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Digital Frontiers
Conquering 20 Years
Awakening of Aggression
Command & Conquer: Renegade (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Command & Conquer: Gernerals (Original Soundtrack)
Virtual Control
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (Original Soundtrack)
Frank Klepacki Apr 19, 2019
Conan Unconquered
Frank Klepacki Apr 17, 2019
Remaster Update and First Art Preview
Frank Klepacki Apr 12, 2019
Can’t wait!
Frank Klepacki Apr 09, 2019
Great pic of last weeks Family Stone performance on the #flowerpowercruise - always a blast and surreal playing drums with my favorite funk band I grew up listening to!
Frank Klepacki Apr 02, 2019
‪RIP Eric Martin. You did GDI proud. #commandandconquer #gdi #generalsheppard ‬
Frank Klepacki Mar 28, 2019
‪Everyday I come to the office I’m greeted by this guy. #commandandconquer #renegade #gotapresentforya‬
Frank Klepacki Mar 27, 2019
Listen up Command & Conquer community: “Are you picking this up? Good.” These are the first words you hear from GDI’s General Shepard - aka actor Eric Martin, based in my home town of Las Vegas. I got word he has been fighting for his life recently and a gofundme page was created to help. Have a look, help if you can, and share.
Frank Klepacki Mar 25, 2019
Just finished drum tracking after the last couple weekends, for the next Dukes of the Orient album with John Payne and Erik Norlander. Drums sounded epic in Johns studio - can’t wait to hear it finished! #prog #drums #progrock Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads SABIAN
Frank Klepacki Mar 22, 2019
Ex-Westwood Devs Reminisce About Making Original ‘Command & Conquer’
Frank Klepacki Mar 21, 2019
Rocked the #GDC panel on C&C with Louis Castle, Steve Wetherill, & Eric Yeo! Along with several peeps from the rest of the original team on video and audio clips! #commandandconquer Thanks to Mike Legg for the pic 🤘
Frank Klepacki Mar 21, 2019
Looking forward to sharing some C&C memories tomorrow at this #GDC panel with some old Westwood homies!
Frank Klepacki Mar 08, 2019
Command and Conquer and Red Alert Remastered—everything we know
Frank Klepacki Mar 04, 2019
‪The aggressive sound of The Prodigy’s music was certainly an influence on me over the years. RIP Keith Flint.‬
Frank Klepacki Mar 03, 2019
Cool to see this series now out on PS4!
Frank Klepacki Mar 02, 2019
Another war stories episode with Louis Castle about Tiberian Sun!
Frank Klepacki Feb 25, 2019
A very cool interview with Westwood Co-founder Louis Castle about the challenges of making the Blade Runner video game!
Frank Klepacki Feb 20, 2019
‪Vote for your favorite C&C / Red Alert tracks on this official reddit thread!
Frank Klepacki Feb 12, 2019
All right Europe - if you’re interested in booking me with The Tiberian Sons for shows and festivals, contact Codex Agency!
Frank Klepacki Feb 08, 2019
Made a guest appearance on The Retro Hour Podcast this week!
Frank Klepacki Jan 30, 2019
Did a panel on the bullet points of my career and various Q&A regarding audio and music in video games at Magfest, now available for viewing!
Frank Klepacki Jan 28, 2019
Highlights from #NAMM - Aquarian Drumheads white ice reflector drumheads, Audio-Technica USA m50x Bluetooth headphones, Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) pure almond kit, Line 6 helix HX Stomp pedal!
Frank Klepacki Jan 27, 2019
Getting ready for a night of laying down some funk on the drums with The Family Stone! Then we’ll all be hanging out at #Namm on Sunday! The Family Stone Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Aquarian Drumheads Promark SABIAN Audio-Technica USA
Frank Klepacki Jan 22, 2019
New higher quality audio and multi-cam performance of the “Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons” concert! Thanks to The Tiberian Sons Tony Dickinson Music for putting it together! Hoping to bring this show to more venues in the future!
Frank Klepacki Jan 13, 2019
Kane Lives!
Frank Klepacki Jan 10, 2019
's cover photo