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Seeing Other People
Hang (Deluxe)
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We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic
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Foxygen May 01, 2019
Listen to an interview with Jonathan Rado on new record, 'Seeing Other People.'
Foxygen Apr 27, 2019
Read the interview with Billboard here. New album 'Seeing Other People,' out now.
Foxygen Apr 26, 2019
The new album, 'Seeing Other People,' is out today! Listen here:
Foxygen Apr 24, 2019
New record,'Seeing Other People' out this Friday 4/26. DIY feature here.
Foxygen Apr 16, 2019
Listen to new single "Work," from forthcoming album, 'Seeing Other People,' out next week, 4/26.
Foxygen Mar 28, 2019
ICYMI: "FACE THE FACTS," another new song from our forthcoming album 'Seeing Other People.' Listen here:
Foxygen Mar 27, 2019
"FACE THE FACTS," new song from 'Seeing Other People,' out April 26 is out now. Listen here:
Foxygen Feb 20, 2019
Foxygen Feb 13, 2019
Hi it’s Sam. TRIGGER WARNING: everything I post on social media seems to be met with messages of concern for my mental health lately - and I know this post will be no different. I don't know why// seems to be more about you than me so there’s my little note of caution... let’s just get that out of the way for the Opinionated Youth. So I know everybody is busy enjoying the new Foxygen single and video - as am I; and I acknowledge that the powers that be have told me not to promote my personal shit during this time - But I need to hustle my my thing too, (OK I am paying off debts which I will not go into...but they aren't my fault basically) so I am premiering my live show at the Bootleg in Los Angeles...So join me, the Original Unoriginal/Costume Rock hustler of Los Angeles ..Unlike the new Foxy press may suggest, I am on the highest quality vitamins and ready…to make records and make deals..I am peddling a new type of music `jungle noise~~, hard to describe so you must 'see' it - with my new band: I'm on that solo train and i’m out here - for HIRE IN L.A. I'm sorry if it's not graceful being out here hustling and coasting off that jetstream buzz of the Foxygen album announce. But please don't give me shit for putting myself out there while you make a GoFund Me for your cosplay knitting circle that needs 8k by next month. No BS, I lvoe living in this beautiful amazing country, being in entertainment - but it is messy - and competitive. It’s true. All you Witch-Hipsters…I present my Fascist Records showcase industry event…This is a big deal for me, there’s going to be some industry big-wigs there so please come populate the place and make me look good. Seeking good deals - funding and/or publishing for solo work..and also distribution for Fascist…So Come to my show..I've found my Crazy Horse (more on that below.) I know right off it doesn't seem as cool and spiffy as a Foxygen set but it’s the closest option for you. I’ll play Foxy songs, anything you want. Los Angeles, this is a steal: If enough people come, I will maybe even leak the new Foxygen album over the PA system before the show. You can even record it, make some weird bootleg and leak it on LimeWire. I’m willing to work with everyone here. I am my own manager, I run my own record company and will be selling VERY limited 45s of some music that will be debuted EXCLUSIVELY for this show - i work by the hour production, ghostwriting..freelance agent, actor, performance artist, party entertainment, dancer, hit songwriter, entrepreneur, clown whisperer…I'm making movies and shit...King and Originator of Modern Costume Rock. The Grinning Prince Faggot of Trash Glam and also, A Great Songwriter..which I will prove to you. I also have founded certain movements of thought like Contextual Relativism and founded a Spiritual System. (People for Divinity Now.) Come see the the real thing in action, Original Unoriginal art rock, with my Power Trio, The Greatest Live Band Of All Time, featuring machine world-creator Matt Pulos of Dub Thompson fame and Noah Champ Davies of the enigmatic field trip...Oh, and also JIMMY WHISPERS IS PLAYING…I like that guy… SEE YOU THERE LOVE, CEO of Fascist Records/human satellite shooting love bullets- Sam France - speedy superhero of rock - oh And a shout-out to the Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me and making me healthy and creative and able to do this for my master Angels! …oh and please be OK with possibly being audio/video recorded. We making a movie. TICKETS - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Foxygen Feb 08, 2019
'Seeing Other People' is out 4/26. Pre-order deluxe LP and limited edition bundles here:
Foxygen Feb 07, 2019
ICYMI: New video "Livin' A Lie," from 'Seeing Other People,' out 4/26/19 here:
Foxygen Feb 06, 2019
Foxygen Feb 06, 2019
The first song from 'Seeing Other People,' is called "Livin' A Lie." Watch the video here:
Foxygen Feb 06, 2019
Foxygen is... Seeing Other People. 4/26/19
Foxygen Feb 06, 2019
Livin a Lie Teaser
Foxygen Dec 14, 2017
This just in! We've just released the HANG Demos Digital Album and a Two-Sided Flexi-Disc ft demos of "Follow The Leader" & "On Lankershim" (available exclusively on Bandcamp). Just in time for the holidays!
Foxygen Nov 23, 2017
Tis the season -- TODAY thru Christmas, all items in our online merch store will be 20% off!
Foxygen Oct 16, 2017
We recently stopped by KEXP.FM to play a few songs. Tune in at 3PM PST today to hear some of the session!
Foxygen Oct 07, 2017
London, can't wait to see you all tonight at St John at Hackney for our final touring production of 'Hang' in the UK. 🇬🇧
Foxygen Sep 29, 2017
See you tonight, LA!
Foxygen Sep 20, 2017
What a year! And now only a handful of shows remain on our touring production of Hang. See you at the shows!
Foxygen Aug 18, 2017
Presenting our new music video... Avalon!
Foxygen Aug 16, 2017
Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Presenting…Avalon:
Foxygen Aug 15, 2017