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All I Need
All I Need (Deluxe)
Foxes Aug 16, 2019
Step up 2: the streets
Foxes Aug 14, 2019
Stayed so late in the studio tonight I forgot to take my sliders off. 🐸
Foxes Aug 08, 2019
Obligatory studio shot 🤠 #internationalwaistcoatday
Foxes Jul 28, 2019
Sliding into the weekend like...oh wait no, it’s over 🙃
Foxes Jul 24, 2019
When you remember Boris is running things now
Foxes Jul 24, 2019
Foxes Jun 17, 2019
Your friendly neighbourhood pigeon lady
Foxes Jun 12, 2019
In a right pickle. 🥒
Foxes May 28, 2019
N4 Tinseltown ⚡️⚡️
Foxes May 14, 2019
Looking for the mad hatter, tea anyone? 💕🌸✨
Foxes Apr 28, 2019
I know a lot of people have been asking for new music from me, and I just want everyone to know that I’m working on something really special and I can’t wait to share it with you. I’m so thankful for your incredible patience - what’s coming soon means a lot to me and I really wanted to make it the best I could for you guys. It won’t be much longer now. x
Foxes Apr 22, 2019
Anyone else wishing he was still this size?
Foxes Mar 08, 2019
International Women’s Day. I’m forever grateful to this woman. She brought me into this world, encouraged me and brought me up to be independent and strong. She taught me that loving myself is key (but it isn’t always easy). I love being a woman, I love our spirit and our capacity to feel so deeply. To rise up in the face of adversity and to feel the rage and emotion we instinctively have. And of course to create life 🦋 I think it’s just magic to be a woman and I can’t wait to see, know and stand with women of the future. 🖤
Foxes Mar 03, 2019
Foxes Feb 26, 2019
Sun rays on the walk to the studio this morning. ☀️⚡️
Foxes Feb 23, 2019
Friday Am-dram 🕯🎭
Foxes Jan 20, 2019
Me and Hiro for Horse & Hound. #familyportrait 🐾
Foxes Jan 16, 2019
Here’s some proof that I am making music and it is actually coming. 🤪
Foxes Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas you filthy animals x 🐯🎄
Foxes Dec 22, 2018
All I want for Christmas is you. (To be potty trained) 🖤
Foxes Dec 19, 2018
Went Christmas shopping, ended up buying myself some Flowers. 🤷🏻‍♀Woops🌸
Foxes Dec 13, 2018
Introducing Tiny Hiro 🌪🐼✨
Foxes Dec 02, 2018
Hibernation season 🍁🍂🦊
Foxes Nov 29, 2018
Living with my words ✨📝
Foxes Jul 02, 2018
BBQ’IN the backseat 🚥