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Digital Frontiers
Conquering 20 Years
Awakening of Aggression
Command & Conquer: Gernerals (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (Original Soundtrack)
Virtual Control
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Renegade (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer (Original Soundtrack)
Frank Klepacki Jun 20, 2019
‪Let’s see - Working on remasters for the #commandandconquer and #Redalert video games I composed, while drumming for The Family Stone and launching the new version of my new website 😉 Love my Promark Rebound 5As.‬
Frank Klepacki Jun 18, 2019
The Family Stone
Frank Klepacki Jun 15, 2019
Big thanks to Promark for expediting a huge pack of my preferred drumsticks for my tour schedule! I’m loving these Rebound 5A teardrop tips. Prior to this I used their oak sticks for 20 years, but when they came out with the Rebound sticks, it made a big difference on speed sustainability and less fatigue on the hands for long hours of drumming! Highly recommended. . #promarksticks #drumsticks #rebound5a #drumlife #tourlife #yourwristswillthankyou
Frank Klepacki Jun 14, 2019
Ever wondered what I would sound like killing and dodging zombies? I had the pleasure of being cast as the voice of the character of Liam for “Arizona Sunshine: The Damned” DLC coming in August for PlayStation VR! Great working with audio director Jonathan vd Wijngaarden and the team last year. Hey wait, that dam looks familiar... #voiceacting #videogames #undead #zombies #ArizonaSunshine #VR #VertigoGames
Frank Klepacki Jun 14, 2019
The drum mounts for the #ATM350a mics are so useful. Having a lug on the mount that clips over the existing lug of the drum is solid in that it doesn’t move, and assured that it’s never in the way of tuning - Inventive design!
Frank Klepacki Jun 12, 2019
Ah, had to dig out this old relic, the Panasonic SV3800 dat recorder. Been a very long time since I used this... lightpipe connection to Steinberg UR824 interface recording into Cubase, monitoring with Audio-Technica USA headphones. . #audioproduction #commandandconquer #redalert #remastered #90smusic #datrecorder #dattapes #whatdecadeisthis
Frank Klepacki Jun 10, 2019
Had a blast performing at #playboyjazzfestival at #HollywoodBowl with The Family Stone! . Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads Promark Audio-Technica USA SABIAN #funk #thefamilystone #frankklepacki #drums #dwdrums #aquariandrumheads #promarksticks #sabiancymbals #audiotechnica
Frank Klepacki Jun 09, 2019
The Family Stone
Frank Klepacki Jun 06, 2019
Remaster Update and First Sidebar Preview
Frank Klepacki May 29, 2019
‪As a huge fan of Funcom Conan Exiles, It was an honor to have the role of Audio Director at Petroglyph developing for Conan Unconquered - out now! Keeping consistent with previous Conan soundtracks, we had composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen return for our main themes!‬
Frank Klepacki May 29, 2019
Another dream come true of mine happening July 18 during comic-con! Playing drums with another musical hero of mine - Vince Dicola! One night only!
Frank Klepacki May 27, 2019
Drum solo clip with The Family Stone at Bethel Woods center for the arts, May 24, 2019 special show celebrating 50 years of Woodstock! Was an honor to perform with them here and thanks to Phunne Stone for capturing the moment, on top of singin like the funk royalty she is! . #TheFamilyStone #Woodstock50 #SlyandtheFamilyStone #Woodstock #DrumSolo #FrankKlepacki . Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads Promark SABIAN Audio-Technica USA
Frank Klepacki May 25, 2019
Best birthday present this year. When I was a kid, when I saw the movie Woodstock for the first time, once I saw the Sly & the Family Stone segment, it blew my mind and I said that’s what I want to do someday. In the late 90s I was lucky to befriend their sax player, Jerry Martini. In the late 2000s he invited me to play drums with the band for a few years which was incredible - and now back again for the 50th anniversary of Woodstock at the original site, with the very band that inspired me on the path to begin with, is surreal and amazing. So thankful and grateful for the opportunity and quite literally, a life mission and dream accomplished! . . The Family Stone Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads SABIAN Promark Audio-Technica USA #slyandthefamilystone #iwanttotakeyouhigher #funk #woodstock #dreamscometrue
Frank Klepacki May 18, 2019
If you know anything about me, you’ve heard me talk about this man’s inspiration on me over the years. I can’t express how honored I am to play drums for this show in July - with one of my musical heroes, friends, and great talents of all time - Vince DiCola !
Frank Klepacki May 03, 2019
RIP Peter Mayhew - the original Chewbacca. . . . #chewbacca #chewie #wookie #petermayhew #starwars
Frank Klepacki May 02, 2019
The Family Stone
Frank Klepacki Apr 19, 2019
Conan Unconquered
Frank Klepacki Apr 17, 2019
Remaster Update and First Art Preview
Frank Klepacki Apr 12, 2019
Can’t wait!
Frank Klepacki Apr 09, 2019
Great pic of last weeks Family Stone performance on the #flowerpowercruise - always a blast and surreal playing drums with my favorite funk band I grew up listening to!
Frank Klepacki Apr 02, 2019
‪RIP Eric Martin. You did GDI proud. #commandandconquer #gdi #generalsheppard ‬
Frank Klepacki Mar 28, 2019
‪Everyday I come to the office I’m greeted by this guy. #commandandconquer #renegade #gotapresentforya‬
Frank Klepacki Mar 27, 2019
Listen up Command & Conquer community: “Are you picking this up? Good.” These are the first words you hear from GDI’s General Shepard - aka actor Eric Martin, based in my home town of Las Vegas. I got word he has been fighting for his life recently and a gofundme page was created to help. Have a look, help if you can, and share.
Frank Klepacki Mar 25, 2019
Just finished drum tracking after the last couple weekends, for the next Dukes of the Orient album with John Payne and Erik Norlander. Drums sounded epic in Johns studio - can’t wait to hear it finished! #prog #drums #progrock Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads SABIAN
Frank Klepacki Mar 22, 2019
Ex-Westwood Devs Reminisce About Making Original ‘Command & Conquer’