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Live in London
The Wild Swan
Live at Bangor Abbey
Joy of Nothing
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Foy Vance Dec 15, 2018
‪Foy's album, Live in London, was released one year ago today. Thank you for listening! xFVHQ‬
Foy Vance Nov 23, 2018
About to get take away... Top one looks alright but I’m not sure about the bottom two 👀
Foy Vance Nov 18, 2018
What I would give to be in the waterfront hall Belfast today! I’ll make do with a view from the sofa for now though...
Foy Vance Nov 18, 2018
Ireland. Tidy work!
Foy Vance Nov 13, 2018
My kitchen rolls are ninjas
Foy Vance Oct 18, 2018
Newcastle - Foy will be supporting @snowpatrol on 5 Dec at Metro Radio Arena. Tickets at link in bio. -FVHQ
Foy Vance Oct 08, 2018
A tourist pic of a tourist pic. Foy is off to Santa Fe! #NotesFromtheUSA -FVHQ
Foy Vance Oct 06, 2018
Morning Jazz Hands Anyone know where I could get tash wax in Seattle? #RKellyRealTalk
Foy Vance Oct 06, 2018
Foy will be playing a free gig tomorrow at 6:30 PM in Seattle at @easystreetrecords. Space is limited, RSVP at link in bio. -FVHQ
Foy Vance Oct 04, 2018
Driving Miss Damey
Foy Vance Oct 03, 2018
Next stop on the run, Detroit! #NotesFromtheUSA -FVHQ
Foy Vance Oct 01, 2018
The Wharf Amphitheater
Foy Vance Oct 01, 2018
Foy will be spending the next two weeks in the U.S. filming a new series with - #NotesFromTheUSA - exploring the musical history and culture of a handful of American cities. Day 1 in Cleveland is a wrap! -FVHQ
Foy Vance Sep 22, 2018
The one and only Jules Maxwell. He tours Ireland soon and I recommend you go if you can. Love this man!
Foy Vance Sep 14, 2018
Just when I thought it couldn’t get better...
Foy Vance Sep 07, 2018
Smokey that peace pipe #bandit
Foy Vance Aug 16, 2018
Heart broken! There never has been any other like her, nor is there likely to ever be. Thank you Aretha, thank you.
Foy Vance Aug 09, 2018
The wild swans on the Thames my love
Foy Vance Jul 31, 2018
Foy’s heading out on week long cruise in February with Cayamo - come along! Join the waiting list and get info at xFVHQ
Foy Vance Jul 24, 2018
Considering doing a podcast. Talking about all sort of issues like this world famous painting. Who was the real Lisa and what made her so moany.
Foy Vance Jul 19, 2018
Congrats to Ed Sheeran on the upcoming release of his documentary “Songwriter” that shares the creative process behind ➗ and features Foy and a few other friends! xFVHQ
Foy Vance Jun 20, 2018
The joy of nothing. • you could eat your dinner out of this • #CleaningForClarity
Foy Vance Jun 19, 2018
I used to be in 1D
Foy Vance Jun 18, 2018
Good to have @ryanmcmullanmusic in town for a couple of days. Spent most of Saturday either in the hotbox or in the Loch...that’ll wake you up alright! @taymouth_marina
Foy Vance Jun 09, 2018
It is not just the loss but the nature of the loss. Yet another human that brought so much richness, joy and laughter to the lives of otherS, yet was living in turmoil. What a loss! RIP Anthony Bourdain