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Seventeen Seconds
Cage Tropical
Cage Tropical
Herein Wild
FRANKIE ROSE Apr 03, 2019
Smart link to 17 seconds!! Listen here!
FRANKIE ROSE Mar 31, 2019
Guys!! Sooooo my cover of the cures’s 17 seconds album is finally available on Spotify.. my favs are “a forest””in your house “and “at night”..... check it out.I’m really happy with how it turned out✊🏽working on a new record currently.. till then -here’s the link! 🖤🖤🖤🖤
FRANKIE ROSE Mar 26, 2019
10 years!😮
FRANKIE ROSE Nov 09, 2018
Check it!
FRANKIE ROSE Sep 05, 2018
I made a playlist of some chilled out deep cuts from a few of my past bands and current. Check it out!
FRANKIE ROSE Jul 31, 2018
Hi. playing three shows with Ted Leo soon. If you are into the beach or boat rides, check em out ...
FRANKIE ROSE May 09, 2018
End of a 7 week tour! Thank you so much ALVVAYS! I would do it all again in a heartbeat. ❤️❤️
FRANKIE ROSE Apr 28, 2018
Lexington Kentucky!! Playing a last minute show on Monday night at the green lantern bar. It’s a rare event for me to be through The area so come on out!!! 🙌🏽
FRANKIE ROSE Apr 12, 2018
LA! 4/21still tickets available!
FRANKIE ROSE Apr 10, 2018
Playing a few shows with TED LEO this summer! Looking forward to it!
FRANKIE ROSE Apr 04, 2018
My good pal ski lodge made this awesome remix of cage tropical! Check it out!
FRANKIE ROSE Mar 22, 2018
Grand Rapids! Tonight! At pyramid scheme!
FRANKIE ROSE Mar 12, 2018
Thursday night!
FRANKIE ROSE Feb 15, 2018
FRANKIE ROSE Feb 10, 2018
Headed out on tour again! Most dates with ALVVAYS ! Looking forward to LA with COLD BEAT and OAKLAND with The Drums! See ya soon 🙌🏽
FRANKIE ROSE Dec 09, 2017
FRANKIE ROSE Oct 07, 2017
FRANKIE ROSE Sep 28, 2017
New video for Love in Rockets up now :: Portland tonight at Doug Fir Lounge ---
FRANKIE ROSE Sep 27, 2017
MIDWEST & EAST COAST - Frankie's US Tour reaches it final stretch, starting Oct 6 at Turf Club in St. Paul! MIN/ CHI/ DET/ PIT/ BUF/ BOS/ NYC -
FRANKIE ROSE Sep 27, 2017
Check out Frankie's brand new video for Love in Rockets on Remezcla - featuring footage of her family in East LA in the 50s-60s!
FRANKIE ROSE Sep 25, 2017
Frankie covered Seventeen Seconds by The Cure in its entirety! Listen to Frankie's version of A Forest on Pitchfork and get the vinyl via Turntable Kitchen !
FRANKIE ROSE Sep 24, 2017
Hey LA! See you tonight at The Echo!
FRANKIE ROSE Sep 21, 2017
WEST COAST RUN starts on Friday in Phoenix at The Rebel Lounge ! SD /LA /SF /PDX /SEA /VAN /SLC /DEN - Get yr tix here ::
FRANKIE ROSE Sep 20, 2017
Prep for Frankie's show at Barracuda Austin tonight - read her Strange Inquiry interview with Do512 here!
FRANKIE ROSE Sep 19, 2017
Frankie's in Dallas tonight Club Dada with Suburban Living & Nite ! Here's a preview of the show :: - Tix at the door