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Digital Frontiers
Conquering 20 Years
Awakening of Aggression
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Gernerals (Original Soundtrack)
Virtual Control
Command & Conquer: Renegade (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Frank Klepacki Aug 16, 2019
When I need a snack mid-show, I prefer SABIAN cymbals ! Performing with my friends Yellow Brick Road this weekend in Vegas! . . #drummer #drumlife #animal Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Promark Aquarian Drumheads
Frank Klepacki Aug 15, 2019
Nice to see this little trip down memory lane for Dune 2000. Really enjoyed working on the score! #dune2000 #westwoodstudios #videogamemusic
Frank Klepacki Aug 11, 2019
#Drumming Tonight at Livermore Bankhead theater with The Family Stone ! Our vocals are sounding better than ever with the Audio-Technica USA AE6100 mics and System 10 ATW-1322 handhelds! Perfect Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) collectors Kit with Aquarian Drumheads Texture coated, Response 2, and superkick 2 - Promark Rebound 5A sticks, and SABIAN AAX cymbals!
Frank Klepacki Aug 02, 2019
While I found the 9000 to be pretty well rounded, This MCD pedal gives the feet an added boost of super power speed, and feels like a true second kick drum with the double pedal version. I sold the rest of my pedals after I discovered this! Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) masterpiece!
Frank Klepacki Jul 31, 2019
Recently had a chat with the Hardy Bucks podcast!
Frank Klepacki Jul 27, 2019
Had a blast #drumming with Lou Gramm and ASIA Featuring John Payne ! Lou brought out the actual giant inflatable jukebox (top photo) that was used on Foreigners 1981 tour! (bottom photo) . #classicrock #lougramm #asiafeaturingjohnpayne #jukeboxhero Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads Promark SABIAN
Frank Klepacki Jul 25, 2019
Drumming for Lou Gramm the original voice of Foreigner, and Asia featuring John Payne! Friday JULY 26th, 8 PM at The STADIUM, Orange County Fair, Middletown, NY. . #classicrock #progrock #hiredgun #tourlife
Frank Klepacki Jul 22, 2019
Photos from Frank Klepacki's post
Frank Klepacki Jul 20, 2019
Orange County Fair New York - The Family Stone gets funky 8pm tonight!
Frank Klepacki Jul 18, 2019
Tonight! . @brickbybricksd #VinceDicola #FrankKlepacki #KennyMeriedeth #CodyCarpenter #KeithHorn #GeorgeNowik #BobReynolds #NateHorsfall . #Transformers #RockyIV #FilmMusic #VideoGameMusic #Hasbro #TransformersTheMovie #angrybirdstransformers #StayingAlive #prog #progrock #unicron
Frank Klepacki Jul 18, 2019
Awesome video by Nate Horsfall - San Diego here we come!
Frank Klepacki Jul 17, 2019
Just working out a few kinks practicing for the Vince DiCola show in San Diego, Thursday at Brick By Brick ... . Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads Promark Audio-Technica USA SABIAN
Frank Klepacki Jul 15, 2019
Another Reddit preview update from the Command and Conquer remasters! #teslatank . #commandandconquerremastered #commandandconquer #redalert #redalertremastered
Frank Klepacki Jul 11, 2019
Vince DiCola has some cool t-shirt designs available at the July 18 show in San Diego at Brick by Brick! Can’t wait to play drums to some of my favorite music with the guy who composed it!
Frank Klepacki Jul 03, 2019
So excited for this! If you’re going to San Diego during #comiccon2019 July 18th I will be playing drums with my musical hero Vince DiCola at the venue Brick by Brick! Here’s a teaser of me practicing to his battle theme from the Saturday Morning RPG video game! . . Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads Audio-Technica USA Promark SABIAN #progrock #drumlife #vincedicola #frankklepacki #videogames #comiccon #transformers #rockyiv
Frank Klepacki Jun 28, 2019
My 4 basic food groups of drumming: Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads SABIAN Promark Food for the soul that is!
Frank Klepacki Jun 20, 2019
‪Let’s see - Working on remasters for the #commandandconquer and #Redalert video games I composed, while drumming for The Family Stone and launching the new version of my new website 😉 Love my Promark Rebound 5As.‬
Frank Klepacki Jun 18, 2019
The Family Stone
Frank Klepacki Jun 15, 2019
Big thanks to Promark for expediting a huge pack of my preferred drumsticks for my tour schedule! I’m loving these Rebound 5A teardrop tips. Prior to this I used their oak sticks for 20 years, but when they came out with the Rebound sticks, it made a big difference on speed sustainability and less fatigue on the hands for long hours of drumming! Highly recommended. . #promarksticks #drumsticks #rebound5a #drumlife #tourlife #yourwristswillthankyou
Frank Klepacki Jun 14, 2019
Ever wondered what I would sound like killing and dodging zombies? I had the pleasure of being cast as the voice of the character of Liam for “Arizona Sunshine: The Damned” DLC coming in August for PlayStation VR! Great working with audio director Jonathan vd Wijngaarden and the team last year. Hey wait, that dam looks familiar... #voiceacting #videogames #undead #zombies #ArizonaSunshine #VR #VertigoGames
Frank Klepacki Jun 14, 2019
The drum mounts for the #ATM350a mics are so useful. Having a lug on the mount that clips over the existing lug of the drum is solid in that it doesn’t move, and assured that it’s never in the way of tuning - Inventive design!
Frank Klepacki Jun 12, 2019
Ah, had to dig out this old relic, the Panasonic SV3800 dat recorder. Been a very long time since I used this... lightpipe connection to Steinberg UR824 interface recording into Cubase, monitoring with Audio-Technica USA headphones. . #audioproduction #commandandconquer #redalert #remastered #90smusic #datrecorder #dattapes #whatdecadeisthis
Frank Klepacki Jun 10, 2019
Had a blast performing at #playboyjazzfestival at #HollywoodBowl with The Family Stone! . Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads Promark Audio-Technica USA SABIAN #funk #thefamilystone #frankklepacki #drums #dwdrums #aquariandrumheads #promarksticks #sabiancymbals #audiotechnica
Frank Klepacki Jun 09, 2019
The Family Stone
Frank Klepacki Jun 06, 2019
Remaster Update and First Sidebar Preview