can have pure genuine fun at the BBQ today. Jk, here I was actually just thinking if I looked good in the picture. 3pm music starts
French Cassettes May 18, 2017
Hey all, here to promote the show this Saturday at Thee Parkside , bands start at 3pm. BBQ party type thing. Can't decide which shoes are more BBQ appropriate, runners or pumas, went back and forth for 3 hours yesterday : / would love input. Seriously help