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Digital Frontiers
Conquering 20 Years
Awakening of Aggression
Command & Conquer: Renegade (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (Original Soundtrack)
Virtual Control
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Gernerals (Original Soundtrack)
Frank Klepacki Feb 12, 2019
All right Europe - if you’re interested in booking me with The Tiberian Sons for shows and festivals, contact Codex Agency!
Frank Klepacki Feb 08, 2019
Made a guest appearance on The Retro Hour Podcast this week!
Frank Klepacki Jan 30, 2019
Did a panel on the bullet points of my career and various Q&A regarding audio and music in video games at Magfest, now available for viewing!
Frank Klepacki Jan 28, 2019
Highlights from #NAMM - Aquarian Drumheads white ice reflector drumheads, Audio-Technica USA m50x Bluetooth headphones, Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) pure almond kit, Line 6 helix HX Stomp pedal!
Frank Klepacki Jan 27, 2019
Getting ready for a night of laying down some funk on the drums with The Family Stone! Then we’ll all be hanging out at #Namm on Sunday! The Family Stone Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads Promark SABIAN Audio-Technica USA
Frank Klepacki Jan 22, 2019
New higher quality audio and multi-cam performance of the “Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons” concert! Thanks to The Tiberian Sons Tony Dickinson Music for putting it together! Hoping to bring this show to more venues in the future!
Frank Klepacki Jan 13, 2019
Kane Lives!
Frank Klepacki Jan 10, 2019
's cover photo
Frank Klepacki Jan 08, 2019
In case you missed our MAGFest performance ... it is on YouTube now!
Frank Klepacki Jan 06, 2019
That’s a wrap MAGFest! Had an absolute blast with bringing this #CommandandConquer show to you with The Tiberian Sons and the entire experience was way beyond what I imagined! Thanks so much once again! #magfest
Frank Klepacki Jan 05, 2019
TONIGHT! Myself and the The Tiberian Sons are headlining Super MAGFest 2019! Watch 10:30pm EST at . . #commandandconquer #cnc #videogames #magfest #videogameremix #rock #metal #progressivemetal #eagames #westwoodstudios
Frank Klepacki Jan 05, 2019
Had a great panel today at MAGFest and I appreciate the extra security measures #teslatrooper #commandandconquer #redalert #magfest looking forward to performing with The Tiberian Sons tomorrow night, mainstage at 10:30pm EST !
Frank Klepacki Jan 04, 2019
Friday 6:30pm at #Magfest I’ll be doing a panel on Music & Audio for Video Games with Q&A at Panels 1 (Cherry Blossom Ballroom) If you’re here and want to hear some insights, come on by!
Frank Klepacki Jan 02, 2019
Happy New Year everyone! Reflecting on highlights from 2018, had some great moments: Started off performing with ASIA Featuring John Payne and The Rock Pack . Then performed some tour dates with Tina Guo and arranged a rockin version of the God of War theme for her new single! Did the audio and soundtrack for Petroglyph and Team17 game, Forged Battalion. Performed with The Family Stone. Released my ninth solo album #Transform! Performed at several corporate events with SongDivision Performed with talented tribute artist Trina Johnson Finn Music Contributed a track to Team Reptile for the game #LethalLeagueBlaze The big announcement that I would for the first time perform an entire show of #CommandAndConquer music at MAGFest with The Tiberian Sons! Performed at the #HBO Emmys party once again! Performed with Michael Cavanaugh and William Close And The Earth Harp Collective Got to hang out with and attend my friend Vince DiCola’s amazing show at the whiskey a-go-go. The big announcement from EA - Electronic Arts that Petroglyph and I will be participating in developing the Command & Conquer remasters! The announcement that Petroglyph is also working with Funcom on a new Conan game: Conan Unconquered ! Of course special thanks to some the best of Las Vegas’ entertainment that I have the pleasure of playing with or filling in for on a regular basis: Home Cookin', Face The Funk, The Bitters, 80s Station, The Whip Its, Yellow Brick Road, The Limit, Paul Charles Band, The District, BAZ, JV all stars, and many more in our great community. And now we start off strong in 2019 with the culmination of a years worth of planning for the big #Magfest show this weekend! Keep rockin’ my friends! - Frank
Frank Klepacki Dec 29, 2018
Connor Engstrom of the The Tiberian Sons practicing #Crush for our upcoming show at MAGFest Jan 5! #commandandconquer #redalert #videogamemusic #metal #industrial #magfest
Frank Klepacki Dec 29, 2018
Boomtown Casino Hotel
Frank Klepacki Dec 25, 2018
Happy holidays everyone! May the force be with you!
Frank Klepacki Dec 24, 2018
Max Noel of The Tiberian Sons rockin the bass on #BlowItUp practicing for our upcoming show at #Magfest ! #timeisrunningout #commandandconquer #redalert2 #metal #videogamemusic #vgm
Frank Klepacki Dec 22, 2018
Here’s another practice clip of Tony Dickinson of The Tiberian Sons playing some #Grinder for our upcoming show at #Magfest! #commandandconquer #redalert #metal #videogamemusic
Frank Klepacki Dec 21, 2018
Practicing for my upcoming #Magfest performance with The Tiberian Sons January 5, 2019! Here's a little #PrepareForBattle from #commandandconquer
Frank Klepacki Dec 17, 2018
‪#LethalLeagueBlaze soundtrack released! Happy to be amongst many great composers who contributed!‬
Frank Klepacki Dec 13, 2018
Rehearsals are going well and production is ramping up for the #Magfest concert! I’m very excited to perform a whole set of the best of #commandandconquer music for the first time ever! Don’t miss this historic event January 5, 2019!
Frank Klepacki Dec 11, 2018
Lethal League Blaze :: The Soundtrack + Upcoming Content Bombardment
Frank Klepacki Nov 30, 2018
I recently had the pleasure of working once again with the super-talented Tina Guo , producing and arranging a metal-infused version of the Bear McCreary God of War theme for her latest single and music video! Check it out: #godofwar
Frank Klepacki Nov 22, 2018
‪Happy thxgiving everyone! ‬